Monday, April 23, 2012

A Stop at Linda’s House

Last Friday I got a call from my friend Linda.  She wanted to let me know she had potted a Hops vine for me and it was ready to be planted.

Isn’t she the best?  Last year I tried to grow some from seed and lost all the seedlings.  They just withered away and died.

Hmm, was I supposed to water them or something? (kidding!)



Long story short, we were trying to figure out a time to meet and it just so happened I was on my way to a place just beyond her town.  We decided I would stop by on my way back home.

It was such perfect timing!

I started to tell her all about the “secret garden” I was working on and she immediately said she had lots of plants she was thinning out from her gardens and I was very welcome to take any I wanted.  Wow!  I was super excited!

Linda lives in an old Victorian style farmhouse she bought many years ago and has fixed it up beautifully. 

She’s an avid gardener and with 4 1/2 acres has no shortage of yard to garden in.

I’m green with envy of her Barn and Potting Shed, not to mention the amazing front porch she has.

Check out the bead board ceiling and ceiling fan on that porch!


I had my camera with me and this time I made sure to snap a few photos to share. 

Her house is amazing, both inside and out, but I’m afraid I was only focusing on the outside on that particular visit. 

These rusty relics sit outside the barn and hold potted flowers during the summer.



Linda tells me the birds were getting into the barn through holes in the siding so she put birdhouses over the holes.

They look so cute!


And I’ve seen this particular piece in the summer when vines are trailing over it and flowers spilling out of each of the holes.

It’s heavenly!


Old ladders and angel make a sweet vignette leaning against the barn wall. 

Those ladders will soon be made into an arbor.


This next picture is of her potting shed.  This used to be a well house (?) on the property across the road from Linda.  She rescued it from demolition, had it brought over to her house and set about restoring it so she could use it as a potting shed. 

Isn’t it adorable?


The gardens are still being cleaned up and aren’t in full bloom yet. 

This one by the road has lots of spring bloomers and is already spiffed up for the season with a layer of fresh mulch.


You can barely see in the background there’re more gardens beyond this and a huge tree with a wooden bench built all the way around it.

I wish I had taken pictures of that end too, there’s a white bike in the background and several arbors.


While Linda wasn’t looking I snapped a picture of her in her cute garden boots.  shhhhhh…..


I managed to get a couple shots of the side entry.  She painted the walls herself with a dappled effect using 3 different paint colors and a “woolly”. 

It’s perfect for that space.


I love what she did to her stairs!


The door trim is so elaborate and the tin ceilings make me drool.


While there I had to get an updated picture of the headboard bench I put together for her last year.

She added the decal on the back, a piece of trim on the front edge, and storage baskets underneath.


I’m loving the detail of the new trim!


It was a fun visit, and I went home with a van loaded down with plants.


My secret garden wasn’t quite ready to plant yet so I used my raised garden beds as a temporary landing zone for all the plants,

making sure to cover the roots and water them all well.

(hey, wasn’t that one of the items on my Spring Fever list?)


Thank you so much Linda, I’m thrilled with all the plants and can’t wait to get them situated in their new home.

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  1. I love the character of the front porch and the little vignettes through out. I'd love a garden, but every plant I plant dies. No luck there! Thanks for sharing.

  2. By the way, I love your blog. Love the photo of the old ladders stacked together. It's been awhile since I've visited. It is lovely.

  3. Love this tour of Linda's home and gardens! (still envious of her bench) and good for you getting lots of free plants. She is an awesome friend! Hugs, the other Linda

  4. Linda has a beautiful home, inside and out. That porch!? Oh my I'd never go in the house! I love sitting outside and that would be the perfect place!
    Happy that Linda was so generous with her plants! Those will be a great addition to your secret garden.
    Thanks Rose (& Linda) for sharing these great pics with us!


  5. Yay on your new pants and I love the yellow house. That trim is yummy indeed.

  6. Oh Rose... Linda has my dream home... it is sooooooo gorgeous. I am sitting here drooling over that porch and those gardens are to die for.

    What a sweet lady to donate all those plants for your "secret garden". I hope you don't keep that a secret too

    Glad you had a nice day.


  7. What a darling house. I love it. I love the things that Linda has done in the yard also. Thanks for sharing.

  8. It pays to have friends in high places. She has a gorgeous home and I'm sure the grounds are lovely when everything is in bloom. Now you are under pressure to keep those plants alive.

    Hops vines don't like to ber moved around too much. After the 3rd move in one season, mine died. Sniff.

  9. I see you were busy this past week end regardless of our crappy weather... cannot wait to see them all grow in your gardens.. and thanks for the lovely pics you shot of the house. BTW remember the Kusa Dogwood we saw at the garden show last spring... I ordered one from Michigan Bulb and it delivered today. so excited and hope it grows as lovely as the one i saw.


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