Monday, March 12, 2012

Estate Sale goodies

 My friend  had the daunting task of clearing out the home of her elderly Aunt after she was moved to a full care nursing facility. The house was sold and needed to be quickly emptied before the closing day. 
She decided to have a sale.

Linda gave me a call before the sale to see if I might want these chairs for my gazebo.




She knows me well.

It turned out that the sale was going to be the very day we were leaving for our Florida vacation.

That just wouldn’t do, so Linda very generously offered to have me meet her there one night after work instead, a full 2 days before the sale.

Well I bought those chairs, of course. 

They’re a very heavy wrought iron with the original cushions. 

They’ll be perfect out in the gazebo this summer.

Once done with that transaction I started looking around.  Big mistake!  There were all sorts of cool things I wanted to bring home with me.

An hour later we ripped up that first check and I found myself writing one for twice the original amount.

Want to see some of my goodies?

074  090

092 093

101 098


118 102





123 120



There was a mirror too. Guess I forgot to get a photo of it.

For the record I tried hard to limit myself to things I thought would fit into my next room makeover.

Can you guess which room was on my mind?

It sure was fun having first dibs at a sale!

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  1. Those chairs alone are worth a small fortune! It's good to have friends in high places. Great finds!

    The orange lamp shouts Brady Bunch to me. :@

  2. Such interesting sales are my FAVORITE! ...and you got in before everyone else - priceless~! (Well, maybe not priceless, because you did pay, but ya knowwhatImean)...anywho...gotta go with the little laundry cart as my favorite score of yours! So many uses for that thing!

  3. Hey Rose! Great stuff! I'm thinking office, since you picked up that awesome file cabinet and some great lamps. The laundry bin would be great for tossing unwanted papers for shredding. ;)
    That gw would look great on my pedestal display (plant stands) hahahah Painted of course.
    thanks for sharing your pictures, happy you're home!

  4. Oh Rose, those chairs are wonderful!!! My daughter has a vintage chair in a fabric similar to the yellow floral. She LOVEs it!

  5. Love EVERYTHING you bought! Oh my you hit gold my friend. Can't wait to see the next room makeover...not sure which one I'm so slow at guessing these things. hugs, Linda

  6. Those chairs are fantastic! It would be so much fun to have a private appointment before a sale! I really like those metal shoe thingies, too. (that is the proper name, right?)

    1. I think they're called "shoe lasts"- we have a couple we found in our barn.

  7. SCORE... drooling over those chairs.

    I am guessing the office is next on the list of transformations. Loving the lamps and filing cabinet. Well actually I am loving everything.

    Whatever it is I am sure it will be dynamic.


  8. Can you say SCORE! What great finds and a great friend!

  9. Fun stuff, although some of the pictures didn't come through :( Love that little shopping cart! Have fun :)

  10. Oh cool COoL!!! stuff!!!

    I like the orange lamp...very MOD. By the looks of the file cabinet, lamps, typing table(?) and mail bag/cart (?) I'm guessing your office?

    have a great week.

  11. Wow- what a lucky score you got. Can't wait to see what you do with it all.


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