Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Decorating with Mirrors

I got to spend the weekend getting the house all ready for Christmas.

Guess what? I’m still not done.


But! all 3 (curbshopped) trees are up, in position, and have (most of) their lights. (ran out on the big tree, have to buy more)

It’s a start.

While visiting Robelyn at Red Neck Chic the other day I was admiring her vintage ornaments and then read that she placed a huge mirror behind her tree to make it even more sparkly.  I just loved the idea!  The wheels started turning in my head and I decided to put some of the MANY mirrors I have laying around this place to good use. (amongst many other things, I have a fondness for mirrors and pick them up from the curb or thrift store whenever I see them)

First I gathered the mirrors that I thought might work, then I took down everything off the wall behind the tree.


I drew out a rough sketch for placement. and started from the top.

(it was awkward to go this way but I wanted to make sure everything fit the way I imagined.)

I decided on this pretty mirror for the top. (can you believe this was a curbfind?)


After a bit of dry brushing with antique white I positioned it to reflect the top of the tree.



In all it took 6 different mirrors to get the coverage I was looking for.



A couple pieces of 2x4 scraps built up a platform for the middle mirror to mount on.  It makes it “float” in front of the other mirrors.


I love the way my thrifted and curbed mirrors reflect the tree lights!

Thanks for the inspiration, Robelyn. 

I would never have thought to use those mirrors for that purpose if you hadn’t shared it with us.

Now I have to add the decorations.


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Since this project cost just $13 for the mirrors I bought at the thrift store I’m linking up to Beyond the Picket Fence 100 ideas under $100 party by Becky. 

Beyond The Picket Fence


  1. Love the idea of mirrors behind the tree it gives it so much more sparkle and deminsion. I do the same thing almost with a large window. The only downside I can see is you have decorate the back of the tree as much as the front. What a great mirror you curb shopped. Like it so much with the white finish.

  2. Oooo, ahhh...looks lovely! you've got my thinking, we have a hidden picture behind our tree. May have to look for a mirror :) Thanks, Laurel

  3. That Robelyn sure is a smart cookie! Great job showcasing the back of your tree with those great mirrors! I LOVE that wood trimmed mirror. Oh my! it's beautiful. so much prettier with her new outfit, and now she has a very important job.
    uh oh-Stella pointed out a problem for me. lol I don't decorate the back of the tree. I should! I have more than enough ornaments. hmmmm
    I can't believe you put up 3 trees! I barely get one up and decorated. You rock girl!
    Your tree is very pretty, I'd never know it was curbed!

  4. Looks great. Our tree corner actually has a mirror year round so it is very opportune that come tree time it reflects part of the tree. I love how you can stick ornaments on that side and still see them. Plus it increases the light bulb reflection! Enjoy.

  5. Rose that looks sooooo pretty. Great job.

    Things are starting to look festive at your house... now come and do mine, will ya?... lol

    Love the curbed mirror... you have to wonder why someone would toss that.

    Have a great day...

    Hugs, Deb

  6. Oh wow! I love this Rose.
    I saw Robelyn's mirrored tree...but it never occurred to me to copy it!

    I like the shape and mixed up layers of mirror!


  7. I love your mirror at the top and wow it looks great behind the tree! I'm still decorating also.b

  8. GOOD GRAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    okay - i'm sending you directions to my house and while i'm waiting for you i'm going digging for mirrors!!!!!!!! ROSE! THAT is awesome!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!

    ;-D Thank You!!!

  9. Gah! What people will throw away! It's so pretty. And a great idea to reflect the lights. Mine will be in front of the window but I have a mirror to the side. Yes, I have not gotten it up yet!


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