Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Curbshopping: A Miss and a Win

Have you ever been driving with your vehicle packed full to the brim only to come across a wonderfully HUGE pile of furniture at the side of the road?
Trust me, it’s a bummer!

I was headed to my daughter’s house for day 1 of her attic project and my van was loaded to the roof with all my tools.

Along the road I see a huge pile, a couch, crib, dressers, tv stands, end tables….you name it! The house had a for sale sign in front, so I imagine they were clearing everything out for putting the house on the market.

Sadly, I kept going.  I knew full well I couldn’t get another thing in that van!

I briefly considered quickly unloading at my daughter’s house and then heading right back.

Then I decided, no.  It obviously wasn’t meant for me to get this stuff this time.

I then promptly forgot about the missed treasures and spent a long day working on Erin’s bedroom.

By the time I passed by the place where the furniture had been pretty much everything was gone.

Oh well, I thought to myself.  I have plenty of those type pieces already.  I certainly didn’t need them!

About 5 blocks down the road I drive past a small white table. 

All by itself, just sitting at the curb.


It’s 2 am, extremely dark, and I’m not in the best of neighborhoods, so I keep going.  I don’t see anyone around so I circle back and pull up in front of the place where the table is.

Why on earth is this just sitting here all by itself?


Is it broken?

Noooo, it appears to be intact.

Hmmm, this is really cute.  Wonder what it looks like in daylight?

Of course I picked it up and popped it in the van, heading back home.

The next morning I take it out and have a look in daylight.


This thing is really cute!  It’s got a lot of staining on the top, and a horribly thick paint job, but all in all it’s solid and sturdy.

Even the legs are in great shape. Not a wobble to be found!




Somehow I feel like this was my consolation prize for having to pass up the big pile earlier in the day.

It totally works for me, as I can hide it a lot easier than a dresser!


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  1. Love that little table! You find the best stuff! All I get to drive by on my way to work are fields and pastures and cattle and then businesses. Have a great day!


  2. You win some you lose some! Looks like you won with that precious table!

  3. how cute! My guess is someone just got tired of trying to make it look better. :) We all have those projects, don't we? where we just finally give up! That's my facebook post today, about project failures.
    You, my dear, will make this little lady shine again, no matter how you dress her up!

  4. The furniture karma angels were looking out for you! It's your prize for passing up the first pile!

  5. That was the Junque angels watching out for you. Awesome find!

  6. Rose that is a really cute table! It was meant for you for sure.

  7. Isn't it always the case when we already have the car loaded up!?
    What a cute table indeed :)

  8. I have NEVER seen furniture on the side of the road. I guess the folks around here hold onto stuff until it crumbles or they call a local charity to pick it up. Boo.

  9. Seriously cute table! It would have bugged me for weeks if I saw a PILE of furniture that I had to pass up. But I don't need to worry about that, because the only things I see on the side of the road are those orange pumpkin bags filled with leaves from last Halloween. :{

  10. That's a pretty dang good consolation prize! Are you thinking two tone? :) I've been catching up on your blog, and you've been really busy! The laundry room is coming along really well.
    I don't think it really matters what direction the floor goes as long as the subfloor is good. I'd have put it the way you did, too, because of the length of the room.

  11. Good things come to those who wait...or pass junk by...treasures are always around the next curb. What a precious piece! Can't wait to see it after you've put your magic touch on it.

  12. LUCKY YOU. I have never found anything like that on the side of the highway. I can't wait to see the REDO.

  13. Love you consolation prize. She was just meant to be yours and sat there all day waiting for you. Can't wait to see her after she all cleaned up.


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