Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Fever

The last few days have been typical spring weather around here, temps in the low 50”s during the day, some rain, some sun, near freezing at night.

But that spell of unseasonably warm temps we had a couple of weeks ago really jump-started all the vegetation.  The trees are budding and about ready to burst into leaves, the grass is green, and the tulips are almost ready to bloom. 

I can’t wait until my flower bed in the front yard looks like this again!

Yes, spring has sprung!

I find myself daydreaming about what I want to do out in the yard this year.  My brain is going a mile a minute and I have sketches drawn on every scrap piece of paper I can lay my hands on!

What do I want to accomplish this year?  Oh boy, is that ever a loaded question!

You know me; my list is always longer than the time I have to spend on it.

Let’s pretend that time wasn’t an issue for now. 

These are the items I would tackle.

  1. Potting Shed-  Continue the shed makeover to the inside.  Add a work surface along the back, tiles on the floor, and shelves between every vertical stud.  (oh, and put some glass in the last 3 panes of the door that I broke last fall)  Outside the potting shed; add a galvanized roof and a galvanized awning above the door.                                                                                                                                           
  2. Outdoor kitchen- swap out the louvered cabinet doors with galvanized panels in a frame.                                                     
  3. Pergola over the outdoor kitchen- after much debate we have decided to purchase a metal pergola structure with a canvas roof on it from Lowes. It’s made by Allen & Roth and we think it will work out perfectly for what we want.  (bonus is that I don’t have to build it!)                                                                                                                                            
  4. Add a fan to the soon to be new pergola for bug control
  5. Build 2 arbors for “Secret Garden”
  6. Edge and mulch Secret Garden.
  7. Change path to all stone or mulch (no mowing needed) make spot for chair or bench to sit.
  8. Add vertical elements along house side wall. (trellis, vines)
  9. Garage- Build arbor over doors to garage-plant climbing vines. Something like my friend Deb, of Proper Prim did with her garage.  I’ve been wanting to to it ever since she showed hers.  Isn’t it awesome?    Click on the picture to see how she did it.                                                                                                                                                                  
  10. Remove or rebuild old brick bbq (debating what to do here)
  11. fix Rainbow Garden crib rail fence (from where tree fell on it)                                                                                            
  12. Build a bench for Rainbow Garden replacing store-bought one you can see in the background of this picture.               
  13. Paint arbor in Rainbow Garden (it has peeled this year like crazy!)
  14. Dig trench, run power to gazebo.  Add lighting.
  15. Add screens to breezeway- replacing the ones Sandy destroyed the first week we had her!
  16. Paint old China Cabinet and place in breezeway for outdoor dish storage.
  17. Paint new gazebo chairs from estate sale black to match existing set (and touch up the paint on the rest of the furniture while I’m at it.)                                                                                                                                          
  18. Make a new cushion for the missing back on one chair. (Sandy chewed it up)
  19. Plant flowers in raised beds instead of veggies this year. Use for transplanting to pots and hanging baskets around yard.
  20. Plan and have at least 6 outdoor get-togethers.

There you have it.  I don’t have much to do now, do I? 

I forgot to add play golf 3 times a week.  That’s my social time.

I would love to get all this done, none of it is especially hard or time consuming.  By writing it down it gives me something to refer back to and maybe even keep me on track.  I plan on giving progress reports weekly with a goal of Labor Day for finishing.  Could you help me out a bit here and keep me on task?  (having a very slight tendency to jump into new projects I know I’ll need all the help I can get to stick to my list)

What about you, do you make lists of what you want to do?  Are you good about sticking to them?

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  1. WOW... that is one long list there Missy. Pick a weekend and help will be on the way. I want to build the bench. Maybe I will even paint your cabinet for you.

    I had to take a double take at the garage I thought that looked familiar... thanks for the shout out. Maybe we can work on one of them for your garage too.

    Hope you had a nice relaxing Easter weekend... now stop thinking, before that list gets any longer... I am tired out

    Have a great day...

    Hugs, Deb

  2. Rose I'm exhausted just reading your list! You can do it! See I'm helping already! I love your gardens and the outdoor kitchen. Just keep showing us photos of all you do. Big hugs, Linda

  3. Oh my! I'm tired just reading all that you'd LIKE to do.

    My wish for you is to get it all done- and still be able to enjoy the 6 get togethers!
    Now go get 'em!


  4. Yeah, sure Rose, all while holding down your job, finishing the kid's projects AND your own AND blogging about got plenty of time to do all this! Love that china cabinet by the way!!

  5. I'm sorry, but my heart is pounding and I'm hyperventilating just reading all the projects you have on your list!

    I really want you to market whatever high energy vitamin you are on. I'll take one case please.

  6. I do NOT make long term goals/lists. I do however make daily/weekly promises to myself to get stuff done. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. :)
    Your list is quite long, but doable. (by labor day 2013) hehehe
    Nah, I have complete faith in you to get it done. I think the top of the list should be the potting shed! Finish that doll! She's going to be beautiful!
    Can't wait to follow along and give you a nudge here and there. ;)

  7. I'd be so exhausted from making the list and thinking about it that I wouldn't get anything done! I say start with number 1 and number 16 because I would love to see those finished projects. How cool.

  8. Love your garden! This is my first visit to your blog and I'll be back to see how much of that list you finish! Warm hugs, Esther

  9. ok i have not been on your blog in a while wow that is quite the list... i hope you get it all complete.. as you do tend to jump into new projects.. like a whole bunch of planting i see forcasted for your week. LOL.

  10. Also Love the bed of tulips!! Ouch on the fence. i can see how the dogs got out...


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