Vacation spots in Asia

Vacation spots in Asia

When it comes to going on a vacation, a lot of people think of going somewhere in Asia. As it is a continent with a lot of diversity, this is why you can find all the different physical features of the Earth over here. There are many places in Asia that are ideal for spending a vacation and some quality time either alone or with your family as well. Every person can easily come to Asia as it has beautiful beaches, high mountains, snowcapped peaks, beautiful valleys and what not. In this article we will be telling you some of the best places that you should visit if you are planning to go to Asia for your vacation. All of these places are equally as good as stated by the top travel agency in Dubai and we are sure that these places will fulfill all of your desires and will not leave you disappointed at all. The list of the places is in no particular order.


One of the most visited places in Asia is hands down the islands of Maldives. This remote resort, lying much further from civilization in the Indian Ocean, is comprised of over 1,200 islands that give an enchanting, even paradisiacal ambience. The Maldives’ islands include beautiful coastal scenery, unrivalled beautiful beaches, crystal-clear ocean waters, and marine ecosystems that signal exploration.


One of the most sought after cities when it comes to vacation is undoubtedly Tokyo. So there is no time to waste here — Tokyo is as incredibly quickly as cities come (it is, after all, another of the world’s largest). With millions upon millions of citizens, Tokyo has stroking lights and wildly packed avenues that rookie tourists may struggle to maintain with. But just to mention, that Tokyo is not everyone’s cup of tea.


This holiday destination has gained its prominence in the last few years. Phuket, Thailand’s extended beaches and emerald waters encapsulate a heaven that only some Asian locations can match. Stunning coastlines are lined with carved wooden long-tail boats and granite landforms that emerge from the water.


Bali needs no introduction to speak of it. Lush jungles, gorgeous hillsides, vast valleys, and stunning beaches coexist here.

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