Monday, November 28, 2011

Late to the party with My very own Tripod Lamp

 One of the things I love about blogging and reading blogs is all the inspiration that can be found out there.

I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t see something and say, “I want to make that”.

Only 99.9% of the time I just never get around to it.

Well, 3 weeks ago one of my favorite bloggers, Suzanne from Meridian Road, showed us some tripods she had found at an estate sale.

She said she would make them into lamps and I thought to myself, “That would be a cool thing to do with that silver tripod you curbed last year.”


But it was just a fleeting thought.

Then, 2 weekends ago I open up my Roadkill Rescue email and see where Susan from Homeroad actually made a lamp with a tripod she found. 

Ahhh! I love it!  I REALLY need to make one!

What am I waiting for? I was totally inspired.

This time I dug out my tripod and started working on it.

My tripod was painted silver, but I wanted it stained so I just sanded it down to (mostly)  bare wood.


Then I quickly stained it.

I wasn’t especially thorough or careful either!

(why? well, I figured it wouldn’t really show.  Now looking at the pictures I’m kinda rethinking that theory.)


That’s as far as I got that first weekend.

Come the next weekend I pull out my box of dismantled lamp parts and try to find something that works.

After much trial and error this is the configuration of parts I came up with.

011 007

I painted all the metal pieces with a hammered silver paint. 


Why? because I had a can of it and I didn’t feel like going to the store to pick up something else.

(and I could brush it on rather than taping off the parts to paint with spray paint)

Ok, at this point I stopped taking pictures, but the shade I decided to use really didn’t go with the silver metal.


It’s a fiberglass shade and has a bronze thread swirled throughout.  Call me crazy, but I just love these lampshades and pick them up whenever I find them.

I think they are so pretty when lit, the soft glow is awesome.

And it was exactly the right size for this lamp.

Crap! Now I need to paint again.

So the lamp sat for a few days waiting for me to get the right paint.

Meanwhile, out in blogland it turned out to be a week filled with lamp reveals!

Suzanne from Meridian Road actually completed one of her tripod lamp projects. It’s truly gorgeous. As in Restoration Hardware catalog gorgeous.

And Gina from Cottage3 made her own very cool funky industrial version with a windmill base. (It’s totally awesome)

Both girls showed how easy and inexpensive it was to make a lamp out of a store bought kit.

Why it only took minutes to do!


If I had only waited a week….think of all the time I would have saved.

So here I am, late to the party yet again.

With my tripod lamp made from reclaimed lamp parts and a shade I already had.

But it wasn’t free, it cost me $7 for a can of ORB spray-paint.


I didn’t staple the cord to the leg like Suzanne did, but I did tuck it between the metal clamps before adding the plug.



I love it!  Thanks for the inspiration Suzanne, Susan and Gina.

I may never have finished this without you!

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  1. better late than never! and it turned out just as awesome! Don't you love it? I just think they are so cool.

  2. All the lamps you showed are awesome! :) I have to say that I'm glad you spent the money on the spray paint, cause it looks GREAT!. Love your tripod lamp and shade Rose.
    Where do ya'll find these tripods? I've NEVER seen them anywhere around here!

  3. It turned out so good! When you told me it was silver, I thought it was all metal. I love the wood! And would you believe I threw away some lampshades like that a few years ago? I know! Your lamp turned out great!

  4. You are so welcome! I love the way it came out!

  5. Looks great. Now I have tripod envy and need to go find one. :-)

  6. I do love these tripod lamps. The shade on yours is fantastic! Great job! hugs, Linda

  7. wow, I love this...need to add a tripod to my shopping list. Great job!

  8. Each of those lamps has a personality of it's own, and I love them all! I,too, love those retro lampshades.

    Now, wouldn't you know, I'm in love with birdcage chandeliers a few months too late. I gave an adorable little chandelier to my daughter that would have fit inside my birdcage perfectly! Drat! (Although it does look pretty darn cute in our grandaughter's room.)

  9. Rose, can you PLEASE move next door to me so I can "borrow" some of your talent. Girl, you are amazing. I too saw Suzanne & Susan's lamps and have been on the hunt for my own tripod. Awesome job my deary : )


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