Challenges of Using PowerPoint

There is a quote ‘nothing is perfect’ and ‘nothing comes in a complete package’. And no matter how much we put in money in a thing, it will still remain imperfect. There are many people who have perfect things.

And this happens because according to some people the thing is perfect but when someone sees it, it is not worthy to them at all. You can take the example of Romeo and Juliet. The stories say that they were madly in love with each other. Whereas now since the tech has advanced and we can make a picture out of the oldest pictures as well, some extreme graphic advancers have shown the actual pictures of Romeo and Juliet and according to the reviews, people say that they were ugly.

Ugly is a mean word but since this is the time of misusing the freedom of speech, people want to say whatever they want and we too have seen them and according to us they were not ugly but they were below average looking people.

And that is the best and the nicest term we can come up with but the haters will hate and the offended will remain offended. So, coming back to the point that nothing is perfect and if you are a kind of person who is a school, college or university student who wants to earn the best scores in your final year project then surely you will be thinking about using the Microsoft power point.

If you are a kind of person who is at job and your promotion depends on your presentation, then it is obvious that you will make it on Microsoft power point as well. and before you both started, we would like to tell you some challenges of using it so that you know how to tackle them, keep reading to know more;

  1. There are so many Powerpoint designs that you will get confused in deciding that which is the best.
  2. The paid version of the power point is very much expensive and the price keeps going higher and higher.
  3. While deciding on presentation design, you will come across many amazing designs but most of them will have limitations which is very much frustrating and it will waste much of your time.