Monday, February 13, 2012

Erin’s Attic Bedroom project part 3- aka plan a party to get the job done

Don’t think I forgot about Erin’s bedroom project, believe me, I could never do that.  I just got a little sidetracked with my Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter issues, along with trying to get myself ready for Blissdom.  Well, actually, I haven’t done much to get ready for that….but I will!

After all, I’ve got 9 more days to get some business cards designed and printed, my suitcase packed, and lose about 15 pounds. What’s that you say?  I can’t lose 15 pounds in 9 days?  Drat, guess I’ll drop that one off the list and focus on the first 2. (and maybe add clothes shopping for a larger size to the list instead).

Who says you can’t procrastinate and get away with it?  ;-)

Ok, enough of that, let’s get back to Erin.  I think she’s been bitten by the DIY bug.  Why?  Well, first of all she commandeered my tool belt, made her own kneepads, and actually seemed to be enjoying herself while working on this project!


See?  She was really getting into installing the floor! 

Actually, she was dying to be done with it as she had a big party planned for Saturday night and needed to have this room ready.

While not advised by most experts, we procrastinators find it a great incentive to have a specific goal, like a party, to get something done in a hurry.

Why, we’ll even work around the clock to meet a lofty goal like that. 

But sometimes it backfires, just a little.

That’s when you realize that everything is taking longer than you think and there is no way it can all get done. So you start modifying the plan, changing up the expectations and eventually, well, just going with it.

Our mantra soon became “well if we can just get this end of the room done for now”……then it became “if we prop the doors up against the closet at least people can get an idea of what it will look like when it’s done….” yeah, I know, weak, but it is what it is.

Let’s see, where did we leave off?  I believe we had just finished laying the floor down.  Once that was done Steve (Erin’s boyfriend) went on to install the baseboards and shoe molding.  His brother came over to help out and they got it all done in one night!


Meanwhile, I was busy making a bed for the room.

Yes, a bed.  See, Erin was using a mattress on top of 2 box springs for her bed.

For this room we wanted to get fancy and make a modified platform bed.


She decided to stain it to blend in with the flooring.


It also made a great spot to dump all the tools and stuff……


Then the closet needed to be finished.  First the spackle, then the trim, then the painting.


Very tedious work!

Meanwhile I had to install the hanging rod and some shelving on the inside.






Then there were the closet doors to deal with….

I found some 24 inch hollow core doors for $5 each at Bargain Outlet.  I had to cut them down quite a bit to fit the height of the door frames.

Can you believe how hollow these are?


I used some 2x4’s cut to size to fill the top and bottom where I had cut off the original ends.


Here they are, testing out the fit.

Erin painted them her favorite green.  It’s called Safari Green.  She loves it!

Next I needed to install the hinges.  Alas, this is where we ran out of time so I just leaned the doors in the opening.


Curtains needed to be hemmed and hung.  I bent some silver spoons to make the brackets for one end of the room.032

On the other end we used a pair of Shutter Dogs I had in my stash of hardware. 


On party day we quickly got the bed made up with a new quilt and arranged the furniture.




After moving the furniture up it was decided that there were too many desks.  No time now, but we’ll fix that problem later.


The last bit of arranging was done just as the first guests pulled in.

“Whew! That was close”, I said to myself as I quietly slipped out the back door.

This is Steve.  Wish him a Happy Birthday!


He had no idea he was helping to get the house ready for his very own surprise birthday party!

Happy 30th birthday Steve! 

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  1. First, I'll say a Happy Birthday to Steve (a day early) :)
    Rose,Erin & Steve--you have worked wonders with this room. It's beautiful! I love the addition of the closets, and the BED !!
    The comforter is so pretty and I love the color of the closet doors! (erin-are you going to pain the louvered door green as well?)
    Way to go gang!!!

  2. Wow, that turned out great! The greenis so pretty and I love the bed. We have a room above our garage that is pretty much shaped like that. I haven't touched it yet!

    I tried to comment on your Facebook page and they were not showing up. I thought I was able to before. Is anyone else still having problems?

  3. Oh how cute! Love the color of green, and her bedspread. So cute. I agree with Gail....I think the other door should be painted green too =)

    Happy Birthday Steve!!

  4. I'd prob paint the stand up mirror green too! :)

  5. I'm cracking up... a. totally get the procrastinator thing. b. totally get the "plan a party to stop the procrastination" thing...

    c. if you figure out how to lose 15 in 9 days please let me know.

    LOVE her new room and happy happy birthday Steve! LOLOL


  6. I'll solve your first problem for you. It's easy. Spanks. Not sure of the spelling, but guaranteed to make you look 10-20 pounds thinner. Be prepared, it looks like Barbie doll bike shorts, but with much twisting and turning it WILL fit. You'll look like a million bucks and no sucking anything in all night. Problem solved. Ranger tested and approved. :@

    Totally amazing room transformation! I didn't even know those doors could be cut down. Kudos to your daughter and boyfriend for their new reno skills. And Happy 30th Birthday to Steve!

  7. that attic looks great! I love the green.
    Spanx are a modern miracle. Go get some!

  8. Happy Birthday Steve.... love that you made him work for HIS

    The room looks fabulous guys. I really like the green that Erin choose... the bedspread is a perfect match. Nicely done.

    You really are a genius Rose... everything looks so perfect for the space.

    Hugs, Deb

  9. Happy Birthday Steve!

    Love the room! You and your daughter did a great job. The colors are so pretty! The quilt is perfect! What a great gift you gave her!

    hugs, Linda


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