Characteristics of good art

There are several kinds of art which people are doing. Some of them are doing for earning purpose and some others are doing it just for their passion and love for art. There are many parents who want their kids to be involved in some kind of art and for that they will try to get paint by number kits for them so they can start doing something beautiful and start loving art. You can also do some pottery, air dry clay work, sketching, drawing or anything like that and it comes under the field of art in Dubai. No matter which kind of art you are doing, there must be some common characteristics in them and they are as follows:


First characteristic is that it should be man-made because sometimes people will get some softwares or applications that will create art for them and it does not comes under the category of art. Now a day people are doing digital art in which they will draw on the phone, laptop, tablet or any other digital device but it also comes under art because it is man-made.


There must be something creative in the art which someone is doing. If a person is just stealing the ideas of others and recreating them without having even a hint of their own creativity in that then it is not an art because there is nothing unique in that. One can get the idea and inspiration from someone’s art but he should try it in their own version.


There must be some benefit of art to the user and also to the creator. The benefit of art is different to many people, user will take it as a great piece of art in their use and get appreciation for their good taste and the creator will get to see that there are many benefits for him. He will get the inner satisfaction when creates a new master piece also it will make him calm and peaceful. Another benefit is that he will earn through the art.


There must be some medium like a canvas, a digital screen, paper or something tangible. A drawing in mind of the painter is not considered as an art unless it will be on some kind of medium through which he will express feelings.