Benefits of Physiotherapy

Physical therapy is the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease through physical means. It improves our physical health and mobility by exercising our muscles and joints in the most effective way.

Physiotherapy is needed now more than ever. Almost all of our work is done on laptops. Not just work, but entertainment too.  This has greatly reduced physical exercise, which is what our bodies were designed for. We have adopted habits and postures that are bad for our health and eventually a hindrance to a healthy and pain-free life. While living in UAE, it is not difficult to find an expert for of physiotherapy in Abu Dhabi for treatment

Physiotherapy can greatly improve our health which is essential to lead an independent and fulfilling life.

  1. Posture Correction and Pain Relief

Physiotherapy can improve or even cure pain, swelling, and inflammation. For example, Sciatica. Physiotherapy can train us to maintain our posture while we work or play games, hence avoiding future pain.

  • Balance and Coordination

There are several diseases that impact mobility and movement. Physical therapy can increase coordination of muscles and joints. It teaches and improves balance which prevents falling and hence injury.

  • Surgery

Physiotherapy is often used as an alternative for surgery to avoid post-surgery complications. Doctors recommend physical therapy before and after certain types of surgeries in order to strengthen the muscles.

  • Cardio Health

Cardiopulmonary physical therapy is very beneficial for people suffering from asthma and heart transplant. It is essential to regain cardiac strength and promote its wellbeing. Physiotherapy is very important for cardiac health.

  • Strength training

Physiotherapy enables sport athletes to use their muscles in the most efficient way and also cope with injuries. This enables them to give their best performance.

Your doctor will show you how to move your body in order to minimize stress on joints and maximize the benefits of workout. You will achieve strength and flexibility in your muscles and joints that will prevent future mishaps.

  • Diabetes and lung diseases

Physical activity can control diabetes mellitus type 2 and help manage weight. Chest physiotherapy removes secretions and sputum from the lungs and clear chest congestion.

  •  Women health

Physiotherapy helps in labor pains and easy delivery as well as reduce back and neck pain after birth. The doctor will also tell you the best posture for holding and nursing the child, so that your muscles are not strained.

You can visit and get treated by the best rheumatologists in Abu Dhabi available in different hospitals as they are specialists for women health.