Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Breaking through a blogging block


Note:  I had a bunch of photos with this, but was unable to get them to upload to blogger.  I’m deleting them and trying to upload without photos to see if it works. edited to add:  I was able to update it this morning with the photos!  Yay!!!!

Ever find that the longer you go without blogging the harder it gets to start back up? 

I didn’t intend to take a blogging break, really I didn’t. 

It’s just, well, I was feeling a huge time crunch and blogging was the victim of it.  After a week flew by I tried to sit down and blog but realized I had nothing to show you for the week.  As the 2nd week went by I found I still had nothing to say, the third week I couldn’t even begin to tell you where my camera was (it had been that long since I took a photo)  and now; it’s well into week 4 (make that 6 now) and I am wondering if I will ever be able to find anything to blog about again!

What about you?  Have you ever stepped away and then found it hard to get back in the swing of things?

I miss blogging, more than I could have imagined.  I miss the ongoing conversations with my blog friends.  The creativity sparked by all the wonderful ideas you all have, the aha! moments when you see something used in a way you’d never have imagined then all of a sudden you think of even other ways it could be used.

I miss hearing what’s going on in your world, pictures of the grandbabies, children, pets, your homes and yards, your vacations and children’s weddings.. When you are having difficult times I miss the chance to support, pray, and sympathize with you.  

I miss you, my friends.  I truly do.

One other thing I’ve noticed during this “break”.  It’s been easier to let go of things. The yard is cleaned out, and I’ve given up on several projects I once wanted to do……as I said to Mike, I’m “over” that. 

Things like the pond I wanted to put in, but couldn’t find a good spot for…gone. 

The window greenhouse I wanted to build, but really didn’t need….gone.

That barrel I wanted to convert into a rain barrel?  gone

The wicker trunk coffee table the dogs chewed up this winter? gone

I’ve put so many things out to the curb these past few weeks I can’t even believe it myself.  The good news is that everything has been picked up by fellow curb shoppers, so I feel happy to have passed on some of that excitement of a great find to others. 

Maybe one of them is a blogger too, and is writing about her(his) recent finds right now.

My curbshopping has been limited to an odd piece here and there, passing up the big stuff. 

I know, it’s just not my usual M.O.  If this keeps up I may even have to consider changing the name of my blog!

Meanwhile, on the home front,  the veggie garden is growing like crazy, with the zucchini plants taking over the bed.  (also a small critter family, judging by the holes throughout the raised bed)


Mike and I have spent every spare moment hanging out around the bar in the revamped outdoor kitchen….

(mostly working, as pouring the concrete for the counters kept us busy for several weekends)



That is, until the mosquitoes drive us into the new bigger and better screened gazebo for shelter.


Our house is still in the process of being painted by “Tom the Paint Artist” (as we are fond of calling him).   I feel guilty when he’s painting away and I’m home relaxing.  There is just something so wrong with that!

BTW, He’s been threatening to paint a frame around my “patchwork” of sample colors around the window. 


He painted over my striped wall by the outdoor kitchen last weekend.  (I’ll miss my poor stripes)


Remember last fall when I painted them on? 


I’ll get some good photos of the new look of the house to show you. 

The front is just about done and looks soooo different.

I can’t wait to do the big “reveal”.

We are loving it! 

Hmmm. ,maybe I do have stuff to blog about after all!

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