Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Outdoor Party #1, Check!

Hope you all had a great long weekend for Memorial Day. 

We had our first party of the season (my list goal is 6, so I’m on my way to a check mark there).

What do you do to get ready for a party?

Chances are some grocery shopping, cleaning up the house, pulling out serving trays and dishes, maybe even making some special appetizers or dessert, right?

Well for me food is the last thing I think about.  Good thing I have Mike to pick up the slack in that area or we’d have starving guests!

Around here it usually means pulling out all the stops and busting tail to get a project done before party time.  That’s exactly what I did this weekend.

Friday morning I took 3 trips back and forth to Lowes and Home Depot for 20 more bags of mulch, 22 topsoil, 20 garden soil and 100 more retaining wall blocks. See how low the van is sitting? 

Waiting to be unloaded yet again.


Let’s review this little project….

You may recall the “before” picture of the walkway.


And the awful dirt and weed-filled space between the kitchen and the secret garden entry.


A couple weeks back the pavers got all pulled up and reset with a better base and retaining blocks.


Then last week I showed you one section all planted and mulched.


I spent all day Friday (extra day off), and Saturday, and Sunday trying to pull together the rest of the landscaping around the walkway and outdoor kitchen.

First this little area on the side of the potting shed…


Then the narrow strip between the garage and the patio was built up into a planter.  I went 2 rows high on this part, hence the trip back to Lowe’s for more blocks.



Finally the biggest section along the house…


Seriously, on Sunday morning (party day) I was outdoors in my PJs at 5am preparing to set the stepping stones in front of the kitchen.


I saved that part for last.


From there I went to planting the new planters and mulching around some trees.  Then dusting all the webs off the pergola in the outdoor kitchen. And using the leaf blower to clean up the patio, then dusting again from all the dust the leaf blower kicked up.  Duh!

Time was running out as I pulled out a bucket to wash the breezeway floor……

I stepped into the shower to get cleaned up just 30 minutes before guests were due to arrive.

By the time the first guest showed I was all ready for them.  The night was a huge success, we ate and drank ‘til the wee hours of the morning.

Only one mishap and it turned out ok. 

Katy took off for a run when someone left the gate open.

Very scary moments there! 

Good thing she’s a people dog, I got a phone call from the folks who found her minutes after the escape.

Thank goodness! Slowly everyone started coming back from the search operation and the party resumed.

Wish I had thought to take pictures during the festivities, but alas, I was too busy having fun.

You’ll have to settle for some landscaping shots, ok?

I took these all the morning after.



Wait, what happened to the mulch along the right side of the kitchen?

Could it be dug up already?


Oh, yeah,  Katy decided to dig a deep hole in it and have a nice cool nap!

Caught her red-handed.


Dang it Katy! What am I going to do with you?


I was pretty satisfied with how this part came out; especially after digging out this photo taken last summer from almost the exact same angle.



What a difference!




Ok, so now I can get back to working on that secret garden project.

Really now.

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  1. amazing! what a difference a year makes! You have really outdone yourself! The landscaping you've done will not go unnoticed! It's fabulous!
    I can't wait to see the rest of this wonderful project!

  2. WOW!!! You did a fabulous job!! You were prob ready to go back to work to rest =)

  3. Such a transformation and so much hard work went into that landscaping. I can only imagine how toned your arms are.

  4. Looks great. Give Katy an extra hug - she's got spunk!

  5. I love the way your landscaping turned out. Just wonderful. It's a lot of work but satisfying when it's all done. And I bet your guests loved it and had a wonderful time.


  6. Rose my friend that is some hard work you put in but the results are wonderful! Your yard, garden and outdoor kitchen are amazing! Hugs, Linda

  7. You should be proud. It looks AWESOME!

  8. I think you better give up DIYing and go into landscaping.

    Rose, everything looks gorgeous. I can't believe the difference that all made. You must be so proud and soooooo tired. That is such hard work... I can feel my back spasming (is that a word?... lol) just looking at the pics.

    Great job my friends... can't wait to spend some relaxing time enjoying it with you and Mike soon.


  9. beautiful! Please invite me to your next party!

  10. Rose, it looks amazing! I LOVE the brick! You really did a professional job.


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