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How much does a bulletproof car cost?

If you want to Bulletproof your car then its cost may vary depending upon the level of protection you want to have. You can either opt for bulletproof windows for home or some parts of your car or Bulletproof whole car.

In today’s world the crime rate is increasing day by day. Cases like kidnapping carjacking home invasions are very common. These alarming numbers of crimes makes you to be extra careful. Mostly e cars are the target in crimes. So, bullet-proofing your car can save you in such situations.

Windows are the most office part of the cars that need to be mate ballistic glass for armored vehicles. Windows are easy to break if someone tries to target your car or even the flying glass is also a risk. The bullet proof glass range has a variety of protection from level 2 to level 8. The glasses is maximum of 3 inches. If you don’t want any professional to install you the bullet proof glass then you can also protect your Windows at home. You can use polycarbonate to line the windows of your car. Resistant glass is also and other option that can be used to protect your car windows. It does not shatter. Normally if a professional installs Bulletproof Windows in your car then it will cost you up to 5000 Dollars but if you want extra protection with high quality glass then it may cost up to 20000 dollars.

 Tires are the cheapest parts that can be Bullet-proofed. This is the smartest decision to make your tires Bulletproof first. Spike strips or bullets cannot affect the motion of car if the tires are Bulletproof. Mostly tires are the First Target to stop you from running away. Bulletproof tire does not mean that it can Bounce of any kind of material but it means that it if a bullet punctures it would not slow down the speed 

of car. Run flat tire is another concept in which ploymer is attached to centre line of the wheel. So even if the inflated tire is punctured the car does not stop and moves on the same speed. Bullet proofing the tires range from $200 to $900 per tire.

Another important part of the car that needs to be Bulletproof are the panels and gas tank of the car. You need to decide if you want to Bulletproof all the panels of your car or there are specific side that are more exposed that need bullet proofing. Steel armour is a good option that can many impacts.