Thursday, March 29, 2012

Confession Time- My Netflix Addiction

I have a confession to make. 

I just spent the last week and a half watching 44 episodes of Glee on Netflix.

(does that make me a Gleek?)

That's 44 multiplied by an average episode length of 43 minutes.

(pause to grab my calculator….)

Ok, that’s 1892 minutes, or 31.5 HOURS spent watching a TV show that I didn’t really need to see.

A show I never once tuned into before.

So why now?


Yes, Netflix.

It all started one evening about a week and a half ago when I asked Mike if he was liking the Netflix subscription he got  for Christmas this year. 

Before I knew what was happening he had set it up for me on the Xbox console in the living room and I was scrolling through all the available titles finding nothing I really wanted to see.  (I’m not a big TV watcher or even movies for that matter.)

Then I remembered that my son has told us he only watches TV shows through Netflix instead of regular TV.  No commercials, no waiting for the next week, (or season), every episode of the season is there so you can watch as many as you want when you want.

So I search the TV show section and settled on Glee.  I had read some reviews of the show in Entertainment Weekly and they were pretty favorable.

So I selected Glee and fired up the first episode.

Within 10 minutes I was hooked.

What’s not to like;  there was great music, singing, dancing, teen angst, it was funny, it was sad, there was the outrageous bullying of Coach Sue, handsome heartthrob teacher Will, love interests galore, it was like a musical soap opera.


In other words, mindless TV viewing at my fingertips with no rationing.

Dangerous combination.

I spent every “spare” minute watching this show.  I’d wake up in the morning and jump out of bed thinking, I can get 2 episodes in before I have to get into the shower.  Or coming home from work and immediately turning it on and watching 4 episodes in a row.

They make it so easy to keep going.  When one episode ends, the next is highlighted and all you have to do is click on the green button and the next episode begins. No interruptions, no commercials, no waiting.  Heaven.

Well, Saturday night I sank to a new low.

I watched 10 episodes in a row. I didn’t mean to, but I kept clicking on that green button on the controller, even though I knew I needed to get some sleep.

It was 5am before I went to bed!

4 hours later I was up and watching yet another episode before I had to leave the house to attend a bridal shower.

This was like crack must be to a druggie.  I was living for the moment I could get home and watch some more.

Last night I rushed home from work and as was my new habit immediately turned on the TV to watch the episode i had fallen asleep to the night before.

At the end, instead of highlighting the next episode it brought up “other shows you may enjoy”

Huh?  What happened?  Where’s my Glee?  I want to watch the next Glee, not some other show.

To my horror I discovered I had just watched the final episode.  Season 3 is not out on Netflix yet.

I was done.

What an awful feeling.

Then I felt plain silly.  What on earth had I done?  All that time and not a thing to show for it.

My blog was totally neglected as was my house, my projects at the kid’s houses, everything.

Just think what I could have done with those 31.5 hours!

I think from now on I’ll be leaving Netflix alone.  I don’t have enough self control to ration myself. 

I’ve always  been one of those people who finishes off a whole bag of chips or cookies or candy in one sitting.  Even when not hungry anymore I keep going until  the last crumb is gone.  Just can’t stop myself.

Netflix is like a giant bag of chips.

Something I’m better off not even opening. (until maybe season 3 of Glee is out)

How about you?  What’s your “Netflix”?

Can you ration it?


Is there a Netflix Anonymous group out there?

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  1. lol..........i did the series LOST.....Crossing Jordan (6 seasons) Brothers &sisters and i think 1 other but i forget what it is......very addicting if the show is good!!

  2. That is so funny! I did that with the HBO series True Blood. You sure were dedicated, 10 episodes in a row. I have satelite everything so I can't get netflix like that, boohoo. or can I? Best not to even think about it cause I'd never get out of bed, I'd just lay there all day eating tortilla chips (my weakness). Oh and I agree with Chris definitely dont start Lost or Brothers and Sisters. They have way more seasons than three ;)

  3. Oh so dangerous if you start and just keep clicking to the next episode and the next and the next...well you do know don't you!

  4. ohhh, I should never get netflix! hahahah Ohh wait--I could blog while I watch the shows... NO let's stick with NEVER. :) I'll settle for DVR.

    great post Rose!
    ps I've never seen a single moment of Glee....

  5. Is it a Netflix addiction or a Glee addiction? My daughter (18) and I watch Glee on regular TV. She has the DVDs as well. We enjoy it!

  6. So been there. Did it with Mad Men. Did it with The Tudors. Doing it with MI-5. And they have Doctor Who which means I get to introduce my kids while discovering how the new series is. Crack indeed. But I'm also the person who gets trapped in the Marathon episodes of Housewives of (fill in any of the blanks)! There are worse things. We watch Glee on TV. Have since day one. I couldn't possibly wait for that to show up on Netflix!!!!

  7. I can just see your family being interviewed for your intervention. "She was sorta normal until she got hooked on Netflix. Next thing we knew, she quit her job and started selling her power tools. That's when we knew it was serious."

    You crack me up!!!

  8. I haven't done Netflix. I am also a non-rationing kind of person. It would just be too dangerous! Words with Friends is bad enough!

  9. Oh Rose you are hilarious. Maybe just shutting your brain and your body off is what you really needed. Think of it as a nice long rest. Hugs, Deb

    Now I know I can share my bag of chips or chocolate with you and be done with it... I finish the whole thing off too. I can't help myself. Think of the calories we can save each other. lol.

    Hugs, Deb

  10. I am so jealous that you have time to watch TV...I only see it while I am painting furniture.



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