Thursday, September 1, 2011

Letters- would you have taken these?

Recently I happened to come across some contractors working on remodeling a convenience store. 

They were taking down some letters off the  top of a wall. 

I asked what they were going to do with the letters.

Throw them away, was the answer!

I couldn’t believe my ears.

Of course I then asked if I could have them instead.  ;)

And that’s how I got all these large letters.

This is what they originally said.


Would you have asked for them too?

Now of course, the question is, “What should I do with them?”

What would YOU do?

They’re currently all jumbled up in a box.

Are they doomed to gather dust in a corner for the next couple years?

Help me out here folks, I need to use these.

The red ones are my favorite,  they are about 4 inches high.

Naturally the first thing I could see was my name.


The medium letters are about 6 inches high.  


The largest letter is about 12 inches high.  I have 2 sets of Coffee.



I’m not seeing any other good words hidden in these letters. 

Do you see any?

What on earth should I do with them?

I’m going to link this up to Junker Newbie’s “Would you buy it Wednesday” party. 

I’m hoping for some help here!

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  1. hehe coffee would work for me, I would put that up in my kitchen LOL

  2. If you have a craft/sewing/project room, I would use the red ones to spell out "Rose's room". You will not use the "t" and have to improvise on the apostrophe but you can easily figure that out. If you drink coffee, I too would put coffee up in the kitchen. I have to be honest, since I have a booth at an antique mall, I would probably sell some since you can get quite a bit per letter.

  3. Yes, yes, and yes. I so would have taken them. Coffee would be up in my kitchen in a New York minute. You had to save them. It was your duty! Enjoy.

  4. For sure!!! Of course the I love the "Coffee"...but I see lots of other words in there too. And I would mix up the letters...sizes, colors...just for fun :) Laurel

  5. Check out With "copy center" you could do "open" or "rent" or "corny" I would use "coffee" in our family room kitchenette. What a find!

  6. Enter the letters and it will give you all the words you could make. there were dozens for "copy center"

  7. Awesome find! I've seen some really cool letters recently, some were painted, some mod podged with scrap book paper, etc. I would have taken them. I bet if you did some cool mod podge on one of the coffee's you could put it on etsy and sell it.

  8. Yup....I'd def put up the COFFEE letters in my kitchen...since it's coffee themed.

    In fact ~ if ya don't use them both...I'll give ya my address ;)

  9. Yeah, i would have to put them where they belong in the house! Maybe mounted on a piece of wood with a frame around them painted up a little bit! Very nice!

  10. Heavens yes I'd have taken them. I don't know what I'd have used them for except to spell Coffee above my kitchen cabinets. You should spell Rose's Room. You're handy with a saw and I'm sure you can make an apostrophe.

  11. I would have got them too rose. I love the coffee letters especially.

  12. Love them! Would have taken them in a second! I would also love the 'coffee' in my kitchen, maybe with some adornments on them. These were really a great free find!

  13. Oh yes, I would definitely have taken them. I'm not sure if I would have stopped to even ask though...note to self from now on though...always ask if they are getting rid of things like that!

    As for words, I can't think of anything cool either. The coffee would definitely be cool in a kitchen. I think it would be fun to mod podge some coffee things on the letters too before you hang them, such as a cup from Starbucks, etc.

  14. OH HELL YES!! Now I need to go dumpster diving at the convenience store in town that is being overhauled....need some of those!!

  15. I would have knocked people over in my race to nab those letters!

  16. YEAH! Yes, I would have grabbed them You could make a coffee sign or restroom one too. (the obvious choices) or mix and match for what suits you!

  17. great letters! Yep, I'd have picked them up!
    Rose's room on your potting shed. ???

    it's late, hard for me to think!
    enjoy your long weekend!

  18. I have no idea what I would do with them but YES I would have grabbed them. Just in case. It will come to you, give it time. You can mix and match the sizes too to form your words.

  19. What great letters!! You've proved it never hurts to ask...lucky duck! I think you should mix and match the sizes...lots of possibilities. Have fun with them! Best, Vicki

  20. Yeah, I would have taken them! How cool!
    I'd just keep the ones you want and sell the rest.

  21. Those are awesome!
    COFFEE of course. And if you don't mind mixing up the red and white letters:
    REST, YES, NEST, FREE, TREE....probably many more but I'm not the best at that game.

  22. Hi Rose, I have nominated you for the "Versatile Blogger" Award - please pop over to my blog for the info! Love your blog - it was the first blog I started reading!

  23. Is the Pope a Catholic you might well ask....hahahahaha....INDEEDY I would have asked & like you would have snapped them up in a heartbeat....!!

    GREAT SCORE....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  24. I don't know if I would've even thought to ask for them -- but I'm sure glad you saved them from the dumpster!


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