Monday, November 21, 2011

The story of J’s Organic Coffee Table



What on earth is an organic coffee table anyway?

Got your attention, didn’t I?

My son Jason (we call him J) and I have been discussing the fact that it was time for a new coffee table for his TV room/man cave.  The one he had was a curb find I had reworked for him when he and his wife first bought their house and had absolutely no furniture yet.

Let’s see if I can pull up a picture of that.


I had added the slate tiles and painted it.   It worked fine, he especially liked the slate top.

On a recent visit I noticed it really didn’t fit with the more modern style of his room.

So I started looking at inspiration pics online and sending them to him to see what appealed to him the most.

This was the winning style, found on  He liked the clean lines of it. 

A far cry from the chunky table he had!
Jaon inspiration coffee table

About a week later I was excited to find this table at the curb.  I immediately saw it as the base of J’s new coffee table.

So I got right to work, fixing the broken off corner,


taking off the top and priming the plaster pedestal,


only to find that the lines didn’t work with the square 2 tiered base I had made for it!

I forgot to take pics of that together, but trust me, there was just a little too much going on. 

The clean straight lines of the inspiration table weren’t there.

OK, so that won’t work.

What will?

I cast my eyes around the basement and spied the shelves from this rack, all piled up.


You might remember when I rescued this last spring and made a NEST sign for my mantel.

So I cut the curved fronts off the shelves with the table saw and made a box to form the pedestal of the coffee table.

Ah, yes, this is more like the inspiration photo!


Now for a top.

I had a few leftover 13” square tiles from a long ago project.

The one thing J liked about the old coffee table was the tile top.

This would give him the tile element he wanted.



Much filling and sanding was needed to make the scrap wood I used for the base look like one piece.


Adding some trim around the top gave it that slab look.



Then came paint and lots of sanding…..



I made one of the panels hinged with a magnetic push latch for storing stuff out of the way.


The table was delivered last night.

Here it is in his TV room. (it was really dim in there so all the pics came out terrible)


He’s thrilled with it!

And that’s the story of J’s organic coffee table. (He’s taking the old one to work to give to one of his friends)

Price tag?  Absolutely free.  Even the magnetic push latch was from a curb find.

So I didn’t get to use the piece I thought I was going to, but at least I repurposed something!


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  1. Rose, that is absolutely stunning. I love everything about it. Fantastic job on that Missy. Love your perfect mitre cuts too... I notice things like that I love the fact that you highlighted the organic signage... perfect. Amazing transformation.

    Hope you have a great day.

    Hugs, Deb

  2. It turned out amazing! Adding the storage component made it even better! I love the USDA organic logo on it. That's so cool that a mom can whip up an amazing coffee table for her son for free. Awesome!

  3. Wow! I love how it turned out! I remember the "nest" sign. I was so envious that you had found those shelves with the letters on the side. Now I'm envious all over again. LOL

  4. I'm impressed! The USDA stamp gives it an industrial vibe and storage to boot!

    I see the remotes have a place of honor already. :@

  5. Love it and looks perfect for J! Great job as always! hugs, Linda

  6. love everything about it! right down to the 'organic' stamp of approval!


  7. I love how the signage shows through!!! It looks awesome. Free--that's great! I'm so happy you've gotten something else checked off your list, and a big ole piece out of the way! woohoo!

  8. That is a great table! I like the USDA on the sides, and the fact that there is storage is a huge bonus!
    You're such a good mom to make him a new one.

  9. Rose, it is wonderful and big and I love the signage on the bottom. hugs♥O


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