Saturday, July 16, 2011

Potting Shed gets a side window

Last post I showed you the start of turning my blah old storage shed into a potting shed.  Step one was installing a window in the back to let in some light.

I loved the difference it makes in there! 

But that is just not quite enough.

Next step is to add a window to the side of the shed. 

Now one side is close to the fence, so adding a window on that side is pointless as it will not give me a view. 

The side you see when you come out of the house and through the breezeway is the long side (if you can call 6 feet long).


Way back last summer I had planned on using this 6 paned window on the side of the shed. 

It seemed to be the right size for that space.

When Deb from Proper Prim came to visit she helped decorate the shed and we hung the window right where I planned to someday install it.


     But Wait!

while looking through my garage for a suitable door for the shed I came across these….. 


OMG!  I stopped in my tracks.

These are perfect for this wall!

I had saved them when I took out original window from the back of the garage to make the TV cabinet for the outdoor kitchen.

Here’s a photo of the Garage window last summer before removal. 

This window was in a metal frame and the window panels were hinged to push out in the middle. 

At Mikes urging I agreed to throw away the big outer frame last summer when we were trying to clean up the garage. 

Oh boy do I really regret throwing it out now.  What on earth ever possessed me to let it go?

I wish I had thought ahead and PLANNED to use it for this project.

Have I mentioned yet it would be perfect for the potting shed?

I pouted about it a little while then dried my tears of regret and set to work making them fit as individual windows instead of the single window unit they once were.



The first thing I had to do was take out the original vertical studs and replace them with new 2x4’s in the right places..  I added an extra support across the top just to beef up that side.

You can see the shed was built from one of those cheap kits that only use 2 x 3’s instead of 2 x 4’s for the framing.

I used 2 x4’s for all the new framing since that’s what I had.

I cut out the siding with my handy sawzall (that is such a fun tool to use)

and then fit one of the windows in place to check sizing.


It was good!


I liked it so much I was tempted to stop there and just use one..

But after much debate I decided to go ahead and add the other one.


I went ahead and cut out the second opening and fit the second window in place.

It changes the whole look and feel of the shed and adds so much light, I just love it!


Of course I’m not done with it yet, the windows are still not attached.  I’d love to have them swing out for airflow, but am worried about the weight.  Each panel must weigh at least 80 lbs.  They are steel framed, not aluminum.. 

Lifting them into place was a struggle!

This weekend the plan is to add a new door and siding.

Wish me luck!



and after……..  


I’m loving it! 

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  1. Fantastic! Don't you just love it when you save something for short or long periods of time and then you find a use for them. Great shed. Can't wait to see the finished post. Thanks for sharing. 8^)

  2. I think any gardener would be green with envy over the garden shed with those wonderful windows. I know I am. They give so much light and change the whole look of the shed.

  3. oh my gosh girl! It is amazing! I would love to do this to my "barn" and actually work in there. But it's too small, and I use it for STORAGE of future projects.
    I could also do something like this to the carport where I do my spray painting to let in some natural light. :)
    you inspire me! You do such great "out of the box" projects!
    don't forget to link this up to ccc, k?

  4. That is going to be one awesome little shed, turning boring ones green with envy! I am loving the way your choices just fall into place!

  5. Rose I love those windows! They are amazing but not as amazing as you! Gosh girl I wish I lived near you and we could do projects! I am such a klutz with tools but could learn. Can't wait to see the new doors!

  6. I love it too :) Maybe you could have just one window open since they are so heavy? It would be nice to have air flow.

  7. oh, my gosh, it looks those last windows...I am thinking of hanging a widow on the front of my shed where william said we didn't need windows, because it was for storage, blah, lol.

  8. This is going to be the most amazing potting shed EVER! Adding the windows is sheer genius.

  9. I love the addition of those windows. You are gonna have the cutest potting shed ever. I have learned to never get rid of anything either, I always find a use for it eventually. Following along now so I can see how it turns out. Anyone who loves to repurpose old doors and windows & has a yellow lab is my kinda people ;)

  10. You are going to have the best potting shed! Those windows are perfect! I'm sorry you don't have the frame anymore, but they still look wonderful as is.

    Now I want one. :)

  11. Awesome! Makes me want to go out and buy a shed so I can transform it too! So inspiring!

  12. WOOZERS... they look fantastic on the shed... changes the whole feel of it. Great thinking outside the box, yet again. Can't wait to see this one done.

    Thanks for the shout out Rose.

    Tapping toes waiting for the big

    Hugs, Deb


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