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Erin’s Attic Bedroom project- part 1

I’m a bad Mom.  There, I said it.  What, you may ask, makes me a bad mom?  Why, leaving my daughter in the lurch for a year and a half; waiting to have her new floor installed.


Yep, bad mom.  That’s me. I’m pretty sure you would find my picture next to that in the dictionary.

If you’ve been visiting this blog for a long time you might vaguely remember something about me starting my daughter’s bedroom remodel way back when I started building the outdoor kitchen.  I had taken a whole week off of work and thought I could do BOTH projects in that time.

Alright, alright, quit rolling on the floor laughing your butt off!    I’ve already ‘fessed up to having a warped sense of time….I KNOW it wasn’t realistic. at least NOW  I do.

Back then I was really bummed that I couldn’t get it done.

And so, I bet, was Erin.

See, we had found this great deal on some discontinued hardwood flooring that year and I totally convinced her she had to have it for her attic bedroom.  The cost of the flooring was almost as low as laminate would have been to buy, and it was so much nicer!

The dark walnut color was beautiful.

Up until recently she had been renting out the space to a “friend“ who had pretty much trashed the room and moved out.  (Now an ex-friend.)

So she was ready to fix it up and use it herself.  Her house is a small bungalow style with 2 bedrooms.  A previous owner had finished the upstairs attic space into one long room with a half bath. Being an attic the ceilings were low, so the usable space is limited. But the room was really cool and she wanted to use it for her master bedroom.

That’s where I came in.  I suggested adding a closet along one wall to utilize some of the low ceilinged area better. This might keep one from hitting their head on the ceiling as they walked through the room. 

Of course I would build the closet, and then install the floor. 

No problem!

The room had been painted a very dark blue on one end and brown on the other. It was like walking into a cave!

Outdoor kitchen project 016

This shows the bathroom door in the hallway. It was incredibly dark.

Outdoor kitchen project 027

And here’s my Erin; tackling the daunting task of covering up that dark blue paint!

 Outdoor kitchen project 019 

What we did get done that long ago summer was to fix and prime the walls and ceiling, and get 2 coats of paint on (nearly) everything.

We used oops $5 paints to mix up a color that Erin liked, a very pale green.  She chose a deeper green as an accent wall along the stairway.

After 2 days I left her on her own to finish the painting and went back to my outdoor kitchen building.

And never came back.

See that sheet in the middle of the floor in the picture above?  The hardwood flooring boxes sat under that sheet for the next 1 1/2 years.

Erin’s life changed a lot during that time; she was faced with some difficult choices.  

Finishing the attic room was relegated to the back burner as she sorted things out. (And sort she did, I’m very proud of her!)

So here we are, it’s Christmas 2011 and I have just given the kids each a promise of 3 days to work on their projects.

Erin’s choice, of course, was the attic bedroom.

She was itching to get it done and move on up there.

Silly me, I scheduled 3 weekends in a row for the kid’s projects, with no buffer weekend in between.   Hers was weekend number 3.

So Thursday night I packed up all my tools from Jason’s house and moved them over to Erin’s, hoping and praying I could muster up enough energy to tackle this project!

Day one (Friday) was spent  touching up and finishing that paint job we had started so long ago.  I assigned that task to Erin.


My first task was  framing the closet. 



We then moved everything out of way so we could start the floor. 

The closet was the perfect place for moving all the stuff to since we weren’t going to lay the new floor in there. (we had purchased just enough to do the room, but not the closets)


Erin commandeered the camera at this point and got this picture of me.  This is what I look like in “project mode”.  Hair not done, no makeup, and wearing awful clothes with paint all over them. 


We rolled out the underlayment film.  This brand was really great because it had the adhesive strips for joining the edges together already on it.

The first row was the trickiest, you really want to make sure it’s square and straight as all the rest of the rows depend on it!

We installed this as a “floating floor”.  We could have opted to nail it down too, but thought this method would be easier in the long run.



Glue along the upper groove and then push into place tightly.  A hammer and block of wood were essential for this step. If you’ve never done this before, it’s really pretty simple.   The piece you cut off on the right side then becomes the starter piece for the next row.  I was amazed at how little waste there was! (Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, this was my very first attempt at laying a floating floor.)

The trick is to choose the pieces so that the seams do not match up from row to row.


This is where we called it a night.    It was pretty late.

I’ll be back with more for you tomorrow.


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  1. I love the photo of you in work mode :) ...and so impressed with your progress...I once attempting a laminate snap floor and it was a disaster!!!

  2. Ohh, girl! how do you do it?! :)

    Love the pictures of you and erin! :) y'all are so cute!
    Great start, I can't wait to see more pictures as it all comes together. I'm liking the paint color and loving that floor! ps when I laid jamie's floor Upstairs addition similar to erin's) I went the length of the upstairs instead of the crossways you are doing it. I'm not sure why ?? I did it that way? It was a LONG room.
    take care!!! get some rest!

  3. I love your in progress shots! And I'm lovin' that floor. You are such a great Mom! I have never attempted a laminate floor, so I'm anxious to find out how it went.


  4. Hi i’m Heather! I have a question for you! Please email me :)

  5. Oh my goodness that was a long break...but at least you are both ready to finish this project now. It is going to be gorgeous I think. Great job.

  6. As they say "better late than never." So, it's all good. This room is going to be great. Love the dark floors and lighter walls and all the angles of an attic room. Erin's going to love her new room.

  7. That area is very similar to the upstairs of our old house, so I know all about hitting ones head on the angled ceilings. You are very wise to have created a storage area along the lower end of the room. I think my neck permanently lists to one side from getting out of bed at a 45 degree angle for 24 years. :@

    As for the 1 1/2 year break in the project...that is the norm at 911.


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