Thursday, May 19, 2011

Picking Out Paint Colors

I was planning to lay low today, but my not so good pal Gail (I’ll get you back, girlfriend!) ratted me out about it being my birthday.  I’m not making a big deal about this one, after all, 51 isn’t really a special number now, is it? 

What IS special today is that it’s my Mom’s birthday too.  She turned 79 today!  She reads my blog, so be sure to leave a comment wishing her a happy day, ok?

She and I are meeting up for a nice lunch together this afternoon.  We like to spend some special time together on our birthday, just the two of us.

After work I have golf league so we won’t get together with the kids until Sunday, they plan to take us to dinner to celebrate the birthdays.

So what have I been doing this week?

I’ve been consumed with choosing paint colors for our house. 

There are just so many colors out there!

First thing I did was go to Home Depot and buy a few of their tester bottles and try them on the house, like so;


I think I  managed to scare Mike to death when I did this!

I’ve also been searching the internet for images of cape cod style homes, hoping to find one with a great combination.

Every spare moment is spent driving around “stalking houses,” looking for good colors. 

My initial thought was yellow with white trim and a red door.  I liked this combination I found in a photo online.


But then I searched all around the neighborhood for a yellow house I really liked the look of in real life, but couldn’t find a one!  That made me decide to scratch the yellow idea.  I would really be disappointed if I drove home to a newly painted house I didn’t love.

Now this little cape is especially pretty, don’t you think?  I’m drawn to the very slight color difference between the siding and the trim. I’m loving the beefy trim around the door, roofline and corners.  My house doesn’t have that.


Then comes my favorite image, this cape here looks so much like my own, I can just picture myself driving up to it and grinning with delight.


jungle khaki moonstruck desert night

What do you think? 

Can my house look like this?  I still think I might go for a red door. 

(note to self, update this picture for a current one without the tree and overgrown garden on the right corner, they don’t exist anymore!)

Some color palettes I’ve been looking at;

httpwww.glidden.compdfcolorexterior-paintinggliddenExteriorColorsCard.pdf - Windows Internet Explorer provided by Yahoo! 5172011 60351 AMhttpwww.glidden.compdfcolorexterior-paintinggliddenExteriorColorsCard.pdf - Windows Internet Explorer provided by Yahoo! 5172011 60531 AM

httpwww.glidden.compdfcolorexterior-paintinggliddenExteriorColorsCard.pdf - Windows Internet Explorer provided by Yahoo! 5172011 60735 AM

Last night I stopped at Home Depot and picked up 6 more color testers.  This is getting way out of hand!

Pretty soon my house will look like a crazy quilt pattern.

One thing I’ve decided for sure…..people trying to pick paint colors are total bores! :)

Happy Birthday, Mom!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Checking in after being AWOL

Remember me?

I’ve been a bad blogger for the last couple weeks, it seems that everything has just gotten away from me.

Work has been especially brutal with some really long days and lots of miles,  golf league has started, and I’ve been desperately trying to get some landscaping done around the yard before it gets out of hand.

(think this is out of hand yet?)


Add to that Sandy recovering from surgery, and trying to keep Katy from fleeing the coop.

(Oh yes, again! Three times so far, but who’s counting?)

I’m just full of excuses for not blogging, aren’t I?

I’m actually embarrassed at my lack of creativity these past weeks.  No projects being done here, unless you can call digging out an overgrown flower garden and starting over a project.  Does that count?

This is a before of the garden in question.  See how dense the growth is?  Every year I think I can just weed it and make it look ok, and every year it looks like a jungle by mid-summer!


Don’t hold your breath waiting for the after, I haven’t taken it yet. (but it IS done, I promise)

Every possible spare moment is being spent trying to get ready for summer. 

We had to replace the gazebo this year,

and the outdoor kitchen had some serious issues with the elements over the winter…

giveaway 008

(I’m currently studying up on how to make a poured concrete countertop)

Many have written to ask how Sandy is doing since her surgery.  

Thank you so much for your interest. 

She had her stitches removed last Monday and the vet was super thrilled with her progress. 

We’ve got the go ahead to take her on 2 walks a day to start building up her strength. 


Still no off-leash play, and we will have to keep her from all running and jumping until September.

Meanwhile, the greyhounds are wondering what all the fuss is about. 

Here they are lounging in the middle of the living room floor, looking for all the world like a salt and pepper set.

I couldn’t resist taking this photo, they were just too cute!


I’ve been cleaning up the yard, making way for new yard art. 

See all my old goodies that went to the curb?


Happily all of them were picked up by fellow curb shoppers. 

The fence flag was the first to get picked up. 

I was a little sad to get rid of it, but two years was enough for me.  Time to change things up.

Oh, and one more thing, we are having the house painted finally, and I’m stressing over color choices!

Here’s a photo of the front of the house from 2 summers ago.  Hopefully it will look totally different in a couple of weeks.

I thought I had my colors all picked, but when I met with the painter he made some very interesting points. 

