Thursday, May 19, 2011

Picking Out Paint Colors

I was planning to lay low today, but my not so good pal Gail (I’ll get you back, girlfriend!) ratted me out about it being my birthday.  I’m not making a big deal about this one, after all, 51 isn’t really a special number now, is it? 

What IS special today is that it’s my Mom’s birthday too.  She turned 79 today!  She reads my blog, so be sure to leave a comment wishing her a happy day, ok?

She and I are meeting up for a nice lunch together this afternoon.  We like to spend some special time together on our birthday, just the two of us.

After work I have golf league so we won’t get together with the kids until Sunday, they plan to take us to dinner to celebrate the birthdays.

So what have I been doing this week?

I’ve been consumed with choosing paint colors for our house. 

There are just so many colors out there!

First thing I did was go to Home Depot and buy a few of their tester bottles and try them on the house, like so;


I think I  managed to scare Mike to death when I did this!

I’ve also been searching the internet for images of cape cod style homes, hoping to find one with a great combination.

Every spare moment is spent driving around “stalking houses,” looking for good colors. 

My initial thought was yellow with white trim and a red door.  I liked this combination I found in a photo online.


But then I searched all around the neighborhood for a yellow house I really liked the look of in real life, but couldn’t find a one!  That made me decide to scratch the yellow idea.  I would really be disappointed if I drove home to a newly painted house I didn’t love.

Now this little cape is especially pretty, don’t you think?  I’m drawn to the very slight color difference between the siding and the trim. I’m loving the beefy trim around the door, roofline and corners.  My house doesn’t have that.


Then comes my favorite image, this cape here looks so much like my own, I can just picture myself driving up to it and grinning with delight.


jungle khaki moonstruck desert night

What do you think? 

Can my house look like this?  I still think I might go for a red door. 

(note to self, update this picture for a current one without the tree and overgrown garden on the right corner, they don’t exist anymore!)

Some color palettes I’ve been looking at;

httpwww.glidden.compdfcolorexterior-paintinggliddenExteriorColorsCard.pdf - Windows Internet Explorer provided by Yahoo! 5172011 60351 AMhttpwww.glidden.compdfcolorexterior-paintinggliddenExteriorColorsCard.pdf - Windows Internet Explorer provided by Yahoo! 5172011 60531 AM

httpwww.glidden.compdfcolorexterior-paintinggliddenExteriorColorsCard.pdf - Windows Internet Explorer provided by Yahoo! 5172011 60735 AM

Last night I stopped at Home Depot and picked up 6 more color testers.  This is getting way out of hand!

Pretty soon my house will look like a crazy quilt pattern.

One thing I’ve decided for sure…..people trying to pick paint colors are total bores! :)

Happy Birthday, Mom!

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  1. Happy Birthday Rose (Gail sent me) and to your Mom as well! I liked the first colour palette best, it would look great!

  2. Happy Birthday to both you and your mom!
    I like the Forest Khaki . Maybe with navy shutters and a red door! I have a red door myself, and light gray siding with white trim- and I like the look.
    Your house is gorgeous and I can't wait to see the end result.Good luck!

  3. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear roooosseee (and her wonderful momma) Happy Birthday tooooo youooouuu.

    I hope you and your mom have a wonderful lunch, laughing, eating, and just enjoying each other! That's what life is all about! FUN!

    I like the last house best... although I did like the yellow one. I'm a show-me person. So I can choose colors better by seeing a real house than looking at paint chips.
    Make sure you take pics of those new samples (quilt) on your house!

    have a great birthday friend, sorry I ratted you out, I just couldn't help myself!

  4. First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Hope its special.

    House color - not to throw a monkey wrench into things BUT we lived in a house that looked much like the first picture - only it was siding that had turned wonky - bright lemon! The day we drove up to look at it we burst out laughing, it was THAT yellow. Ugly as the color was, we LOVED living in "The yellow house" as everyone called it and I can recommend yellow.

  5. Happy Birthday to you and your mom, have fun celebrating together.

    And what's wrong with you house looking like a crazy quilt pattern or even a scrap quilt with lots of colors......just kidding. When we get ready to put new siding on our house I'm going to take the easy route and just get the same color, LOL.

  6. Happy Birthday Rose and Your Mom!!My birthday was Monday :-) and I turned 54! How cool that you were born on your Mom's birthday!

    My house is yellow and I LOVE it! Although I think now I'm going to have to paint the door red. Hmmm.

  7. First of all happy birthday to you and your mom. What a great birthday preset for your mom all those years ago!

    Second I like the third color choice with the Blue-Gray Slate. And that's saying something since red is one of my fav colors. Good luck in picking your house colors. And BTW your house is beautiful!

  8. Happy Birthday Buddy and a very Happy Birthday to your Momma too. Hope you two share a memorable day together.

    I like the last pic for sure... love the red door idea too. Something about a red door that is so inviting. I don't envy you picking just the right colour though, I hate that part.

    I lost a lot of sleep over the years trying to pick out just the right colours. You can get a program from BM that you download your picture to and choose your colours. It is a great way to see it completed before you actually paint. It also saves a lot of money buying testers.

    Have a great day Rose.

    Hugs, Deb

  9. Happy birthday to you and your mom. Hope you two have a wonderful day.

  10. Gail sent me over! LOL!

    Happy Birthday Rose and mom, have a great day!

