Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Curbfound Futon Frame gets a new Job

Do you ever randomly come across something that immediately strikes you as a solution to a problem?

Way back when Erin and I first started planning out her Attic Bedroom reno (that would be 2 years ago now) I came across this futon frame at the side of the road.  It was rather busted up, but the finish on it was beautiful.

I really liked the wood.


And it looked a lot like a railing to me.



One that would make the open landing to Erin’s attic bedroom so much safer!


Added bonus, it was a very close match to her floor color!

That’s how this broken down, discarded futon happened to get a new job.


No more worrying about someone stepping off the landing and down the stairs!


I’m not entirely done with this part yet, we held off installing the other section so we could move the furniture up there easier. 

And I still have to fill all the screw holes and touch up the stain.

And trim around it….

But at least you can get the general idea!

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  1. Super idea! I just don't think my hubby would agree with me storing a "piece of junk" (as he calls my treasures) for 2 years! Way to go, Rose!

  2. woohooo!!! that's an awesome repurpose! Not bad for free, eh? :)

    I love the way you think! Counting down the days till blissdom!


  3. Now that was thinking outside the box... what a great idea. Would have never thought of that one in a million years.

    Between you and Gail, you two totally blow my mind at what you can come up with just pieces of stuff.

    Hope you are having a great day.

    Hugs, Deb

  4. Great repurpose! I love what you did with it. Wonderful job.


  5. You are so smart! There's no way anyone could look at that now and wonder "Why did they put a futon frame there?" because it just looks like a railing!

  6. Good grief! LOVE the way your mind works!!!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  7. Perfect! That is why I am so envious of you! You vision of what 'junk' can be! You are doing such an amazing job! hugs, Linda

  8. Ah Ha! Love it, works perfectly! Super idea, as usual, Rose. Gotta love that free stuff on the curb!

  9. It looks very much like our Craftsman style railing around our stairs. Good thinking!

  10. WOW.....great job ~ and thinking!

  11. What a fabulous repurpose! I'm constantly seeing futon frames out for the trash man and I hate passing them by, but can't think of a use for them. Well done!!!

  12. Brilliant!! You are so my hero! I love the way your mind works!


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