Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I think there’s something wrong with me…..I’m a Blissdom fraud

Did you know I was going to Blissdom this week? 

In fact, this time tomorrow I’ll be halfway there!

I haven’t really written much about it.

Guess it seemed so far away.  Gail and I signed up for it way back last fall; why that was MONTHS ago. 

I got my flight booked in January, and Gail got the room at the hotel booked for us to share. 

I even made sure I put my vacation time request in and got approved.

All set, right?

So here I’ve been happily going along as normal totally oblivious to the fact that I’m supposed to be:

  1. In a panic about how my blog presents itself- (I’m supposed to be tweaking and revamping it)
  2. Planning multiple outfits that will wow everyone I meet (Do you think my paint clothes will do the trick?) 

    (Oh yea, I’ll be styling….)

  3. Practicing an elevator speech…..(speaking in an elevator?  I’ll be too busy trying to get over my claustrophobia to even think of talking!)
  4. Researching sponsors (cause someday they might want to advertise on my blog?)
  5. Deciding on how to brand myself (a picture of a fruitcake would probably say it all)
  6. Having business cards made (Ha! I did this one!  Staples in-store printing to the rescue!)
  7. Tweeting and facebooking to all the other bliss attendees so they know me when I get there? (Does it count that I finally got signed up for social media even though I don’t know how to use it yet?)
  8. Signing up for the sessions I want to attend (oops, I need to see what’s on the agenda, hope they don’t give tests)

Uh oh.

I’m way behind.

I haven’t done any of that. 

Well, I did sign up for Facebook and Twitter……

and I did go get business cards made on Friday, albeit very basic ones.  (printed at Staples in under 2 hours!)

Then I got signed up for the Blissdom newbie group on Friday and found out that I’m not doing any of the stuff I should be doing pre-conference.

So what on earth is wrong with me? 

Do I just not “get” the whole blogger conference thing?

Apparently not!

My whole reason for going to this is so I can finally meet up with


My Repurposed Life


in real life. 

Yes, it’s true. 

I’m a Blissdom fraud.

I’m not trying to grow my blog, start a business, understand the legal ramifications of blogging or even connect with sponsors.

At least, I don’t think I am, but you never know.

I might change, especially if I get infected by any of the Bliss that’ll be everywhere I turn at this conference.

And if I do, maybe I’ll get better about all those things listed above that I’m supposed to be doing.

But for now, I’ll stick with being very happy to be meeting my best friend for the very first time.

Watch out Gail, here I come! Got my flannel jammies packed for the pajama party too!


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PS   I just printed my boarding pass for my flight.

It’s official, I’m really going!.

Eek…excuse me while I go freak out for a bit!


  1. Great Post my friend! I love your writing style and your humor.
    I think this post is perfect, and really sums up how I feel too! :)
    I can't wait. This time tomorrow we'll be soooo close! I'm so excited!
    ps I have tons to do, I don't know how YOU are going to get it all done with working all day!

  2. You go and have a great time! I am so excited your are meeting Gail! I know you will have fun and maybe even learn something! hugs, Linda

  3. Oh, you two! Just stay calm and enjoy the ride! Maybe you'll absorb some useful stuff, maybe not, but you'll have fun doing it! Have a blast, and for God's sake, TAKE PICTURES!

  4. least you got the important jammies =) You and Gail enjoy your time.

  5. I love it!! Don't worry about revamping your blog. I've seen professionally designed blogs that have no content or entertainment value which you've got in spades! Go get'em, and maybe teach them a thing or two in the process.

    Love the jammies.

  6. So glad you can finally meet. Enjoy every moment and maybe learn something along the way! :)

  7. You make me laugh! "Infected with Bliss"! Just have fun!

  8. I'm so happy to know that you and Gail will finally meet. And a bit jealous too. Have a great time! Enjoy the pj party!


  9. Breathe, breathe....remember, if you get stuck in an elevator with no more than 8 other average sized people there is enough air in there to have you all survive for at least 20 mins... relax!!


    Hi, I'm Suzanne in NW Illinois, and a Follower of Gail's...she's sooo excited to meet you too, Rose-- you are two of a kind and will have a WONDERFUL time!

    Now, I have to sign up to Follow YOU and see what your adventures were at Blissdom. (Wish I could go too-- drat! I wanna meet Miss Gail too.)

    Smiles, Suzanne

  10. Hahahaha... you are NO FRAUD in my eyes Rose. You go and have a wonderful time with Gail. This has been a long time coming. I am so excited for both of you. I can feel the love from here. You are there for a reason and it will all fall in place as it should. Enjoy yourselves. We want all the details too.

    Love ya both...

    Hugs, Deb xo

    1. P.S. can I have your jammies when you decide to curb


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