Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Antique Festival finds

Last weekend I went to a local antique festival.  It was an outdoor show held at one of our parks along the lake.

My friend, Linda, and I made a day of  it. 

Despite the stifling heat we managed to;

1) stay until the bitter end

2) Spend way more than we had intended to

3) Fill the van with lots of goodies

4) Have a great time!

So do you wanna see what I got? 

Here it comes………..

A rusty AAA motel sign; (loving blue right now)


This 3 piece bistro set, with a tray for the top.


I fell in love with the curves of it, and the petite size.



A Craftsman metal tool caddy, with a wooden handle.


love it!


Some old rusty padlocks


A metal folding ruler


Couple rusty old pulleys


A set of 3 pinecone hooks, I thought these were a steal at $5 for the set!


Some galvanized buckets and stuff from a garage sale we stopped at along the way. For 25c a piece, I couldn’t go wrong.

I’m using galvanized for serving pieces in the outdoor kitchen.


A rusty wire basket with a collapsible top. I’m seeing a hamper here, what about you?

A pleated liner made from drop cloth will look perfect on this.


Wooden clothes washing stand


And a tub to go with it.  (only found one)


I love the way this folds up so compactly.


Call me crazy, but I love this old lamp.


Something about the way the shade glows when it’s lit just makes me happy!


A couple of retro looking wall shelves.

075 076

A yarn winder?




And a green birdcage.


Fun wood garden stakes….


Various rusty railroad spikes and garden trowel.


All in all it was quite the haul!

If you think this is a lot of stuff, you should see what Linda bought!!! :)

I have no idea at the moment what I’ll do with any of it. 

Got any suggestions?

What’s your favorite piece?

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I’m linking up to Junker Newbie’s “Would you buy it?  Wednesday” party.  I’m curious to see if you would have bought any of this stuff too, and what you might do with it! Bring on the suggestions!


  1. 1) lamp (not wild about the base of the lamp, but I remember these from way back when.)

    2) birdcage (very cute!)

    3) birdhouses (I love birdhouses!)

    The bistro set is way too sweet.
    That is quite a haul! :) thanks for sharing your finds with us!

  2. Definitely the lamp. Love the golden glow ( boo to CFL's ).
    The rusty blue sign comes in at a close second. What a haul for lucky you!

  3. Favourite? hmmm... I am coming to steal that laundry piece and the yarn winder... LOVE them. Wow, some great finds there Missy.

    You won't believe where I am right now, I can smell Lucy's place from here... but no car to get there... working on that today.

    Talk to you soon...

    Hugs, Deb

  4. You sure did have a fun time! I must say the Lamp caught my eye. I remember those types of shades from when I was very young. My favorite is the Craftsman tool caddy...great rust and just so many possibilities with it.

  5. I adore that lamp also. I like funky 60's stuff. And the tool caddy is awesome! Glad you had a good time in the sweltering heat.

  6. 1. Washtub stand and washtub. Like you, I love the way the stand folds up. We had one like that with two tubs when I was a kid.

    2. The bistro stand. It's small enough to be used anyplace.

  7. The pulleys! They made me gasp out loud!
    You found some awesome things! That sign is so cool, and I love the twisty legs on your bistro set. I'd say that was a successful shopping day!

  8. Omg you got a ton of stuff! The caddy was a great find and I love those hooks too. I thought it was a combination of both of your stuff. I can only imagine what your friend got!

  9. Believe it or not, I would have snagged that metal folding ruler up so fast! I've been looking for one, but settled for a wooden one instead. The wire basket is awesome and so is the birdcage. Good job!

  10. Wow, you found a ton of things that I really like but my favorite would be the tool caddy. I have a thing for tool caddy's whether wood or metal.

  11. You sure did get quite the haul! I LOVE all of your finds!


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