Friday, November 25, 2011

Headboard to Wall Hanging and more for J

The last project I showed you was J’s coffee table. 

What I didn’t show you were the other pieces I made for him that weekend.

Remember this headboard I found a couple weeks ago?


I thought it would make a great piece of wall art.

First I cut the legs off and then I painted it black.

The cutouts were just begging for a mirror. So I grabbed the wall mirror out of my bedroom because it was exactly the right size and proceeded to take off the frame.  Only I wasn’t careful enough.



That’s seven years of bad luck there.

I had to send Mike out to Kmart to pick up another and this time I was very careful to cut the glue seal all the way around before trying to pull the frame off.


It worked and I was able to get the mirror attached to the back with no problems.

At the last minute I added a small ledge at the bottom with a slight lip to it.



Here it is hung on the wall in J’s TV room. 

The ledge was to showcase his favorite games, movies, photos, whatever he feels like showing off.


I did one more little piece for him that day. 

This little plaster base table was found curbside not long ago.  (it must have been a garage sale leftover because that tape on top says $3.)

Apparently nobody thought it was worth that much and it was tossed out and left for me to rescue.


The base is ugly but the top was a nice piece of black slate.


A little black paint and a good sanding was all it needed to make it a set with the coffee table.


The styles were close enough to use together in the same room.


Poor J didn’t know what hit him.


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Since both of these were under $100 to make, (actually total cost for both was $5.99 for the mirror, since I already had the paint and scrap wood)

I’m linking up to Becky’s 100 ideas under $100 at Beyond the Picket Fence party.  Check it out!

Beyond The Picket Fence


  1. Hi Rose, I really like how you transformed the headboard. Not so sure about the games on it, how about a few candles, LOL!

  2. Julie, I absolutely agree with you, if it were in my house it would have something a lot prettier on it. But it ended up in J's man cave room, so games it is, (he's also thinking of displaying some prized comic books...) unless his wife sneaks some pretty stuff in there when he's not looking, lets hope!

  3. Janet @Ozarks Livin'November 25, 2011 at 11:43 AM

    Very clever! I really like the headboard. You did a great job.

  4. I like all three but the headboard/shelf is my favorite.

  5. I really like the addition of the shelf to the wall hanging; it makes a great display piece!

  6. I agree with Jackie... I like the tables, but I LOVE that headboard (shelf) I liked it from the moment I saw it! :)
    I love it with the mirror and the ledge. You're a very clever lady!
    ps awww happy to see what J looks like! Very handsome son you have there rose!

  7. I knew when you showed us that headboard that I would love it when you fixed it up and I do! The mirror was a great idea. I'm glad your son liked it and those tables! He has a great Mom.
    hugs, Linda

  8. Great vision with that headboard! I love how that turned out and the ledge on the bottom was the perfect touch. Just Awesome!

  9. Oh, these are some great projects! My favorite is the mirror-backed-headboard-wall-art piece! I'm curious--did you have to cut the mirror? If so, I would love to know some tricks!

  10. That shelf/mirror is AWESOME! They're all really great projects, but that one made me sit up and say "Hello!"

  11. Rose that mirror is awesome, I'm loving it! Great job!

  12. Wow Rose, the shelf is amazing. Very high end!

  13. adding those mirrors was super smart. i think this may be one of my favorite redos!

  14. Fantastic addition of mirrors to make your wall art. Love this makeover. penny


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