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How to Lose 20 pounds in Just 2 Months Without Even Exercising



No, this is not an ad for a fad diet.  It’s more about my propensity for following them.

Actually, truth be told, I struggled a lot with this post, not sure just how much I was willing to confess to you all.

Do you ever do that?

What started as a fun, tongue -in-cheek blurb soon turned into something far deeper as I started really thinking about my lifelong habit of dieting.

Finally, after a week of twiddling with this in draft form, I’ve decided, what the heck, this IS the place where I go to “confess” isn’t it?

And YOU are the people I keep it real for.

So here goes, it’s not a junk or project post, unless you consider ME a project. 

Hmmm, guess you could think that, after all, life is an ongoing project isn’t it?

Ok, now that we’ve settled that issue, let’s get back to those 20 pounds, shall we?

Because I really did lose 20 pounds (21 now) since April 1st, and I thought I’d share with you; my loyal friends my successful diet strategy.

So read carefully and follow to the letter and you too could lose that extra weight! 

  1. Wake up one morning and decide that this is the day you are really going to start that diet.  Really this time.  No fooling.
  2. Next, listen to a Hypnosis CD for weight loss you’ve had kicking around the house for the last 4 years yet never seriously attempted.  (does anyone else out there buy this stuff on infomercials in the wee hours of the morning?)
  3. Make a very long list of things you want to get done out in your yard.  Make sure most of it involves hard, backbreaking, manual labor.  Something that will keep you busy every spare moment when you’re home.
  4. Eat 6 small meals throughout the day (every 2 to 3 hours).  Make sure they are right around 100 calories and are low fat and low carb.  You will feel like you are eating constantly, but it’s most important that you don’t skip any of these or you will be starving and then eat everything in sight.
  5. Eat a fairly normal supper….just make sure it is low carb  and low fat.  Shoot for a plate that’s 75% veggies and 25% protein.
  6. Drinks lots of water.  Lots!  Even when you really want to drink something else.
  7. Avoid alcoholic beverages. Drink water instead. (see #6)

Don’t laugh, I’m dead serious. 

This combination really worked for me this time.  It was my ‘magic pill’.

I must have been in just the right mood when I listened to that hypnosis program because I have not wanted any candy or sweets at all. 

Not even ice-cream!  

Had I known it would work I would have tried it so much sooner. Instead it sat in the ever growing pile of diet plans, exercise equipment, and workout CDs.  Gathering dust.

Looking back over the years I think I’ve tried just about every fad diet out there, Atkins, South Beach, Slim fast, NutriSystem, Hydroxycut, 6 week body makeover, and Medifast.

Then there was the Grapefruit diet and the Soup diet (remember that one? I still can’t eat cabbage after that!)

I even made up one of my own, the Chocolate diet.  Back when you could get candy bars on special 3 for 99 cents.

A Butterfinger for breakfast, Nestle Crunch for lunch and a 100 Grand bar for dinner.  It actually worked! (I should get a patent on that one, it could really take off)

See, that’s the tricky thing about fad diets. 

They all work, more or less.

I’ve fallen for so many promises of “Fast weight loss!” “Easy!” “No pain!” “Eat anything you want and still lose weight!” “Melt off the pounds without really trying!”  “No exercise required!” “Tone your body while sitting on the couch watching TV!” “Take this Magic Pill and you will be the perfect size!” and all the other promises they shout during the paid programming testimonials, so many  that I feel like an expert in diets.

In fact, I’m really GOOD at following them. 

Just not so good at keeping the weight off once I’m done dieting.


You see, in case you haven’t figured it out yet,  I’m the perfect example of a Yo-Yo dieter. 

I need a magical formula to lose weight, any gimmick will do as long as I buy into it,  and when I get the weight off  I go right back to all the habits that got me to gain weight in the first place.

So I thought maybe, just maybe, if I actually put this out there and actually own up to my terrible habits it may help me break them.

Maybe YOU will be able to help me with this!

Let’s start with portion control; that’s what gets me every time.

How on earth do people stop eating a bag of chips, candy, cookies, (anything) before it’s empty?

I just don’t get it.

What’s working for me right now is that I’m buying those individual portion packages.

You know.

The 100 calorie bags.

That seems to help.

I can still eat the whole bag that way.

Hopefully not the whole box.


All kidding aside, I really need to break this yo-yo cycle!

Dare I hope there is someone else out there in blog land that has this same problem? 

And if so, how do you handle it?

Oh, and what was your favorite Fad Diet? 

