Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Plant Stand from Jason gets a New Look

It’s not that I haven’t done any projects lately, it’s more the picture taking that’s getting in my way.

I’ve got several things I’ve finished recently, but not a decent photo of anything. 

I really hate the fact that summer is coming to an end, why, it’s still dark at 6:30 am here!

And forget about doing anything after work, daylight is gone by 7pm.

Not exactly great conditions for taking project photos, know what I mean?

This little makeover was a quickie, done before I even knew it.

Remember the haul I got from my daughter’s friend, Jason?  The one who wanted the headboard bench made in return for the goodies?

(the bench which, btw, is still here, waiting for pillows to be made before I deliver it back to him)

In that assortment was this old plant stand. 

He had picked it up from the curb with all intentions of fixing it up. 



The top was broken off, if you look at the photo above the round top is on the chair. For the before photos I just balanced the top on the base to take the pictures.


The finish was in real rough shape.


Of course I forgot to take pictures of the fixing; basically I secured the top back on by replacing the broken part with a new piece of wood and gluing it all together.

The base was then painted with Glidden “True Turquoise” in satin finish.

I got a free quart back a couple months ago when Glidden had an online promotion, you could pick any color you wanted.

I really just slapped one coat on, then sanded it back along all the edges to show some of the wood tone. I thought I would have to rub some stain on it too, to tone it down, but the sanding did the trick. 


A coat of wipe on poly over the paint to give it a sheen and it was done!

The top got sanded down really well and then stained with a Mahogany gel stain.

Several coats of wipe on poly were added to protect the finish.


After I painted the piece I noticed the base was very wobbly as the pillar part was very loose. 

It  pulled apart easily.

See all the old glue residue? 

It’s important to sand that all away before adding more glue.


I used Gorilla wood glue to reattach the base. 

Clamping it and letting it dry overnight did the trick, no more wobbles.


Here it is as a clock stand.


(Nosy Katy decided to get in on my photo shoot.)



Let’s try it now with a plant….

OK, so it’s a fake plant, that’s all I can grow!


Here’s a side by side Before and After:


I’m really not sure what I’ll use it for yet.

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Have a great day!

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  1. The stand looks fabulous in her new outfit! And katy? Oh my! That face! beautiful!
    I've missed ya! Don't wait so long till the next post!

  2. Gorgeous outcome... you still haven't fessed up where you get that gel stain... I can't find it anywhere around here. BTW, we are still waiting for the final pic of the bench, or did you forget to take one?

    So happy to see that you are still at it... I lost my mojo again... I am just waiting for the next piece to get it moving again. I have no room for anything new so I am just coasting along waiting for the next piece to find me... lol.

    Big hugs, Deb

  3. I suggest a galvanized pail filled with dried hydrangeas. The flowers don't require any care to look beautiful and if the dog (or people) knock it over, the pail will be noisy, but it won't break. I speak from experience. :@

    Love the turquoise!

  4. Yeah, or a bucket of twigs/curly branches you could throw some clear string lights on and light up a dim corner, and if they 'accidentally' (I have 3 'innocent' furries myself) get knocked over nothing gets broken or damaged. Love the turquoise too!!

  5. For fall you could lay a fall wreath on the top and place a pumpkin in the center of the wreath and/or make a pumpkin "vase" out of one of those fake pumpkins and fill with some coordinating fall silk flowers.

  6. P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment on my repurposed storm door arbor!

  7. That's all can grow too! I like the color. What a great rescue.

    Oh and Katy is a cutie!!

  8. I like it with the plant, actually! It would look good with a few framed photos on it, too. Very nice! That aqua color is so pretty with the stained top.

  9. Love it! Especially the aqua color. Do you collect glassware? Showcase a special piece and you could change them out periodically.

  10. I really love the color you use. It looks great with the stained top. I can picture it with a little Christmas tree on it for the holidays or a pumpkin for Fall.

  11. Wow what a fabulous makeover! I love the stained wood top. I'd love it if you'd stop by my blog and check out the giveaway I'm having for a Dremel Saw Max!


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