Monday, January 9, 2012

J’s Laundry/Mudroom plans and Day 1 Demolition

Curious to see what J and Yurah chose from the inspiration photos?
Here is a rundown of the favorite elements.  All the photos came from
This picture was chosen for the color scheme.  They really liked the blue door, the greige walls and the tile color with the white cabinetry.

This next one was chosen for the open back design on the locker system.  They loved the cubbies above and below, but opted to have one compartment for coat hooks above the bench. They also decided to have 4 cubbies on the bottom to match the top. instead of the 2 big sections shown here.

We decided that all the cabinets should  go all the way to the ceiling, like their kitchen.  Their ceiling height in this room is 8 ft, and every inch of storage space needs to be utilized in this small area.


OK, this exact photo was not in the post with all the pictures; we found it later.  The appeal of this one is the cabinetry going all the way to the ceiling with the crown at the top.  The way the washer/dryer set is enclosed makes it look seamless. The granite counter and cabinetry next to it were also chosen as great elements to incorporate.  Picture the cabinets all white!

Laundry suite 3  laundry room

laundry room design by detroit kitchen and bath Kristen Shellenbarger

Here’s a similar picture in white.  This gives a good idea of what the TV armoire is going to look like on the opposite end of the washer/dryer.  They won’t have a sink out there, so picture this look without the sink and with the cabinets going all the way up to the ceiling.

OK, so now you have a good idea of what we are trying to accomplish, along with a color scheme.

Now let’s take a look at some of the demolition pictures!

As usual we got to tearing down before I thought to take any pictures. This was the first one I got of the demo.  You can see we were nearly done taking out the closet wall!


I was very happy to find that the closet had been framed AFTER the room was dry walled.  We were extremely careful to try to keep it as intact as possible in the demolition. 

(Had a bit of an oopsie here, the glass globe on the light fixture got hit with one of the pieces of framing and broke. I really should have removed that and the bulb before demo.)


The top piece was the trickiest to remove.  We did not want to ruin the ceiling!




Naturally I tried to save as many pieces of wood as I could to reuse in some way.


After cleaning up the debris we pulled out the carpet and got out all the staples we could from the subfloor.

Only one hole to patch!  We really lucked out there.  I bought the spackle that starts out pink and dries white, just because I never used it before.

It was pretty cool!


This is the space after one coat of spackle. 


I had to run a small heater to help it dry better.


While waiting for the spackle to dry we went shopping for a floor.  A heated electric mat for under the flooring was purchased at Lowes.  It was a big expense;  $325 after J’s military discount.

Instead of ceramic tile we opted for laminate tile planks, found on clearance at Bargain Outlet for $1.69 a square foot. Cost was just $100 with the underlayment matting.

Ceramic was our first choice, but the floor had a bit more give to it than I liked and adding cement board to stabilize would have added too much height.  We went simple and got the laminate planks. Their  kitchen floor is laminate so they are already used to how easy a laminate floor is to keep clean.

These colors will also hide dirt!


While we were at it we took a peek at light fixtures to get an idea of what they would cost.  Jason really liked a couple, but we didn’t get one yet.  That can wait a week.  By then we’ll have a better idea of what this whole project will cost!

I was getting a little bit of sticker shock already.

These next 2 pictures are purely for Gail’s benefit.  She couldn’t believe that I could fit full sheets of plywood in my van!


Granted the tailgate wouldn’t shut all the way…..but I got 5 sheets home with it tied down so I could start cutting the pieces for the cabinets.


Jason and I spent a lot of time with the circular saw making all the cuts. 

Working with full sheets like that you definitely need a helper to make it doable.

The 3/4 inch sheets were soooo heavy!

That’s it for now.  I’ve got more pictures from yesterday still on my camera but that will have to wait for another post. 

Right now I’m heading into work.

It was a very satisfying 3 day weekend.  I’m a little tired and sore but really happy with how things are shaping up.

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  1. Good Luck! We are getting ready to tackle a similar project so it will be fun to check back in with you! Thanks Rose. xo,

  2. I would love to have a space light that. Cannot wait to see how it turns out :)

  3. I think offering your time to your kiddos is SOOO COOL. I wish I was one of them!

    I used to have a minivan...and girl, those things are like CARGO shipping containers on wheels! You can get a ton of junk in there!

    can't wait to see the finish.


  4. Wow! I am loving that blue door! ;) I'm anxious to see it all come together. Love that you are going all the way to the ceiling, such a waste otherwise. However, that being said, in that pic with the brown cabinets, that crown is so huge, they lost a lot of space. just sayin'
    love the choice of the tile (laminate) that's going to be easy to install and take care of.
    I still can't believe how much you can get in that VAN! My SUV is a petite little thing compared to your van.
    Enjoy the next 4 days at work, hahaha!!!

  5. Rose you are amazing! This is going to be such a great change for them!! Love all the ideas and can't wait to see the next steps. hugs, Linda

  6. I love your dedication to the project! I cant wait to see the completed project!

  7. Oh you have me excited now. It is going to be a long week for you... I hate when I have to stop too. But If I didn't go to work for a rest I would be dead on my feet.... lol

    Hugs, Deb

  8. Great job on the demo! Only one hole to patch is really great. I loved the inspiration photos and can't wait to see what happens next.


  9. Wow! I would still be thinking about that project for another 5 or 10 years, and you've already done the demo and started on the actual construction!

    *If you are considering a career change, you could start up an energy boosting vitamin supplement company! You'd have tons of sales through your blog followers. :@

  10. You're moving right along.....lookin' good :)


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