Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Painted House Pics at Long Last

I’m trying to knock some things off my “to blog” list.  This one’s been bugging me for a while.

Back in May I told you we were having the house painted and I was agonizing over all the possibilities out there for paint colors.

Believe it or not, the house did get painted, I finally settled on colors and it’s been done since, oh, I don’t know; July maybe?

And still I never got around to showing you!

In my defense, I did try to take pics, several times, and was not really impressed with how they came out.  There was always something that didn’t look good, or the sun was shining too bright, or it was too late in the day, or I needed to trim the bushes, rake the leaves,  yada yada yada.

And I really wanted to show the house off at it’s best.  Really.

Isn’t it funny that I didn’t care what it looked like in the “before” photo I showed you?

Then finally it hit me, so what if everything's not perfect?  It is what it is.  Why stress over it?  If I wait for perfection you will never see a thing from me!

So, here you go, my sort of newly painted house with all the warts showing.

This picture was taken yesterday, we have a ton of leaves on the ground!


This is the “before” photo.  (from a couple years back)

Here’s the front of the house right after it was painted.  (the dormer on the top right wasn’t even done yet)


I liked it, but something was missing in the front. 

I had some metal panels saved from our old gazebo and decided to try a couple as a decorative touch, kinda break up the plain painted brick.



Then I chose some Boston Ivy to add to the urns on the steps.

It grew pretty fast, almost covering the metal trellis on the right side.  The left side lagged behind. (but those bushes grew like gangbusters, jeesh, they sure do need another trimming!)


This is why I chose the Boston Ivy, not only is it a fast growing vine, it has beautiful color in the fall!


Daylight was fading fast when I took these.  You can see I painted (stained) the fence white to go with the color scheme.


Just love the way the ivy leaves look with the taupe and blue.


Now for the driveway side of the house.  The door on the right is the main entrance.  I installed that door to match the breezeway doors.




This storm door is what used to be there.  Yuck! What an eyesore that was.  I was so happy to take it down and put in a real door!


While I was at it, I took some pics of my fall mums.



A close up of a hand painted ice cream churn, sitting on a stump by the breezeway door.


This is the only picture I got to take of Tom, our house paint artist. He was such a great guy. 

He was full of great suggestions on how to bring out the details of the house.

So that’s it!

My painted house at last. 

Now I can cross that off my list.


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  1. Wow, it looks absolutely fantastic. Love the ivy and the trellis. I usually buy fall mums but this year ended up with pumpkins in my urns instead. Better that way since we don't know when we will be moving.

  2. I love how your house turned out. The colors are perfect. I love the blue.
    I'm so happy you put the trellis things on each side of the door. They really add to it. It's almost a shame that the ivy covers the metal pieces.
    Tom did a great job, and Rose did a great job with the door! LOVE the door!
    great mums too!

  3. I love your house no matter what color it is painted but the new colors do bring out the details. I had not noticed the great trim piece above the front door. I love that! The trellises for the ivy and the ivy itself are a perfect touch. I really do like this style of house so much! Lucky you to live in it.

  4. I love the colors! Those panels on the front are perfect. I think showing the house in several seasons was fun and the fall photos are so pretty! Great job and glad you can now cross this off your list! hugs, Linda

  5. LOVE the colors you chose. It completely opened your house up. Love the Boston Ivy. Great choice, the oranges are awesome. Your house is really cute. The scalloped trim above the front door is a nice touch too.

  6. Oh Rose... it looks lovely. I would have drove right by.... love all the changes. Great choice of colours also. I love all your extra finishing details too. You installed that door all by yourself? You rock girl.

    I bet you feel like you are driving into another person's driveway now. Love it all. Great job. So happy you finally decided to post it.

    Have a great week my friend.

    Hugs, Deb

  7. What a charming home you have. And those metal trellises look like they were custom made for the house!

    As you can see, the blog fairy hasn't fixed my commenting yet.

  8. It looks beautiful! I love the taupe and blue with the white. It looks so fresh and pretty! I really like the new door, too.

  9. It looks great Rose. I love the addition of the metal panels. That was a great idea. The ivy looks so pretty in the Fall. I had no idea it changed colors like that. The blue is a great color too!

  10. I have been browsing through your posts and find your home to be really unique and stylish also beautiful. you certainly have a creative touch with your designs.


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