Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gazebo Furniture checked off- Spring Fever list update

It’s about time to give you some updates on my Spring Fever list. 

Time has been flying by and every spare moment is spent working outdoors.  With my project A.D.D. I’ve been sidetracked into some extra projects that weren’t on the list. 

Don’t act all surprised now, you know that’s typical behavior for me! 

More on that later, let’s just stick to updating the list for now, ok?

I’m very happy to report that I got the new cushion sewn for the Gazebo furniture as promised, and I also got another chair scraped and painted. That brings the painting to the 2 new chairs, the 2 armchairs, and the coffee table.

I’m calling it done on touching up the gazebo furniture.  The couch is showing a little bit of wear (some chips here and there) but I can live with it this year.

Mostly because I’m so sick of scraping paint off metal.



Make sure you count those back cushions, notice this time they all have one!  Who knew it would take me all of 2 years to get around to replacing that last back.  (Click the picture below to read about sewing the cushions back in 2010)

baby steps….

This is what that last chair looked like before scraping and repainting.


It definitely needed to be done.

I still need to get the chandelier, end tables,  and outdoor rug moved into place, but that’s easy stuff that wasn’t on the list.



That’s 2 more items crossed off!


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  1. your gazebo looks like such an inviting place to rest and gab! :) Maybe even take a nap on the couch! lol LOVE the fabric on your furniture. Great job Rose!

    you're moving right along....


  2. Very nice and relaxing looking!

  3. your home is very personal to you is why you furniture for home fits this wish. Our house is often a reflection of our personality, our likes and our love.
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  4. OUCH... that is back breaking work. My sympathies to you and Mike.

    It is going to look fabulous when it is done. I am all for no grass or weeds... I want to pave my whole yard in

    Can't wait to see the big reveal.

    Have a fun weekend.


  5. oops wrong post...

    Loving the new gazebo Rose. Great job.

    Can't wait to come test it out.

    Hugs, Deb


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