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  1. Yay for you!!! I have stressed about my weight my whole life...I've done many diets but there is this silly 5-10 pounds that seems to come and go...and it makes me crazy! I decided June 1st, to stop worrying about "weight" and think about "health". I am making decisions based on what is "better" for me...I'm exercising and staying active because it feels good...well sort of...haha. But I am not going to step on that nasty scale until July :) We'll would be so great to not have to "count" everything I put into my mouth...for the rest of my life ;) Good luck to you!!! Chat soon, Laurel

  2. Wow that is awesome! Congrats! I am just not dieting right now...LOL~!

  3. Congratulations. I'm so happy that you are able to do this. I haven't reached that "I'm going to do this point yet, but it's close." Keep it up and you'll see lots of benefits you will be happy with.

  4. Kudos to you! What was the hypnosis CD you used? I have a couple of them, but they never seemed to work for me. Probably "unhypnotizable". I too am a yo-yo dieter. I also do best when I am working on something outside all day and not thinking about food.

  5. great post rose!!! I'm so happy for you. I too am trying (not quite as hard as you, since I've lost 6 pounds in about 6 weeks)
    No yo you dieting for me... I never do a diet-I just try to change my bad habits. The most I've ever lost is 35 pounds over a 6 month period, then I got pregnant and gained 40 pounds! hahahah
    I've lost 6, would love to lose 22 more, but would be thrilled with 12 more. We ALL have that magic number in our head, don't we?
    keep up the good work!!!

  6. Congrats Rose! I too am trying. But I'm not weighing myself just trying to stop the bad habits. Since it's just me, it's so easy to grab something on the way home instead of cooking. Maybe I should try that hypnosis tape. I also must STOP drinking Diet Coke! Thanks so much for sharing!


  7. Thanks for sharing. I'm just about at that point...

  8. Thanks Rose for this post. I've been off sugar for months and have yet to lose weight. I think my snacks may have too many calories. I am a weight watchers lifetime member and ex leader, but I dread the thought of going back to ww because I don't necessarily believe they teach you to make the healthiest choices. I have 15 pounds to lose so I am going to try this. Can you either give us an example of some 100 calorie snacks or maybe even do a post just about what your snacks consist of. That is my hardest challenge figuring out exactly what to eat. Thanks.



  9. Oh, Rose, SOOO happy for you! When you find something that works COMFORTABLY you need to stick with it. Personally, I was always one of 'those' people that never had to worry about weight...until I hit about 35...and suddenly the weight started sticking. I am now 45 and about 50 lbs overweight, and dreadfully disgusted with myself. I am walking with co-workers every morning, and trying to lay off carbs and my beloved sugar. So far about 7-8 lbs lost. Yay! But I need to move more!! That's the only thing I have ever found useful. Keep us updated please!!

  10. Kudos to you !!!! I believe we all struggle with the weight all our lives but it becomes a major issue once we are over 40 to get it off and keep it off for a while. Hormones and other things start coming into play and it just plain sucks. I too struggle with that and a Hypo thyroid. not fun. Have i found anything that keeps it off once i loose .. Hell NO. It would involve a major change in life and living.. so I just eat and loose all over are not alone. the only people who can be really skinny (DO NOT EAT OR ENJOY FOOD) THEY EAT TO LIVE NOT LIVE TO EAT. I for got which one of the skinny super models in this past year stated ( Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels)
    so i believe that if we could alter the tastes of all the good things we like to eat we could adhere to her philosophy. But until then I find too many things that taste good and of course the weight that follows it.

  11. Good job Rose. I also have a tendency to snack when I'm not keeping busy. My suggestion on your portion control...instead of buying the prepackaged stuff. Buy the regular size and divide your portions into individual sandwich bags. Then, simply grab the small bag when it's snack time. My worst time for snacking is in the evenings. I have a tendency to eat and watch tv. I found that it helped to put a portion of whatever I'm snacking on into a small bowl and take that to the couch with me instead of the whole bag. That way I'm more aware of how much I'm eating. I've lost 25 lbs, gained 10 back, and am working on losing 30 this time. So, good luck to you. Keep us posted.

  12. As a new blogger I struggle with how personal I am willing to take it on my page as well but I'm so glad you shared this's something many of us can relate too!

  13. Everything in moderation is key. Of course the older you get the harder and slower it is to take off. Boy, do I ever know this. Just don't get discouraged.

  14. For me it's more about accepting my body. I CAN'T gain above the waist, so when I put pounds on, you know right where they go. I truly believe everything in moderation. I'm not sure what will work for me. I know it's the coffee and chocolate that make me feel so exhausted all the time (not enough sleep doesn't help) but I need to find substitutes that I can stick with!

  15. Google "raw vegan lifestyle testimonials".
    You will be amazed. It works, and it works fast.


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