Wednesday, November 9, 2011

In case you thought I gave up Curbshopping..

 I didn’t. 

In spite of all my good intentions I still sometimes cannot stop myself from visiting my old haunts on trash day. 

Yesterday morning I ducked down a side street which in the past has been a good source for me. 

It did not disappoint!

Within seconds I have popped this wicker coffee table into my van.


The edge on one side is a bit chewed up and it’s unraveling on one of the legs,  but it can be fixed.


How on earth did they know I was coming by today and that I’m a sucker for anything wicker?

Just down the street a few houses I find this coffee table. 


It’s really heavy, the base is plaster.

See where a corner is missing? 

Not to worry, they left the missing piece in a plastic bag taped to the top of the table!

How considerate!

This table has a 1964 date stamped into the base.  Obviously it was loved for a long time and even when it broke the owners were careful to keep the pieces so it could be fixed.


The top swivels around, you can kinda see how it’s mounted with a gap away from the pedestal.

Like a lazy susan.


I have a purpose in mind for this piece; my son has been wanting a new coffee table. 

With a little changing up this piece might just be perfect for him!

Moving on…..

Just around the corner I spotted this lone headboard.


The cutouts totally captured my imagination.

I think it would look awfully cute on a wall; hanging above a fireplace. 

Simply cutting off the legs and adding a mirror, fabric, or wallpaper behind it would totally transform this into a piece of art.


So there you have it, looks like I fell off the wagon yet again.

What’s a recovering curbshopaholic to do when all this great stuff is out there waiting for her to rescue it?


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  1. Those are some awesome finds! I'm a little envious :-)

  2. Really great finds, all three - I can't even pick a favorite amongst them! Congrats!

  3. Hahahaha... you just couldn't help yourself could you? Great pieces Rose, but has Mike seen them yet?

    Nice of those people to leave you the pieces for that table... they must have been expecting you.

    Now keep your eyes straight and stay out of

    Hope you are having a great week.

    Hugs, Deb

  4. G'times...huh, Rose?

    You're just drawn back into it...and on a good day too, I might say.
    I agree with Prim- nice of them to leave the broken piece for you!
    Love that little headboard--it looks ARTsy enough without anything. I agree that above a fireplace would be perfect.

    have fun with it! Pat

  5. GIRL - I love the many options!!! I totally just took the alley instead of the street yesterday dropping my son off for school...TOTALLY scored a table...I need to start selling more pieces :)

  6. Sometimes the call of the wild is just too strong to resist! I'm glad you followed it and scored those awesome pieces. I especially love that headboard! Great finds! hugs, Linda

  7. I too, love that headboard! So many possibilities! How sweet that the people included the broken piece for you! They clearly knew that it was not destined for the landfill. ;)
    I know something the rest of these ladies don't know! You not only fell off the wagon, you tripped over it.... Loading up another bunch of goodies THIS morning! I can't wait to see pics!

  8. There's just no way to resist those type of finds. Great job and how sweet of your neighbors to tape the broken piece to the table! Cannot wait to see their transformations.

  9. Wow, the coffee table is different and I know you can fix it.

  10. Well, I don't think you should be too hard on yourself~you got some good stuff! That headboard would be GORGEOUS with a mirror behind it.

  11. Funny!! Just think, you are saving a LOT of space in your local landfill!! I await the transformations. :@

  12. The headboard is my favorite! You are such a good environmentalist ;-)

  13. What wonderful finds! They are going to be amazing when you recreate!

  14. Just linked this post to WhoNewCreations....

  15. It's amazing what people will throw out or just give away for free. Thanks for sharing.


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