Why is Finland the Best Place to move to?

Finland was an arena for both Sweden and Russiato flex their muscle in. Both countries ruled on Finland. It became independent in 1917. Before that it was the part of both Russian empire for 108 years and Sweden for 600 years. After the independence has clearly shown the world that northern Europe is much more than scenario.  You would not get disappointed if you are planning to move Finland.

Helsinki is particularly desirable place for expats location. Th cities offer competitive career opportunity. Large green space gives you easy access to the wild wonderland in Finland.  The color of white and blue decorate the flag of Finland. White represents the snow that blankets fair share of the country come winter. Blue represent the color of Finland lakes. There are 187,888 lakes in the country. Finland has a highly industrialized largely free market economy. Its GDP is as high as Austria or Netherlands. Besides, the GDP is slightly above than Germany and Belgium. The government is open to and try to implement different policies to facilitate foreign investment just the way the government of Cyprus has allowed the acquisition of Cyprus citizenship by investment Dubai.

Finland is historically competitive manufacturing and improving wood, metal, telecommunication, engineering and electronic industries. Finland depends on import of raw material, energy and few components to manufacture goods what they produce. Because of their cold climate, they have limited agriculture capacity. Forestry and export industry is major occupation in rural population. Finland was the one of the best performing economies within EU before 2009. Their banks and financial markets has performed very well during the globally crisis. The main issue of Finland is to reduce their labor cost and boost demand to its exports. You can also make investment in Turkey for citizenship.

According to one of the surveys of the United Nation, Finland is one of top five countries in the world happiness report 2016. The country provides high standard of living and other benefits what to their citizen. Therefore, the country is one of the happiest countries. Those moving to Finland will discover both culinary culture and great sense of humor. Those who are moving Finland in winter season, they should pack warm outdoor clothes.  Many popular activities keep you warm and active for instance skating, skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding.

Finland is one of the most desirable place to migrate. You can get the best and update education there. Besides, there are employment opportunities in the country that would help you to adjust there.