Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Social Media Woes


My last week or so has been spent spinning my wheels on lots of new things. New scary stuff.

Things like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

You see, up until this point I had successfully managed to stay away from all those sites.

Alas, not anymore.

It all started when Jamie, from Owl Really wrote a post about her vintage living Pinterest board and invited her readers to like it.

So I dutifully went to click the like button, only to be told I needed to log in first.

Drat! Ok, I guess I’ll do this, after all, how hard can it be?

Well, turns out you can’t sign up for Pinterest without a Twitter or Facebook account.


I had neither.

So I signed up for Twitter. Just so I could sign up for Pinterest.

Ok, done. Got it. I’m now on Pinterest.

Follow Me on Pinterest

I liked Jamie’s vintage living board and that was that.

So now I had a Twitter account.

Later that day I went to a charity fundraiser with my husband called the Iron Fork Competition, as you can guess by the name it was a cooking competition for area chefs. 

Anne Burrell from the Food Network was one of the judges.

Hey, I thought to myself, this is what people tweet about, right?  I should try and tweet this.

Well, that didn’t go so well.  Did you know that if you tweet something and have no followers the tweet doesn’t go anywhere?  My pal Gail (My Repurposed Life) very graciously followed me when I called her for help, but still couldn’t see my tweet!

That killed my interest in tweeting pretty quick! 

You can find me here; 

No official Twitter button, I couldn’t get it to work. :(

Then a couple days later I get some complaints from my husband that he is being inundated by updates from Facebook of sites I’m following under his account.  He wants to unfollow them all.


I need to get my own account, and fast!

I decided to start a Facebook page for my blog.

So I go and sign up, navigating all the scary choices all by myself.  I actually thought I got it going ok.  Then I find out that somehow I can’t “like” people and I’m missing some options on my Facebook toolbar.

What the heck?

And, when I proudly went to comment on Gail’s Facebook page, not only does my picture show a shadow person, she isn’t able to see my comment at all!  I can see it, but nobody else can.


Apparently I’ve chosen some odd settings and can’t interact with others on Facebook.

It figures.  One theory is that I have to have 25 likes to qualify for a page URL.  I have 4.  Anyone want to take pity on me and like my Facebook page?

So there you have it.  I’ve stepped through the doorway of Social Media, but the door is trying to slam in my face! 

Anyone have tips for me?

In case you were wondering, hat picture at the top of the post is from Erin’s Attic Bedroom makeover.  We’re still working on it, she plans to move up there this week.

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  1. Yay for social media!
    I'll happily follow you wherever you go.

    You can "like" Rose here:

    For some reason it didn't show up in her post.

    1. Thanks Gail! I can see the facebook button on my blog and sidebar, but I don't know why it isn't showing up for yours.

      Got my new facebook address;

      It doesn't seem to have helped my shadow image though. ;(

    2. odd, I still don't see your FB widget when I visit your page using google chrome. I have to visit with IE to see it. I wonder what else I'm missing with chrome?

  2. That is so funny Rose. I promise you will get used to it and will eventually love it. Good luck.

  3. oh poor girl -- I will follow you!!

  4. Its a tricky path all this social media stuff. i will like you on FB!!! Can't wait to see more of the attic bedroom makeover. hugs, Linda

  5. Oh, no! Somehow, I signed up for Pinterest without linking it to Facebook or Twitter. But I could never in a million years tell you how I did that!
    Good luck! I'm sure you'll have it figured out soon.

  6. I am now officially the last blogger on Earth who doesn't have a Twitter or Pinterest account. I also signed up for Pinterest only to find out I need a Facebook account first. I really don't want one, but I signed up just to join Pinterest. Then I signed up for my Pinterest account and got no response whatsoever. Three times! I guess they don't want a tech-challenged individual such as myself as part of their social network. :{

    Maybe you can do a post for us "Dummies" whan you get it all straightened out.
    I'm now going to try to "like you" on Facebook. May the force be with me. :@

  7. I am equally inept at social media. Somehow I managed to create a Pinterest account and it's cool!

  8. I would love to help you but I'm trying to figure it all out myself! I haven't touched the twitter thing yet. And my facebook page, for my etsy, is up and running but not very active. I will go by and like you though and help you get to 25. I'm not sure what that has to do with the URL but I'm sort of clueless and doing this all sort of blindly. We would make a sorry pair you and I.

    1. the 25 like thing is to be able to get a user name url, thanks to you and all my cool blog friends my facebook url is now
      Before it had a bunch of random numbers at the end. (see Gail's comment above where she gives the link to find me on facebook.

  9. Oh dear! I started a snowball effect of social media woes!!! You'll get it all figured out, I'm sure!!

  10. LOL I'm sorry, but..... hehehe. ;-) You've been sucked into the matrix of social media. There is no return. Hang in there. You'll especially love Pinterest. My challenge this week is trying to figure out the Linky subscribe thing.

    I go in spurts. I'll be all about blogging to the exclusion of everything else. Then it's Facebook, then Twitter, then Pinterest and back to blogging. I just wish I could do each thing every day and keep up with work, too. Especially since my work (Etsy sales) can, possibly, I've convinced myself, benefit from all of it.

  11. Oh I feel you, I just finally put the follow me on pinterist button on my blog but haven't tried to figure out a face book page for my blog yet. I am now following your pins and will like your facebook page once I remember my personal facebook password ;) like I said I feel ya!

  12. Oh I feel you, I just finally put the follow me on pinterist button on my blog but haven't tried to figure out a face book page for my blog yet. I am now following your pins and will like your facebook page once I remember my personal facebook password ;) like I said I feel ya!

  13. I'm with you on that stuff. I don't do twitter at all and I only have a Facebook account so I can monitor my teenage son's activities on his. I am hooked on Pinterest though. That site is amazing.


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