Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Recent Finds

From reading my blog lately you may have noticed something unusual. 

Or rather the lack of something.


I know, right? 

I mean, the name of my blog is Confessions of a Curbshopaholic,  jeez. 

You’d think I’d show you some stuff once in a while for crying out loud.

Or maybe change the name of my blog.

Not to worry, I’m not totally recovered yet.  I’ve just been very picky about what I bring home.  Space is so limited as is time.

Sunday I found a couple things I found worth picking up.

First is this end table. 

It’s in perfect condition.  Just needs some sanding and painting. 

I loved the shape so in the van it went.  Another table at the same curb didn’t make the cut.  Too much work.



These next 2 pieces were at the same curb as the table.  I believe they were trellis’s, possibly from a porch.  They’re falling apart, but not rotted.  Just need some glue and screws to be useable again. 

They’re at least 8 ft tall.


Next are some items I found a couple weeks ago and tucked quickly into the garage.

This dresser (or chest of drawers) is a pretty solid piece.  The broken drawer on the bottom had all the pieces with it.


I especially fell in love with the duck knobs. :)


The lamp was rather different, I think it might be nice painted a solid color.

Or maybe even take it apart and make a vase out of it…..


This last piece might be puzzling to you, but it was one of my favorite finds.

It appears to be the bowl of a wheelbarrow, or a concrete mixing tub.

It’s perfectly rusted and I see it as a planter, probably on a pedestal.

Can you see it now?


That’s it.  Just a few little things to keep me in the game.

Nope, not recovered. 

Just pickier.

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  1. Those trellis pieces are wonderful! Weren't you looking for something like that for your house?
    I especially like the upside down ducks. The dresser must have been enjoying a few beers before you found it passed out on the curb.

  2. So glad to see you are getting pickier Love the bowl... I can see that with vinca draping over the side and some nice colourful flowers in the bowl... I would have grabbed that one for sure. Like the trellis pieces too...perfect for your secret garden perhaps?

    Hugs, Deb

  3. I knew you couldn't give it up! So glad you are still in the game! LOVE that little side table!
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

  4. That rusty old wheelbarrow bowl would have jumped into my car also. It will make a perfect flower bed. I was hoping you hadn't fell off the wagon, the junk wagon that is. That's what Grampy calls it when I come dragging something home. He says he sees I've been out in the junk wagon. lol

  5. That side table does have a great shape! I really like the trellises, too. You found some good stuff!

  6. I love it all! Mostly, that someone loved the chest of drawers enough to "offer" it up to someone else. Had it been intended for that big garbage truck I don't think they would have tucked the pieces of the drawer inside of it. ;)
    I want to see that lamp when you're done with it, cause honestly, I'm not feelin' it. hahaha
    all the other stuff gets a thumb's up from this fellow junker!

  7. Love the rusted 'thing' and yes I can see it on a pedestal! That end table has really pretty lines and oh the trellises are a super find! I am being pickier of my junkin finds so I do understand! Hugs, Linda

  8. The last piece is my favorite and I would plant something pretty in it. The trellis's are cool too-I am all into spring but here it's 90 plus degrees right now.


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