So back to the drawing board, but I’ll save that for another blog post.


So that’s what’s going on in my little corner of the world.

I hope you all are doing well, can’t wait to get some time to visit with you again.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Child sized Desk becomes a Nightstand

Many of you have already seen this post over at Gail’s blog last week when I did a guest post.

I’m publishing it here today for anyone who didn’t get to see it. 

Hello, my name is Rose, and I’m a Curbshopaholic…….

When Gail asked for guest bloggers to fill in for her during her time off for Jamie's wedding, I was so very happy to be able to help.

After all, if it weren’t for Gail I wouldn’t even BE a blogger.  Well over a year ago, long before I started blogging, Gail very kindly showed many of my projects on her blog.  Why, she even let me write my own post one day…the post that was the jumping off point for me to begin my own blog.

It was titled “Confessions of a Curbshopaholic” which became the title of my blog. (Click on the link to read it.)

She became my blog mentor, guiding me every step of the way, and was my very first follower. 

Thanks so much, Gail, you’re the best!

For my project today  I dug out a piece I’ve had for quite a while now, a year to be exact.  (Unfortunately, yes, I often take that long to get around to using my finds.)

This little desk I found waiting for me at the curb one trash day.  You can read about it in one of my very early posts titled “Curbshop along with me today!”.


I’m always excited when I find a piece of wood furniture, no matter what condition it’s in.

This poor abused and abandoned desk was just begging to become a nightstand.  I could see it in my mind’s eye right away.

The original top was warped and had come off, someone had attempted to glue it back together a few times.

I decided to get rid of the old top altogether and start over with a bigger, prettier one.


storage 005


First up though was a good sanding, a coat of primer and some repairs.

Next, a new color.

I chose a blue green shade I had in my “Oops” collection.  Not unlike Gail, I’m addicted to buying Oops paints whenever I see them.  At $5 a gallon they are the best and cheapest way to experiment with new colors.

storage 012 

After painting I played around with some shelf boards I had purchased for $1 apiece at my favorite store, Real Deals. (this is a small chain in the Central New York area.)

You just never know what you’ll find when you go in to browse there; they buy out overstock and closeouts and sell everything for a dollar or less. I get all my spray-paint there for a buck! 

When they had these wooden shelving pieces, I purchased several, not knowing what I would do with them but sure they would be handy for something.

And what do you know?  The scalloped edges of this piece would be perfect for the front of the top.

storage 021

And I really liked the extra width too.  My current nightstand is tiny and I’m forever missing it when I try to set something down during the night.  My glasses have landed on the floor more times than I can count!

storage 038

I just needed to fill in the gap between the front and back boards.

I grabbed a third shelf and trimmed it down to size on the table saw. At the same time I cut the beveled edges off the other boards so they would line up.

storage 041

I happen to have a biscuit joiner which I’ve rarely used. 

This tool came in handy for joining the 3 pieces to make one smooth tabletop.

storage 046

It’s pretty easy to use, it just cuts slots in the sides of the boards,

The trick is to keep the boards on a flat surface and to cut the holes so they align with the next board.

First get the pieces lined up perfectly.  Then make a pencil mark across all the boards.

storage 048

Use the pencil mark to position the joiner to make the slot.

 storage 051

Then you take the “biscuits” and some wood glue….

storage 053

and join the pieces together!   

If you don’t have a biscuit joiner, you could do this with a Kreg pocket hole jig (Gail shows how easy it is to use here), or even by using glue on the edges and attaching mending plates on the underside of the pieces to hold them together. 

(Something like when I used mending plates to repair a crack in my old ironing board. )

Since I already had the biscuit joiner this was a good opportunity for me to get some practice with it. 


I then stained and added 2 coats of polyurethane to the new top.

Next up, a little decorative touch.  I’ve always wanted to paint birds on something, but can’t paint freehand.

So I cheated and found something online that had birds on it. 

I printed it out and traced the design using carbon paper to transfer it to the piece.


The drawer fronts were the perfect place to add the birds. 

It looked like this when I was done tracing. 

I used this same technique for my Ironing Board Subway Art last fall.


Some black sharpie marker to fill in the design, followed by a good sanding gave me the look I was going for.

A little bit of glaze was quickly wiped on and then off again to tone down the color.


Next up I attached the new top with L brackets and added some new knobs.

Now to introduce it to it’s new home.

(This is the scary part; I can’t believe I’m going to show you pictures of my bedroom!  We’ve been nearly 10 years in this house and still haven’t removed the very old striped floral wallpaper from the walls.  Maybe this will embarrass me enough to give me the incentive I need to get around to it!)


It’s the perfect height!


And I’m loving all the extra room I have on the top!



These vintage books were just the right shade to go with my new nightstand. I think I’ll keep them there for a while.



Cost breakdown for my new nightstand; base found for free; $3 for the top; $4 for the 2 glass knobs (on sale at Hobby Lobby); and pennies for the paint, stains, and poly I used from my existing stash.

That brings it to less than $8.

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