Monday, March 19, 2012

J’s Laundry/Mudroom- update

I can’t believe it’s already been two and a half months since I started on the mudroom project at my son and daughter-in-law’s house. What I thought would take just 2 long weekends is still not done.

Being away for 3 straight weekends puts a damper on project time too.  This was the first time I was able to get some work done on J and Yurah’s laundry/mudroom in over a month.

The weather here has been unbelievably beautiful, which makes me jumpy with “spring fever”. I’m feeling the lure of a million other things…yard work, spring cleaning, golf, putting up the gazebo, starting a furniture project. curb shopping….my project A.D.D. is in full swing. 

Honestly, it’s taking every last bit of self control I have to keep from starting something new.

I simply MUST get this done before I can start anything else.


Thank goodness J was home and ready to work with me this weekend!


Can you believe not one picture got taken until we were wrapping things up last night? 

Of course by then it was dark outside and the flash was necessary.  (Sorry about the glare.) 

It’s tough to take pictures of such a small space esp. where semi-gloss paint was used.


Both J and Yurah worked hard, wielding the paintbrushes like pros. They were still painting when I went home last night.


It’s so very close to being done.

Next weekend the floor is going in.

After that comes cabinet doors, shelves, a few finish trim pieces and a new light fixture.

I can’t wait!



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  1. wooohooo! it's coming right along! They are so cute working so hard!
    I'm loving this room! So envious!


  2. Beautiful! Love the blue door - really adds that special "oomph" to an already wonderful room. I know what you mean about project A.D.D. Spring has sprung here as well. A million things in my brain - hard to bring them all to fruition!

  3. I'm already a little jealous~I'm sure when it's done it will be the full fledged green eyed variety! It looks great!

  4. Love how this project is coming out! You are so talented! Love the new blog look also. Hugs, Linda

  5. Looks fabulous! Things ALWAYS take longer for me than I think they will... don't worry, it will be so worth it!

  6. I would love to have that space in my house! The trim work really finishes everything off nicely. I can hardly wait to see the finishing touches!

  7. Lookin' awesome even in it's unfinished state!

  8. Rose, I am in awe of your talents. You really outdid yourself on this project. It looks so professional and wonderful. Great job my friend. Can't wait to see it all completed.

    Hugs, Deb

  9. Awesome job!
    Love that storage and built in aspect.
    You did a great job making it look original to the space. ~Pat

  10. Looks great, and your not kidding about the semi gloss paint, gloss paint is even worse. I still can't get a decent picture of my front door.


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