Monday, August 8, 2011

What would it take?


I’m curious, just what would someone have to give you to get you to agree to make him a headboard bench?

And what if that someone wanted that bench to be stained, rather than painted?

And with a cushion, rather than a wooden seat?

What if it would involve STRIPPING off the old finish entirely, and staining it a darker color?

Would it take a lot of persuasion to get you to do that?

It would me! 

I hate stripping finishes, absolutely HATE it!

But what if a good friend of your daughter’s called you out of the blue and asked if you would be interested in an old media console?

And what if he said during the phone call, while you were hemming and hawing about whether you wanted it,

“I’m moving and I think I have some other things in the basement you might like”.?

Would you get right over there the next morning to check it out, or would you say “no thanks, I’m not interested”?

(now mind you, no mention had been made yet of an ulterior motive)

Well, being who I am, of COURSE I showed up bright and early the next morning to get that TV stand.


While not anything really special…


It still had good bones, and I could see it as a nice storage console for the office.

Why the printer could go on that sliding shelf, and files could be neatly stored in the divided compartment.

And maybe painted white, glazed, and with a dark stained top it would look really nice!

So I agree to take it. (no strings attached yet)

Then he says, I have some stuff in the basement too, want to see it?

So down the stairs we go.

First thing he shows me is this cedar lined trunk.


It has an old photo taped to the underside of the lid.  How cool is that?


The leather on the outside is worn off in places,

but the front has this cool star embossed on it.


And I’m drooling over the hardware.


And then he shows me this little gossip bench, how cute!


And a plant stand with the top falling off,


And a run of the mill wooden chair; plain, but very solid, not a wobble in sight.


And this old suitcase, with lots of travel stickers still clinging to it.


It opens up sideways, how cool is that?


Then a tool and dye storage box.


It has some cool cut outs inside where the parts used to fit in.


Ah, and then there was this trunk, made from old barn wood.


Will you look at that grain?  The saw marks are soooo cool!

It had been pretty recently made and has a polyurethane finish on it to showcase the wood grain.


There was an ice cream maker, (not really old, but all the parts are there)


And a huge 15 pane divided glass window. (apparently it came out of a credit union, the stickers on the glass tell that story)


What do you think?  Is that enough yet?

Or would you hold out for this window too?


It’s the door from a built in china cabinet. 


There’s an old soda crate.  Anyone out there remember Squirt?


What about this thing?


An old cider press, I think.


By this point I’m overwhelmed by all the possibilities, and drooling over each new piece he points out.

I mumble something like, “But these things are so great; I can’t just take them, let me pay you for them.”

AHA!  He must have been waiting for just that moment

because he says: “funny you should say that…..

(Uh-oh, now what did I do?)

He then shows me this.


It’s covered with yucky, moldy stuff. Ugh!


And says, “I would really like a bench made from this bed, it has a lot of sentimental value. 

Do you think you could do that for me, in exchange for all these other things?”

I think about it for a nanosecond, and of course agree.

(Duh!  No brainer there!)

And then happily proceed to load up as many of the goodies in my van as we can fit.


Yep, that’s what it takes to get me to make a headboard bench. (more on that to come later)

So what would it take for YOU to agree to that proposition?

If you could only pick one piece, which one would it be?

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  1. I would do it in a heartbeat!!! What a treasure trove! If I could select one piece it would be the old barn wood chest.

  2. If I had to pick one piece it would be the window with the great shape! :)
    That's a LOT of stuff! GOOD stuff!
    I cannot wait to see the bench made out of that bed. It's going to be gorgeous!

  3. I am partial to the console, and love the window so it would be a toss up between the two!

  4. I would do it if I knew how...since you are the handy girl I think your made a great deal. My favorite piece...hummmm well I really like the console but that cider press just calls my name. Can't wait to see the bench.

  5. If I could make a bench from a headboard, I would have taken the deal too. I have a bench made from an iron bed but I didn't weld it together. You really scored with that stuff! I would steal that red ice cream bucket from you if I lived closer :)

  6. What a HAUL~!
    hmmmm... just one piece, the barn wood box! I'm really into boxes right now. (well, looking around my home I've been into boxes for some time...only I didn't know it, til recently) ...LOL!

    definitely the box.

  7. Wow, I think you made out quite well. So cool. I would love that gossip table.

  8. I would have done it for a lot less than that. He should have called me! :) You did good girl.

  9. KILLER! I think I would actually pick the cider press...I've been looking for one to help with our abundance of apples right now ;) Love the 15 panes window and the second trunk and my favorite BY FAR is the case...that is a stunner!

  10. I think you got a pretty great deal..what cool stuff! I love the paned windows and the gossip bench. I can't wait to see the finished bench!

  11. I'd have picked the old trunk. I've always wanted one. How nice that he thought of you to receive all the goodies. I think you got the best end of the exchange.

  12. Wow! Was his name God and now heaven is a basement? I would have gone nuts in there! I love those windows and the trunk with the photo in it. Happy stripping! :)

  13. What a haul!! I'm drooling over the old leather trunk and other trunk and your awesome ice cream maker oh heck you have so many wonderful things it to hard to decide!!! You got an awesome deal!!!

  14. You got some awesome stuff! Oh, and by the way, that White Mountain hand crank freezer, they start at about $75 and sometimes go as high as $300 on ebay. They make they best homemade ice cream. It is something with the double churn mechanism inside, it is so creamy and yummy. Just made some last night and it was awesome!

  15. Without a doubt, I'd pick the arched top window! ( confession: I already have a few of the other pieces. AND your post reminded me that my mother has that bed stored in her attic.)

    By the way, when you finish making the bench, could you make one for me too??? I'd make you an awesome vintage looking sock monkey in return. OK, maybe 50 sock monkeys. :@

  16. I have been waiting a long time for a headboard bench...ever since I saw it on Gails blog. Headboard has been in the basement and waiting ever since...

  17. I would have not left a thing behind!!! Wow how lucky you were cant wait to see what you do with it all!

  18. What an awesome score! If I had to choose, I'd be torn between the barn wood trunk & the cedar lined trunk. But I have a thing for suitcases with great travel stickers. Guess I'm always drawn to things that help provide extra storage!

  19. I am soooo jealous! What a load of treasures!! Wonderful stuff! I am sure you'll create a great looking bench!

  20. It is all becoming clear now... I know why the garage filled up I must have missed this post while I was travelling.

    OMG... there are so many great items there but I would have to choose that box made from old barn boards but I would have to weather it nicely but not cover the blade marks... love that piece.

    That bench is going to be gorgeous... I would be so upset cutting that in half though... pineapple posts, that is an oldie.

    Love how he lured you into that trap... what a smooth operator. He must be a salesman or he should

    Sorry we weren't able to hook up last week... you should have baited me with that box, I would have whined and screamed until Mr. D. steered in your direction...hahaha.

    Have a great day Rose.

    Hugs, Deb.

  21. I'd say it's a good trade! I LOVE the windows! And the trunk, and tool and dye box, and the barnwood box...It's all great!
    I do remember Squirt! I used to love it when I was a kid. Then our town was flooded and we had no drinking water, so I drank Squirt for a few weeks. I can't stand it now!

  22. I would pick the gossip bench! It was so cute! Just adorable! And I agree with you...I would just say yes and take the stuff! Haha, so funny!

  23. Oh. My. Gosh! My mouth is hanging open. Can you see it? Can you hear me've got to be kidding me!! That trunk is amazing. The crate is amazing. Everything. Amazing. Where did he get it all from?


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