Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Fever Project List update #1

Ok, I need to confess something to you. 

When I published my Spring Fever project list I had already been working on the list. 

By that I mean the list was made but I hadn’t blogged it yet; however I had started on some of the stuff. 

Is that considered cheating?

Oh well; then call me a cheater if you will, but I have an update already!

Are you ready for this?

Item # 3:  Add pergola over Outdoor Kitchen

is now complete! 

Last weekend Mike and I purchased the kit from Lowes and set out to put it up.

The instructions said it would take 2 people approx 2 hours to assemble.

Well, it took us 3 1/2 hours all told.  Most of that extra time was spent undoing and redoing parts that weren’t exactly clear in the directions supplied. 

And then there was the little issue of the wind blowing that day that made the partially assembled roof trusses difficult to stand in place for connecting to the adjoining sides.

We actually had one fall over and bend on the corner. 

I was not very happy-actually I freaked out just a little bit thinking the whole thing was ruined.

(alright already, truth be told I freaked out a LOT!)

Turns out the part that bent was in a place that wouldn’t show after assembly anyways so all ended up cool.

Overall it wasn’t too difficult to do and we really love the new look.

Mike says it looks like a  park pavilion.

Know what?

He’s right!



We popped the cafe light strings up right away, but as you can see the green wire I used to attach it needs to be changed out to something less visible. 

It was pretty cold out by the time we finished but that didn’t stop us from popping open a bottle of wine to celebrate checking off the 1st item from the list.


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  1. Rose anytime you can cross off something on your list it's not cheating. That said...I LOVE the pergola! What a great idea and it looks fabulous! Can't wait for more projects to be done! Cheers!

  2. I love it :) Cute pic of Mike ;)

  3. rose--love the pergola! This space is going to be used so much this season with all the updates!
    Yep, add "replacing the green wire" to your list of things to do. :)
    Glad the "incident" didn't ruin the look of your new pergola.
    great job guys!

  4. That is sharp lookin! I know we all love to build but sometimes it is nice to just buy and have it done ;) Can't wait to watch all your projects this summer, I love what you do, always inspiring! Ok now I need to get my list together....

  5. Rose.. when you finish your list will you come help me with mine?

    THAT IS AWESOME!!! Good grief - I want an outdoor kitchen just so I can have a pergola!!!

    Better yet - I'm just gonna come harass you and admire YOUR pergola... that's now on my list.

    ;-D robelyn

  6. Oh Rose that is a beauty. That one looks like it might withstand some serious wind. So happy you got that off your list.

    Had to chuckle though... I see Mike is still BBQ'g We might have to find him a nice umbrella just in case.

    Great job you two... can't wait to sit and enjoy it.

    Hugs, Deb

  7. That looks great! I love those cafe lights. I've thought about getting some for my front porch. (I really like those red metal chairs leaning against the fence :)

  8. I've been wanting to buy a pergola like that to shelter our table and chairs. We have an umbrella now, but it never seems to be in the right place to block the sun from our eyes when we're eating. You're going to be able to enjoy your space rain or shine now.

    *I hope you don't mind, but I gave you a little feature on my post today. :@

  9. your kitchen and whole yard look great!

  10. That's fantastic! You've got the ultimate outdoor kitchen.


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