Friday, June 29, 2012

Deb’s on the way!

I’m so excited!  My pal Deb, of Proper Prim, is on her way to visit for a few days.  She hasn’t been here in 2 years and I can’t wait to see her and Dennis pull into the driveway in their home on wheels.

I’ve promised her I wouldn’t make her bail me out of any messes this time, and no more ugly lamp challenges either.

You know that lamp she reworked for me is still going stong out by the gazebo.  It makes me smile every time I look at it.

On the home front I have some news.

My job has changed.  I’m no longer a road warrior. 

Yep, I’m turning in the company van and trading it for a desk.

Not sure how I’ll adjust to it, but the plus side is the hours are much more regular (and fewer) than what I was doing.

Next I’ll need to get a new car. 

Oh the possibilities!

Shall I get a large vehicle like my van with a big interior for hauling my curbfinds home

or a teeny tiny one, like a mini cooper

to keep me from over-indulging in my curbshopping obsession?

I  can’t decide.

We’ve got 2 weeks to figure it out.

But I won’t be car shopping this weekend.

Nope, I’ll be hanging out with my pal Deb.

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  1. Congrats on the new job! I can only imagine what great things you'll do with all that extra time on your hands. Like maybe sleep once in awhile!

    Unless your hubby has a big ol' truck, you better get a vehicle that can haul a_ _....I mean large junk!!! We've got 2 cuv's (COMPACT utility vehicles) and I have to pass up a lot of good stuff, cause I can't fit it in our car.

    Have a wonderful time with your guests!

  2. I vote Pickup TRUCK! :)
    So happy about the job change, I hope it is going well.
    You and Deb behave yourselves! I think the two of you could find trouble without even looking! Enjoy your visit!

  3. Have fun with Deb! I remember all the fun you had fixing your yard last time she was there! I vote for a LARGE vehicle! You'll be glad you did! Have fun you two!! Hugs, Linda

  4. I've always wanted a mini cooper! But, I say,... I small sized pickup would be nice too!
    I had the opportunity to drive our last week only went a handful of miles in it...but, yes! I stopped and scooped something from the curb! The Honey said he saw and knew I'd get it on the way home.

    have fun with your Deb! I'm sure y'all will be a little creative while you're together. Sounds exciting!

  5. Oh how exciting.....I know y'all will have a blast.

    When I got my VW Bug (Betsy).... the first thing everyone said is...what about your Estate sales and garage sales, how will you haul your things. I said, if it doesn't fit in Betsy Da Bug ~ I don't need it. Well ~ I have broken that rule a few times. ;) You would be surprised how roomy she is though, and the back seats lay down flat =)

  6. Rose, I have a Mini Cooper and you would be surprised what it will hold. I moved CC to college in it once. Microwave and little fridge and all. Sometimes I garage sale in it. The Mini is a hard worker for me and gets great gas mileage too. I know you two will have loads of fun. xoxo, Olive

  7. Woo Hoo for you, sounds like a great time, I want pictures of any fun finds from any adventures you and Deb go on, LOL! Give her a hug for me, although I have never met her in person, I can tell she is a special person, you must be too!

    Best Wishes for you in your new position, sounds like a nice change of pace.


  8. As I sit in your driveway stealing your WiFi signal I can't help but admire the job you and the artist that painted your lovely house. It looks absolutely gorgeous from this view. So much nicer in person. The outdoor kitchen and gardens are coming along beautifully too. The work of a true genius.

    Sadie and Sandy are sticking their noses through the fence sending me a sign to get my butt off of this computer and get outside, there is some serious petting to be done.

    And what do you mean no challenges what will we do with ourselves. You know we can't sit still long and we don't know the meaning of relaxing. I even brought my work clothes this time. I am sure we can find something lurking in that garage that needs a makeover.

    Well my vote goes to the Mini... that is going to be my next car. I love those things.

    Here I come... time to put our thinking caps on and see what trouble we can get into this time.

    Hugs, Deb

  9. Have a great time! And congratulations on the job change.

  10. Hope you are happy in your new job. Have fun with Deb!

  11. The arbor and gate door are fabulous.!! I love the circle opening.. it brings it all together. Great meeting Deb she is a gem. The gardens are looking great and all of the transplants are taking!!
    Hope the new job is going well.


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