Self-storage tips for new users

There are several genuine reasons to use self-storage units such as storing important documents or files, moving to a new home, and downsizing, renovating or reconstructing your house and for vehicles. This is the biggest reason for rival this industry, especially in the Middle East. According to statics thousands of people rent storage units in Dubai in the past few years and that’s proof of the importance of this industry. When it comes to new users, sometimes they feel hesitation to rent out self-storage, because they haven’t gone through it. But here we will share some important tips that can help you in making decisions for the self-storage facility.

The cheapest deal is not best always:

If you are going to rent out the self-storage unit, you need to aware of this important thing that the cheapest deal is not reasonable always. You need to make sure that you are making the right decision whether it is an expensive or cheaper deal. Cheaper deals may have poor quality units, facilities, poor security, and damp surface or walls, which may be risky for your property.

Security features to look for:

As a new user, you need to look out for the best security features in the self-storage unit. It will make sure that your belongings and property are in safe hands. There are numerous security features such as

·        CCTV is working properly.

·        Fire alarms and sprinklers are operational.

·        Manned surveillance.

·        Proper check-in and check-out of the unit.

·        Units are damp free.

What you can or cannot store:

Before renting any self-storage unit you need to understand that what you can store in a unit or what you cannot store in it. Self-storage companies provide you a list of do and don’ts about storage units. This can help you to secure your belongings carefully.

You know the value of your items:

Many companies offer particular insurance for self-storage in Dubai. This is a wonderful option for clients because self-storage insurance covers different aspect like:

·        Natural disasters for example earthquake, flooding, and fire.

·        Malicious damages

·        Leakage or water

·        Falling poles, trees, or lamp posts.

Pack your belongings carefully:

Before storing anything make sure that you’ve packed everything correctly, it will prevent your items from being damaged.

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