Thursday, November 17, 2011

Curbshopping Finds-back at it with a vengeance

Seems I opened up the floodgates when I ‘fessed up to falling off the curbshopping wagon last week.

The very same day I told you about those finds I took a quick peek (so she says) down around my daughter’s neighborhood.

I’d been steering clear of it for months, but not anymore.

I’ve tasted the sweet rewards of finding something great and now I’m hooked all over again.

First thing I spot was this blond end  table. 

Nothing really special, it was made in China and has a loose leg and a worn spot on the edge.

Nothing that can’t be quickly fixed.

Hmm, my daughter might like this one.


So I pop it quickly in the back of the van and turn the corner to the next block.


Whoops, it’s an end table.  Should I grab it? 

Do I need it? Um, that would be a no. 

But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it!

And so it goes, back and forth.  Should I? Shouldn’t I?

This would be an easy makeover. 

Can’t you just picture it painted white, distressed, and then chalkboard paint applied in the etched squares on both levels? 

I can.

I popped that in the van too.

Drive a  few houses up and I spy a circle.

It turns out to be an accent table with a broken leg.


Fix it? Nah, too much work. 

But, have you seen all the great clock projects out there made with a round table top?

I’ve even done one myself.


It was a great mantel decoration then became the top of my bistro table.

I know how valuable these tops are for projects like that.

Why, Gail from My Repurposed Life just made a Pocket Watch style wall clock with one of these. 

She even did a tutorial on it.

No way am I turning this one down.  No brainer, right?

Ok, so I should be all happy and satisfied with my haul by now, shouldn’t I?

But I just can’t turn away from cruising the remaining blocks. 

I must check it all! I feel compelled.

My instincts were right.

Look here!


It’s a mission oak style desk!

This is sort of old, not solid oak everywhere, but veneered. 

It was made before plywood and MDF though.


The top is in awful shape, split down the middle and warped.

But I don’t care!

This one is love at first sight. 

Just look at that drawer pull…


I’ve always been a fan of Mission style furniture. 

Just look at the bookshelves on the end of the desk. So cool.


It’s missing a piece on this end.


Not to worry, here it is inside the drawer.

I really love it when people keep the parts together even when throwing something away.

They must have cared for this at one time.


Oh, this one is definitely a keeper.

The biggest challenge was moving all my other finds out of the way to get it to fit in the van.

You should have seen me emptying my vehicle in the middle of the street then repacking everything back in with great care.

No curb finds were left behind on this day!

Not even the 9 foot ladder I found on my way back to the main drag. 

Didn’t get pictures of that one, but it is currently waiting for me to retrieve it from my daughter’s driveway!

Could there possibly be a better start to my day?

I don’t think so.

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  1. Great finds.. I love the desk. I wish people in my town would leave such wonderful free stuff by the curb for trash.

  2. OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! she's at it

    Great finds once again Rose. We are going to have to get you one of those smart cars so you won't have any room to haul it home... lol.

    Have a good day and have fun playing with your new toys. xo

    Hugs, Deb

  3. whoa! that's some great stuff! uh huh! You didn't EVEN mention the best part of this morning! You were talking to ME on the phone while rummaging around the curb! hahahah
    LOVE that desk! It was SO worth all the rearranging!
    thanks for linking to me. :)


  4. The curb shopping powers that be were with ya that day! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  5. *gasp*! love that desk! Pull the warped top off, fix up the bottom, install some casters, and find a new piece of marble/butcher block for the top and make a kitchen island!! You do find the best stuff, I'm never so lucky!

  6. LOOOOOOOVE the desk!!! ...and I TOTALLY see chalkboards in that sidetable!

  7. A library table! How very cool!!! I want to see what happens to that one.

  8. I wonder honestly... what type of business you'd drum up if you MADE-OVER these pieces and went back door to door where you got them; showing the previous owners their fabulous junk?

    ...I can't help but wonder at the furniture people toss!

    that mission style desk is the one that did it for me, sister!


  9. Rose I don't know how you could pass up any of those great finds. I love that desk! Oh yes I see it fixed and purty!! hugs, Linda

  10. Those are great treasures!!! I'm sure you'll have fun bring life back into them ;)

  11. You need to get yourself some roof racks. It's amazing what you can tie on top of a car (or van in your case)! Although you might have to carry a ladder around with you to reach the top. :@ That mission desk is a great find!

  12. WOW! It's unbelievable all that was on the street! I'd love to have that much luck just once. I did find an old fan one time. LOL

  13. Wow!! People must be cleaning out for the holidays in your daughter's neck of the woods!! How lucky for you!! Would love to tag along with ya some day, if I lived closer, that is. I can't wait to see how these all turn out when you're done with them!

  14. Whoa, you really did fall off the wagon! But you got some great things so I can't blame you. We just don't get stuff like that around here.

  15. Niiiiiiiice ! How do you get those big pieces in your vehicle without help ? You must eat your Wheaties !!

    Hope you'll post the "after" photos. Looking forward to it.

  16. Well, who could blame you for taking it all? There was some great stuff!
    That desk has such great bones. So you think you'll have to paint it?

  17. Great finds Rose! I wish I had that desk!

  18. Great curb finds! Your a hoot!!!

    Your new follower


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