  11. Happy Birthday, Rose and Mom!
    I love the last set of colors! LOVE!

  12. Happy b'day to you and your Mom. Hope you both have a wonderful and blessed day.

  13. Happy birthday to both you and your mom. I like the first color combination. It would look great on your house.

    Your mentioning yellow reminded me of the first house Grampy and I bought together. We picked out new siding. It was a pretty yellow and I could just imagine coming home and seeing our pretty yellow house. The day it was installed Grampy and I were both working. As I was driving up the highway on my way home I got a glimpse of the brightest yellow I'd ever seen. I immediately knew what it was. Yep, our yellow house. For years people used it to give directions.

  14. Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your day.

    I LOVE pale yellow houses. But I don't like either of the yellows of the samples you painted on your house.

    I like group #3 of the colors.

  15. Happy Birthday Rose and Rose's Mom! I hope you have a great day together!

    I like the Forest Khaki myself. I've always loved the look of a yellow house, it looks so happy, but it has to be the perfect color of yellow! Good luck!

  16. Happy Birthday to your Mom too!!!

  17. Happy Birthday Rose and Rose's Mom! Hop eyou both have great days.

    Rose, i am torn between all three! my favorite is the last one though.
    And paint samples are my bane... my bathroom has bout 8 colors on it.

  18. Happy birthday to both you and your mom! Every birthday deserves a celebration! Pickng house colors is hard. The last photo with the black shutters is a classic that will never go out of style and beefing up the trim makes a huge impact! I also love navy blue on a house. But I have to tell you about the little yellow cape cod house in my neighborhood. It was everyone's favorite house for about 20 years. We all lovingly refered to it as the little yellow house. Last summer a new family moved in and painted it a blue/gray color. Everyone in the neighborhood was devastated! It still looks nice, but it just doesn't begin to compare to the charm of the little yellow house. I wish I had a before picture for you. I can so picture your house being the little yellow house of your neighborhood!

  19. Happy Birthday Rose and Rose's Momma : ) I hope you guys have the best day ~
    Cheers ~

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  21. Happy Birthday Rose and Mom !!!!, I just stopped by to send b-day wishes... Gail sent me. So you ladies have a great time at lunch together.

  22. Oh and I love the 1st photo, yellow with red door !!! Be the first in your neighborhood !! I had a friend who had a blue slate grey colored house and a red door was really cute.

  23. Ok, I just can't stop thinking about your house! And I'm typing so fast that I can't spell! What about going with the traditional combination of the gray house, black shutters and white trim, but using the yellow as your pop of color for the front door. If would be great on your recessed door. And yellow doors are actually very popular right now, as is the yellow and gray color combination. You would be traditional and modern all at the same time! I often think that people underestimate the power of choosing a great color for the front door. It can completely transform a house. Ok, I'm walking away from the computer right now and I'm going to try to stop thinking about your house! Can't wait to see how it all turns out!

  24. Happy Birthday to you and your mom! Picking colors just drives me nuts. I would think outdoor colors would be even harder since the light is so much stronger. I like Sharons idea of the gray. Black shutter are traditional and it would allow you to change out your door color whenever you want.

  25. Happy Birthday Rose AND Rose's mom!!
    How AWESOME is that to share a special day.

    I just painted our house (yes, by myself). We have a sand colored brick house and opted to go with two toned greens on the trim and the parts of the house that don't have brick. You are welcome to check out my blog to look at pictures if you'd like; On the left under 'Labels' you can click on "House Painting". (Actually it's not complete, it just got too hot for me to finish up the back of the house patio area ceiling.)

    Have an AWESOME birthday!!


  26. Happy Birthday to you Rose, and to you Ms. Rose's Momma!

    We need to paint our house. I'm sure whatever you choose will look lovely. Paint makes everything a little better, doesn't it?
    Well, I thought so-- that's why I wear make up on occasion-- to look a little better!

    birthday smiles, to you both, Pat

  27. Happy Birthday Rose and Happy Birthday Rose's Mom! Hope you both have a WONDERFUL day.

  28. Happy Birthday to you and your mom!!! How fun to have birthdays on the same day. About those paint colors, I have never seen the one before called "sweet tea." OMGoodness. Since I love red and I'm a southern girl who is a Sweet Tea-aholic, that has to be my new favorite color. Now, what can I paint with it?! I'm off to find something.

  29. Happy Birthday Rose and Rose's Mom!

  30. I like the first color palette and the last one! I love the idea of a red door myself, but the blue is oh-so-pretty!
    Thanks for visiting Red Hen Home!

  31. Oh Happy Belated Birthdays! How cool is that to share a birthday with your mother? Good luck with the house colors... I know how maddening it can be to pick the right ones. No matter what, I know you'll settle for something awesome : )

  32. Happy Birthday to you both!!
    And I vote for a RED door, no matter what color you decide to paint the house. :)

  33. Happy Birthday to you and your mum, hope you both had a wonderful day

  34. Happpy belated birthday!

    I love the third color palatye!!! And now that I'm seeing this post so late, I'm wondering what you chose..can't wait to see how it turns out. I just love your house!

    Heather @ Table for Ten, Please

  35. Checking in again.......hope everything is okay!!


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