Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Mike and I are in Florida this week on our annual visit to his Mom’s.  While we’re away my daughter is staying at our house, babysitting the dogs.

She brought her 2 pups with her.

The other morning Erin let the dogs out to do their business and only 3 came back in.  Puzzled, she stepped out into the yard to investigate.

tree on chainlink 0305

In the far corner of the yard, just inside the Rainbow Garden, she was greeted by this sight.

Uh-oh, seems Sandy and Katy took advantage of the situation and made a break for it.

tree on fence 0305

After 15  terrifying minutes she, her boyfriend Steve, and a sympathetic Water Authority worker had the 2 escapees rounded up and back home.

Katy had several scratches, no doubt from scaling the tree branches to make her getaway. Sandy, a seasoned escapee, came back none the worse for wear.

Thank goodness they didn’t get too far away.  And another big thanks for the guy in the Water truck who saw them leave and was able to point out which direction to look and help look for them.

(of course they took off in opposite directions)

Yesterday Steve and his brother went after the downed tree with a chainsaw to get it off the fence. 

The fence guys are due to fix it today.

tree on fence 

My poor Erin is traumatized for life over this escapade.

I’m not so sure she’ll be too keen on doggy sitting for us next year;  let’s just say I wouldn’t blame her.


Meanwhile, Katy got to take a trip to the Vets’ to get her scratches cleaned and looked at. They put her on penicillin.  She’s receiving the royal treatment right now and eating it up.

It’s hard to be away from home when something like this happens.



  1. Oh no! Glad Sandy and Katy were found and back home. Those old trees sure can make a mess.

  2. Ohhh, my heart goes out to everyone involved! Poor Erin, worried about your babies, YOU for being out of town and helpless! The dogs, Katy needing to be looked after!
    Happy that everything turned out alright! Oh my! I'm glad that Erin took pictures, it all made a lot more sense after seeing them. Perhaps she should look into blogging? :)
    Have a great time for the remaining days in Florida!
    I'm off to Portland OR tomorrow!!!!

  3. Oh Rose!!!! I'm so glad they were found!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you can take a deep breath (and your daughter too) and still enjoy your vacation!


  4. That's my biggest fear, letting the dogs out and not getting them back. I have lost one dog on the road, he got hit by a neighbor so now I stand outside with them. Glad yours are home safely.


  5. Oh goodness! I am so glad the escapees are home and safe! My name sake sure looks like she's soaking up the attention :-)


  6. Oh no! I am so glad they are OK and back home safely. Hope you can enjoy the rest of your vacation! Hugs, Linda

  7. Your poor daughter! That happened to me with my mother's little dog. Snuck right out UNDER the gate and headed toward the street. My heart about stopped. Happy to see all are doing fine after the catastrophe.

    Enjoy your warm weather vacation!

  8. I can so RELATE to dogs escaping from the yard! It makes my heart almost stop. Thankfully all ended well and they are safe at home!

  9. Oh wow! that is crazy! So glad you HAD house and dog sitters there-- and even with a few scratches and dings that ALL IS WELL!

    enjoy your time away; and NO T-shirts for that house crew. He he he...


  10. ohhh, that's why I get so anxious about going out of town. One of my furbabies died while we were on vacation. And that was a few days after my friend called to tell me one of my best friends had been murdered. That had to be the worst trip of my life. Not that we can control these things when we're home, but it's so much worse when we aren't there. SO glad your babies are back home again and safe !!

  11. Enjoy your time away with hubby :)

    I'm so glad the doggies are okay... and that pic of Katy is soooo cute.


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