Monday, January 2, 2012

A clean start to the New Year

Hope you all had a smashing start to 2012.

My New Year’s Day was pretty quiet.  As I do almost every year I spent the day cleaning out closets.  Something about the new year just makes me want to do that.  Lord knows they needed it!



I don’t do the same ones every year so these were long overdue. Last year I did clothes closets so this time I switched to the hall and linen closets. Some years I just do drawers.

First thing when I got up I cleared the bathroom cabinets of old medicines, make up, nail polish  and do-dads.  Then I turned to the linen closet and discovered I had way too many towels still in use that were only fit to be “dog towels”.  Same with sheets, way too many. Did I really need 9 sets of sheets for one bed? No wonder this closet was overflowing! Why, I haven’t been able to get that door to shut in ages.

And how many old shower curtains, pillow shams, and  curtains did I really think I was going to use again? 

Way too many apparently.  I had a huge bag to donate!

Then downstairs to the hall closets.  We have 2, a big oddly shaped one under the stairs and directly across from it the coat closet.

Well the coat closet floor was piled high with shoes. Honestly I have not seen that floor in more than a couple years. Once a shoe goes in there it’s considered out of play.   Must have been better than 30 pair in there, along with a few oddballs.  (I have a tough time throwing out the one good shoe that’s left after Sandy eats one of the pair. You just never know when you might only need one shoe, right?)

Happy to say that now the floor is clear of everything but a lonely pair of roller blades.

The stair closet had been the repository of tablecloths, cleaning stuff like the steamer, mop, duster, old irons, winter gloves and scarves, seasonal decorations, boxes from small appliances, empty shoeboxes, and at least 5 area rugs.

Why on earth was I saving those?  They all had chewed up corners thanks to Sandy.

Lots of stuff was set aside for the rescue mission, and lots went out to the curb.  Gasp, yes,  I do actually throw some things away from time to time!

In the master bath I finally got around to installing a curved shower curtain rod I bought 2 summers ago. Don’t ask what I was waiting for….guess I thought I would remodel the bathroom before putting it up.  I hung a shower curtain I had found in the linen closet- I had bought it on clearance last year and here it was, still in the bag- never used.  Boy that curved rod really makes a difference when you’re in the shower!

Then I took down all the Christmas decor and put it away.

Aside from Poinsettia plants the house is “over” Christmas and somewhat de-cluttered for the new year!

This means I can officially ignore the rest of the clutter until next year.

What do you do on New Year’s Day? 

Do you have any “start the year off right” traditions?

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  1. Poor Sandy, she needs 'chewers anonymous' meetings! Maybe she's just trying to tell you what's not in style anymore? :) Whose gonna use those rollerblades??

  2. Happy New Year Rose... cute post. You have been a busy girl.

    Hugs, Deb

  3. I'm so far behind the rest of the world! I have today off and am planning to wrap Christmas gifts. Yes, you read that right.

    Maybe I'll start the organizing on February 1. Or not. That's my husband's birthday.

    There's always next year. Thanks for a good laugh this morning. I've got the whole basement filled with things I'll PROBABLY never use, and under the beds, and the garage.

  4. Oh, you're way ahead of me. My cleaning out and organizing is still in the "think" department. The back of my car is full of tubs and organizer drawers. I think I'm waiting for them to magically make their way to the basement. Happy New Organized Year!

  5. Wow how busy you were! Since I wasn't home yesterday I'm doing my New Year's Day today and since today Jan 2nd is when the Rose Parade is on then that's the day I take down my Christmas tree. Most everything else is already put away but the tree comes down while I watch the Rose Parade, that's my tradition. Then more cleaning...yikes does it never end? hugs, Lina

  6. yay for you! funny post rose! :) I enjoyed this one a lot!
    So glad you got some decluttering done. Nah, I don't do anything--Last year was my year of decluttering and it's all pretty much still okay.
    Why do we save such stuff? Glad to know I'm not alone!
    happy new year to ya! glad that LAST year's resolution is getting fulfilled THIS year! (to meet little ole me in person!)

  7. I've done the laundry room and front hall...and have made a plan to work my house in 'zones' this year so it's not so overwhelming. Next up...taking down the wallpaper border in the powder room. Baby steps.

  8. Well, I should have done what you did! It sounds like a very productive day. :) Happy New Year, Rose. (A few days late!)

  9. I like to clean out my file cabinets of reciepts and paperwork. Since paperwork is my nemisis, I just feel I have to tackle it at the new year.

  10. I've been sorting this week too...feels good doesn't it? So many things I was "saving"...that were just taking up precious space!!! Chat soon, Laurel


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