Thursday, June 14, 2012

Long Overdue Secret Garden Update

I haven’t had much time these past couple weeks to work on anything much on the home front.  I’m shocked that it’s mid-June already!

Why, last time I worked on the Secret Garden was on Memorial Day.  Don’t think I’ve given up on it though, I haven’t thrown in the towel just yet.

My job has been very demanding and will continue to be for most of the summer, we have a lot of big projects going on that make for some very long days and a lot of travel.  I’m bushed by the time I get home.

Here’s an update on where I am so far.  The section by the house is all edged, planted, and mulched.  This side gets a fair amount of shade most of the day because of the shadow from the house.  I stuck with plants that are ok with partial sun. 

These pictures were all taken on May 28th, we’ve had so much rain since then the plants have all grown by leaps and bounds and are really filling in. I went out to take some pictures this morning only to discover my camera battery was totally dead! 

I’ll have to get some updated shots this weekend for you.



The only  thing I’ve done in the middle section was to change out the retaining blocks with some that match the rest of the blocks around the breezeway. 

This is how it looked when I first put it in, but as I got going further into the project I realized I needed to change it up. Those blocks were all wrong for that planter, they just wouldn’t do.


I’m a lot happier with it now.  (At least I will be when I get it all straightened up and planted!)

I have a couple small shrubs I want to transplant there, and a post that I want to put a birdhouse on top of.


Those original blocks got used for edging around the Rose of Sharon bushes along the driveway side of the yard.


It meant more work, but now that it’s done I love it.


I still haven’t touched the wild corner on the left in the picture below.  There’s a honeysuckle plant growing up the fence in the corner,  clematis, a very old tea rose, a peony,  geranium, bachelor’s button, and lots of phlox. 

It’s a jungle in there!

I plan to clear and transplant that corner this weekend, along with getting the middle all set.  Building the arbors and finishing the fence will have to wait until I’m done with the basic part.


I took this next picture from the secret garden looking toward the Outdoor Kitchen.

Seeing what Is already done keeps me from getting discouraged.  I’m so glad I did that part first.


I want to thank everyone for all the great feedback on my weight loss post. 

I plan to do an update on that soon.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

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  1. Rose! Your secret garden looks like it is coming along nice! I bet with rain and some humidity...those plants ARE looking pretty good. I can see why you like looking back at the patio area. That looks like a sweet place to entertain with friends and have some fun.

    As with most gardening projects, it takes a little time,huh? You keep us posted when you can and charge those batteries so we can see all your hard work.
    I'm off to read your weight loss post.

  2. YOu have done a wonderful job! Your outdoor entertaining area is beautiful and you should be so very proud of yourself. No, really! Awesome!

  3. wow, you've got some work ahead of you in that jungle. BUT--what you've already done is amazing! It is going to be so fabulous. I need to care more about my outdoor space...hahaha
    Loving how the center is going to be. great job rose, and I don't know how you'll have the energy to tackle anything this weekend, after the week you've had working. :(

  4. WOW!!! That looks great Rose. Landscaping is hard ....long work ~ but oh so worth it in the end!! :)

  5. It all looks great! I admire your garden and yard! Can't wait to see current photos. hugs, LInda

  6. It's looking good already! Don't you wish you could clone yourself and send the clone off to work so you could stay home and play in the garden?

    Your yard is HUGE! And I might even be enticed to cook out more often if I had an outdoor kitchen like yours!


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