Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Projects in Review

Wow, it’s the end of the year already!

The last few weeks have been a blur for me, my job has consumed far more than it’s fair share of time.

No 40 hour workweeks for me, oh no.  It’s been more like 70 +.  Most weekends have been spent at work too.

It’s been go go go every day.

But enough of that already, Today I am off work and giving myself totally over to home and blog stuff.

I’ve noticed a lot of other blogs are running highlights of the year.   As I look a these posts I marvel at all my blog friends achieved in a single year.  It seems so impressive to see it all laid out, photo after photo.

So I’m going to go back and look at my year in blogging… short as it may be.  I do know that I’m disappointed with myself for how little I accomplished this year.  I had such grand plans!

I so wanted to be a better blogger this year, and better at completing things.

Alas, it was not to be.

Here’s hoping that if I lay it out it will look like I got more done than I feel like I did.

Worth a try anyway.

Here goes!

One of the first finished projects of 2011 was the dresser turned TV stand for my daughter.  She had waited a long time for it!

On the home front I revamped my kitchen floor by removing the white vinyl tiles and inserting grey in their place.

While I was at it I “designed” new curtains from drop cloths for the kitchen and dining room windows.

I repainted the kitchen bead board a new color, touched up the cabinets and finally finished the trim from the kitchen remodel we did 5 years prior.

Then I turned my hand to making drop cloth slipcovers to hide the dog chewed furniture in the living room.


Unfortunately I only got one of the wingback chairs covered this year.

In the spring I brightened up the mantel with a Nest sign, a Faux clock, and then added a vinyl “Create” decal to an old folding table I had.


Let’s see, after the dogs ate my wicker trunk coffee table I had to come up with a new one.

That gave  me the opportunity to use this curb found chest and add a door for the top.

I repurposed an old child’s size desk into a nightstand by making  a new top out of store-bought unfinished shelving.

The outdoor kitchen had to be totally revamped after going through it’s first winter.  As a result I’ve now become an expert on working with concrete!

A headboard bench was made for my daughter’s friend in exchange for lots of cool junk.

This plant stand was one of the junk pieces I got in that deal. A coat of turquoise and some stain on the top transformed it.

It took forever for me to pick out the paint colors for our house, but I’m so happy with the final results! (I’m especially happy I didn’t have to do the painting!)

I even got around to installing a new door in the sun porch entry.

Finally got to start converting the old shed we salvaged from Mom’s camp into my very own garden potting shed.

Got the windows and door in, and added clapboard siding.

And then a coat of paint to match the house. :)


I got to make a second headboard bench; this time for my favorite antiquing friend, Linda.

It was fun to make it and let her do the finishing!

Then I was inspired to make my very own tripod lamp by some of my favorite bloggers.

My son asked for a new coffee table, this is what I designed for him.

I repurposed a headboard to make a mirrored wall hanging for him too.

After winning a Command-Max paint sprayer in Gail’s giveaway I repainted my dining room bead board. (the counter stools were refurbished earlier this year, I had forgotten about them!)


And for Christmas I was inspired by Robelyn at Red Neck Chic to use some of my curb found mirrors to add a mirrored wall behind my tree.

What’s my favorite project of the year? 

Hands down, that would be Katy, our foster dog turned family member.

She was a handful in the beginning but now brings us nothing but joy.

(Except she is now convinced that the couch exists solely for her comfort. She doesn’t budge for anyone, not even Sandy!)


That’s my project year in review. 

Know what? 

After going through all the posts I gotta say it was therapeutic for me to see that I actually did get some stuff done this year.

Funny how easy it is to forget.

2011 turned out to be a good year after all.

We’re ending the year by having some friends and family over for dinner tonight, what are you doing?


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  1. What?! You put the rest of us to shame!! I know how it is, though. You have all sorts of plans in your head, but by the time the work day is over, so is your energy level. But, you still accomplished WAY more that the rest of us! Please let us know what vitamin supplements you are taking. :@

    We are babysitting our one year old grandaughter this weekend and that's quite enough excitement for us! Happy New Year!

  2. Um, yeah, I think you got some stuff done!! Have a great new year!!

  3. You had a great year of projects my dear! Dang it, that job gets in the way of your creativity!
    Katy is so lucky to have found her way into your home. I suppose I'd have to say your potting shed might be my favorite! :) It's so cute!
    Happy New Year!
    ps I'm sitting on the couch with louie for the new year.

  4. WOW!!! You got a lot in this year.

    I'm so happy for Katy. I just love the picture of them on the couch. My "kids" are trying to convince me that the couch should be on limits for them. I keep telling myself that I will win this battle :-)

    I can't wait to see what you do in 2012 if you thought you didnt get much done in 2011 ;-) You rocked 2011!

  5. Impressive accomplishments!
    Happy New Year!

  6. Wow, Rose, it looks like you accomplished a really lot to me. I love those benches. And what a wonderful redo on that shed! Have a happy New Year.
    Eileen @ Cottage Beach House

  7. You were very busy in 2011! I love all your projects but the benches remain my favorites! I look forward to seeing more in 2012~ big hugs, Linda

  8. Happy New Year Rose and Family. I'm so happy you kept Katy =)

  9. OK, I feel like a real slug. So my New Years resolution is to be more like you! Great job on all the projects!

  10. Great projects, Rose. My favourites are the shed and the benches... and hugs to the new doggie!

  11. If you think this wasn't much, then I have to hang my head in shame. You worked more than full time and still got all this done??? You are amazing. Can you bottle some of that energy up and send it to me?

    Thanks for posting a recap. I think I got all caught up in one fell swoop! I love all your projects.


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