Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Fever List week 2 update

I’m moving right along on my spring fever list. 

Mostly because the kids haven’t been around for me to go work on their unfinished rooms.

Oh well, might as well do my own stuff then, right?

This week I decided to tackle # 17…..

17-  Paint new gazebo chairs from estate sale black to match existing set (and touch up the paint on the rest of the furniture while I’m at it.) 




Remember when I got them they were white?

Well now they’re a pretty gloss black. Why gloss you might ask? 

Because that’s what I had in my spray paint collection. 

I had 4 cans of it and figured it was enough to get the job done. 


I even touched up some of the old furniture. 

The coffee table and one chair have been scraped and painted.

I can’t quite cross this off my list entirely as there is one more chair in dire need of  being scraped and painted from the old set. (see the one on the right in the next picture? That’s what the one on the left looked like before I started!)


I ran out of steam, daylight, and spray-paint at about the same time.

It’s close though!

Once I get the painting all done I’ll put out all the cushions and pillows.

Speaking of which……

Last night on my way home from work I stopped at Joann Fabrics  and got a new piece of foam to make that  replacement cushion for the one Sandy chewed up. 

Number 18 is about to be tackled.

Oh yeah!

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  1. Isn't it great what a couple of can of spray paint can do. Are you going to recover the cushions as well. And isn't the price of foam outrageous?

  2. Glossy black is perfect for outside. I can't think of a better color!

  3. I like the black so much better. It stands out, don't show the dirt as much. Great job.

  4. They look great Rose. I love the glossy black. I think it is also easier to wipe down.

    Love those chairs.

    Nice to see you are getting things crossed off your list.


  5. Love that your working on your lists!

  6. Rose, they look fabulous. I love old patio furniture. You would be proud of me who hardly ever paints a thing...I have spray painted six smallish items recently. All black as that is what I had laying about. hugs, olive

  7. You are rolling right along!!! the chairs look fabulous! I need to do this to FOUR chairs and a table... not a fan of scraping off the old flaky paint. :(

    So happy you're checking things off that list! at this rate you'll be done in no time!

  8. Ha! I got a little nervous when you mentioned cushions and your way home from work. :@

    I've started my own list which is considerably shorter than yours. If I can cross off ANY chores, I'll be a happy ranger.

  9. Wow, you are on a roll! I wish I had time to just make a list :)

  10. Whoopwhoop! Keep on truckin on that list!!

    PS-did you get the door-window-plug-thingys? Hope they made it ok!

  11. ok you got my curiosity up on the chairs today after we met... wow they look fabulous!!!! Black is the magic touch... can't wait to see them live!

  12. First time in your lovely blogg :)
    Big hugs from decorating blogg SisustEllen from Finland ♥


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