Thursday, October 20, 2011

Katy gets a Forever Home for her 9th Birthday!


You all might remember our houseguest, Katy.

She’s the retired racing Greyhound that came to stay with us in February while she was looking for her very own forever home.

She turned 9 today.

And guess what? 

She’s not a houseguest anymore.

Yes, my friends, we are happy to report that Katy has officially been adopted.


Katy is now a member of our “pack”.

That’s right, she decided we would do.

Oh, it wasn’t an easy decision. 

She checked us out quite thoroughly, examining every square inch of the house to make sure it was up to her high standards.

After all, if she was going to stay here forever, it had to be just right.



She made sure all the beds were comfortable,


and that the other dogs would be good companions.


She even checked out the neighborhood to make sure the neighbors were friendly.

Click this link to read the story of my little runaway.

Yeppers, she got all the escape routes figured out just in case she decided not to stay.


Oh yea, she took her time deciding. 

Many a day was spent deep in thought, debating the merits of our household.


She spent several Saturdays at the local mall, shopping for a new family. 

Lots of people stopped to pet her but none were just right.

It was looking more and more like we were her best bet.

But there was one last thing to check out….


Ahh, yes.  A good match.

Despite all his protests about having 3 dogs, Mike really loves her.


Yep, this is home.

Happy Birthday to our Katybelle!

We’re so glad she chose to keep us.

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  1. Rose, I KNEW you and Mike would keep her. I'm glad she chose YOU! You both are so loving and patient, which she needed. Just make sure she doesn't help with the "re-decorating" ; )
    Welcome to the pack Katy ~
    ~ Deanna

  2. OH Rose that was so sweet. Love the pics with Mike he is such a softy when it comes to his fur babies. I am so happy you decided to keep her... my heart sank when I saw she had a new forever home. I am so happy she chose you two. Happy Birthday Katy... may you have many more happy years in your new home.

    Hugs, Deb

  3. !!! happy tears for sure! I love all those wonderful pictures of Katy, and I am so happy she has a forever home. She needed ya'll for sure.
    Love the pics of Mike and Katy cuddling. :)
    thanks for sharing Katy with us, here's to many more happy birthdays!

  4. Oh, just look at that sweet face! It sounds like a good fit.

  5. Katy's story brought tears to my eyes. I HATE bringing tears to my eyes. But I LOVE retired racing greyhounds (we had one for 14 years). They have those big chests because their hearts are just so darn big. Happy homecoming.

  6. From one Katy to another--Good Job!!

    Rose-I am so excited Katy choose you. She is a great exercise coach and so darned cute!Yoshi and Sandy deserve big hugs for helping "make the sale".

    Many happy birthdays to all of you!

  7. Katy has great taste in forever homes!

  8. Awwww! I'm so glad Katy chose your home. What a sweet face! Thanks for sharing your story. I shed a couple tears on this one!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. As if we didn't have enough doggie family we too have been adopted by Hillary, a Great Pyr. She was going to be put down at the animal shelter last Monday but decided she would rather live with our weird farm family instead. Don't you just love the way animals think! LOL

  10. Well I am glad too. What a happy birthday!

  11. Okay, that last picture? That made me tear up a bit. I LOVE dogs and her toothy smile as they snuggle in that picture just sums it all up. I'm so happy you guys are keeping her. I think she made a wise decision.

  12. Oh that is great news! She sure looks like a big sweetie pie. No more romps through the neighborhood though Katie!

  13. Katy,

    You got cheated! Your birthday and your gotcha day are the same day.

    Two words … Less presents!

    Seriously, congratulations on the ‘new’ addition. I love hearing foster failure stories. I just hope Miss Katy doesn’t decide to go walkabout ever again.

    I think she chose well.


  14. Happy Gotcha Day, Sweet Katy! It looks like you chose yourself a great forever home.

    Greyhounds have been part of our lives for many years. We are down to one now, but the cats keep him company. I worked in greyhound adoption, but now volunteer with a non-profit that raises funds for canine cancer research. (

    I found you from Linda's sidebar, and now I'm off to see what else your blog has to offer. Anyone who loves greyhounds has a good place to visit.

  15. Lucky dog... now don't go and paint her some other colour!!
    You will have to change your doggie photo on your sidebar to include the new family member.

  16. Oh gosh...when I saw the title of your post ~ I was getting sad thinking she was leaving your home. :(

    Congrats to you guys....the other pups and Katy!!

    The pics of Katy and Mike ~ priceless =)

  17. What a wonderful thing you have done for Katy! There are so many unwanted, mistreated animals- they ALL deserve a forever home. Enjoy your newest family member!

  18. I'm glad Katy decided to adopt you and Mike. I love the last picture and the smile on Mike's face. It's obvious they love each other. I'm happy that Katy is going to stay with you forever. :)

  19. What a wonderful story! I have a friend who has adopted several greys and another that has greys and is a foster home, and they are such lovely dogs! I'm so happy that Katy is staying with you. What a gorgeous dog she is!



  20. Hey Rose, I just found your blog and think it's great. I love a great Greyhound story. I'm the proud owner of Baldwin, a blue and white, 11 year old "retired" Greyhound. (He was retired after 3 races!)

    Looking forward to reading more!


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