Monday, February 20, 2012

Laundry Room progress report

Bet’cha thought I gave up on Jason and Yurah’s laundry/mudroom.

I didn’t.

They’ve been a little behind on getting their homework done.

You know, like painting.

I spent some time there this weekend and made a little progress.

It’s really getting oh-so-close.

Except for paint.

Which will make a world of difference.

(Do you hear me, kids?  Pull out those brushes and have a painting party!)

Saturday I got some of the crown molding up.

Don’t you just love the difference trim makes on a project?

Like icing on a cake.

Trim hides all flaws.

Well, almost all.  It’s kinda like makeup. Sometimes you need concealer too. 

Like caulk. 

Lots of caulk!

This is one of the before trim pictures.

jasons laundry room 034

Same area with a little trim.


Here we go with another angle.


jasons laundry room 032


jasons laundry room 038

And now with trim.

We ran out of the crown molding and need to get more to finish along the ceiling.


Got a bit more done in this section too. 

See the lower cabinets and countertop?

That’s called my cop-out cabinet.


You see, I had started to build the base cabinet from plywood.

And then decided it was more work than I wanted to deal with.

(you can see it in this next picture)


So I went to a local building supply store called Bargain Outlet and bought a couple unfinished base cabinets and a countertop to fit the space.

It cost less than $200 and got me off the hook for that section. 

I’m calling that a bargain!

This last corner was going to be enclosed.  On second thought we decided to change that plan a bit and leave it open. 

The sidewall can always be added later if they want it. 

Besides, it was feeling like a little too much going on.


News Flash!

It seems my son pulled a painting marathon last night, because when I woke up this morning there were a bunch of pictures in my Inbox. (sent at 3am)

Yayyyy Jason! 

He stayed up late and got his homework done.

These are all taken with his phone, but you can get the idea.  Everything has at least one coat of primer on it now.




Oh hey, this next picture just reminded me.  Do any of you know if you can buy those plastic plugs that usually come with the metal doors?

J has 2 of these that don’t have the screw holes plugged around the windows. 

It looks awful!






We’re getting there!  I still have to finish the crown and some filler pieces.

The top cabinets need doors.

Then, after the final coat of paint is done we get to install the floor.

I can hardly wait.

That bare plywood floor is getting on my nerves.


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  1. Really looking GOOD! Wish I had a room like this! You could probably find those plugs at the millwork desk @ Lowes/Home Depot, if not I'm sure they can order some. A lot of folks don't use them when they get a new door, Drives me crazy! I once lived in a place that still had the package stapled to the door...of course I had to put them in! :)

  2. Rose--wow! that trim (and j's paint) really makes a huge difference! Something tells me that boy of yours might be a procrastinator? Like staying up late to cram for tests and do homework? Most of us do work better under pressure. (I'm that way, and jamie is way worse than me)
    This is going to be such a wonderful space when it's all done! You've worked hard, so have the kids. It's all paying off!
    ps counting the days! 3

  3. I was thinking the same thing as Lori stated, check with a place that sells those types of doors to see if they have spares. If not maybe get white screws to replace the ones in there now, or take those screws out and spray paint them white. Beautiful job here and at your daughter's place. When can I send in the paperwork to have you adopt me? ;)

  4. Whoooooooo....this is looking so good. The trim and paint are so awesome. Can't wait for the final reveal! good work! hugs, Linda

  5. All I can say is~you have some lucky, lucky kids!

  6. I love the way it's looking. And can't wait to see it finished. You have done great work! What a great gift for your son and daughter in law.


  7. It looks fantastic! I really need to learn how to put up molding. When we finally get the upstairs floors redone, there will be a lot of quarter round to be replaced. You make it all look SO easy!

  8. Wow, you did a fantastic job. That is a lot of work! Caulk if the best for hiding boo boos.


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