Things to know about paediatric dentistry

There’s always a speck of uncertainness and doubt when it comes to take care of your child’s teeth. Maybe you are regularly visiting the best pediatric dentist in Dubai yet you think this is not enough. Well, one can’t know everything for sure but here is a list of things that one should know about pediatric dentistry to be extra careful of their child’s hygiene.

  • Cavities are more common than you thought

These little sneaky ones just love to gobble on the chocolates and enjoy their sweet snacks but this can also come with cavity. Cavities are more common than you would expect it to be – not that it’s ok to have one – but the good news is that they are curable and also preventable. All you have to do is take the necessary steps needed to prevent and just be little more careful and your little one will be good to go.

  • Stop kids from sucking thumb

Getting new teeth can be quite difficult for toddlers as they may feel irritation leads them to chew on anything they find and desire. This can lead to thumb sucking – which is the easiest and most accessible tool out there but this can often lead to misaligned teeth. Yes it is true that it can affect the health of children too which is why you may want to stop this habit before it exceeds the limits.

  • Take frequent trips to the dentist

We have seen many children who grow up to be scared of dentists and develop dentist anxiety which can’t be good for them. They need to understand that this is for their own betterment and this can only come when you take frequent trips down the clinic and don’t threaten or scare the children by telling them false things that a dentist is capable of doing.

  • New teeth can create discomfort

As mentioned above, when toddlers are getting their new teeth, they may feel irritated and would want to chew. A night full of discomfort can also indicate to their new teeth which is why you may need to visit a dentist sooner than expected. Make sure that you are on the right track of considering all the important things when a toddler gets their teeth for healthy gums.

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