Monday, May 16, 2011

Checking in after being AWOL

Remember me?

I’ve been a bad blogger for the last couple weeks, it seems that everything has just gotten away from me.

Work has been especially brutal with some really long days and lots of miles,  golf league has started, and I’ve been desperately trying to get some landscaping done around the yard before it gets out of hand.

(think this is out of hand yet?)


Add to that Sandy recovering from surgery, and trying to keep Katy from fleeing the coop.

(Oh yes, again! Three times so far, but who’s counting?)

I’m just full of excuses for not blogging, aren’t I?

I’m actually embarrassed at my lack of creativity these past weeks.  No projects being done here, unless you can call digging out an overgrown flower garden and starting over a project.  Does that count?

This is a before of the garden in question.  See how dense the growth is?  Every year I think I can just weed it and make it look ok, and every year it looks like a jungle by mid-summer!


Don’t hold your breath waiting for the after, I haven’t taken it yet. (but it IS done, I promise)

Every possible spare moment is being spent trying to get ready for summer. 

We had to replace the gazebo this year,

and the outdoor kitchen had some serious issues with the elements over the winter…

giveaway 008

(I’m currently studying up on how to make a poured concrete countertop)

Many have written to ask how Sandy is doing since her surgery.  

Thank you so much for your interest. 

She had her stitches removed last Monday and the vet was super thrilled with her progress. 

We’ve got the go ahead to take her on 2 walks a day to start building up her strength. 


Still no off-leash play, and we will have to keep her from all running and jumping until September.

Meanwhile, the greyhounds are wondering what all the fuss is about. 

Here they are lounging in the middle of the living room floor, looking for all the world like a salt and pepper set.

I couldn’t resist taking this photo, they were just too cute!


I’ve been cleaning up the yard, making way for new yard art. 

See all my old goodies that went to the curb?


Happily all of them were picked up by fellow curb shoppers. 

The fence flag was the first to get picked up. 

I was a little sad to get rid of it, but two years was enough for me.  Time to change things up.

Oh, and one more thing, we are having the house painted finally, and I’m stressing over color choices!

Here’s a photo of the front of the house from 2 summers ago.  Hopefully it will look totally different in a couple of weeks.

I thought I had my colors all picked, but when I met with the painter he made some very interesting points. 

So back to the drawing board, but I’ll save that for another blog post.


So that’s what’s going on in my little corner of the world.

I hope you all are doing well, can’t wait to get some time to visit with you again.

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  1. Goodness - you definitely have your plate full! I wouldn't call them excuses, they're good reasons for not blogging! Glad to hear Sandy is progressing so well. Looks like you're going to have some great posts coming up soon - Hang in there, we'll wait : )

  2. Good to see your post and that Sandy is doing well. I was hoping Katy had settled in and didn't want to run away. It sounds like you meet yourself coming and going. Hope you get some time to rest and relax.

  3. A blog about nothin' is nothin' to read... so you have to have some somethin' happening to have somethin' to blog about! You're not neglecting your blog, you're refilling the well! Will be back to hear about it when you're back.

  4. Sometimes blogging just has to wait. My yard was pretty much the same this year and I have been out trying to machete through my jungle as well. (I have the achy bones to prove it :-)

    Glad Sandy is recovering well. Love the picture of the greyhounds!


  5. Glad to see you are back and well.....

  6. Glad to see you are still around! You put out some good stuff for the pickers to pick through. Looking forward to seeing your improved yard. I would love that little dresser you have against the fence. Glad Sandy is doing better!

  7. Rose this makes my head spin with all that you are doing and dealing with. I always miss you and your great projects but life does take us in different directions sometimes. So glad Sandy is healing and doing well. LOVE the photo of the greyhounds! Wish I could have curb shopped your discards! hugs, Linda

  8. I love your house and garden and can't wait to see the after pictures.

  9. 1. Glad Sandy's recuperating nicely.
    2. The picture of the greyhounds is precious.
    3. I can't believe you put all that out on the curb! But can believe it went away quickly.
    4. You house is adorable! I love that style.
    5. We all, well I don't know if it happens to everybody, but it sure happens to me, get behind with blogging. Life happens. And blogging takes a lot of time. We just have to do the best we can and not worry about it. And I need to heed my own advice. ;-)

  10. Glad that Sandy is better. I didn't realize you had 2 greyhounds. I've never seen the front of your house ~ it's cute. Can't wait to see the garden all cleared out :)

  11. I wondered what happened to you... wow you have been one busy girl.

    Love the twin pic... they are even laying the same

    Glad to hear Sandy is doing well.

    Don't you just love gardens that turn into a nightmare overnight. I am constantly weeding and trimming to avoid that happening. This rain certainly is not helping with the over growth.

    Can't wait to see the house painted. I hate making colour choices too. Painters always try and talk you into what they like so stick to your guns if you have your heart set on it or you will regret it later.

    I can't believe you got rid of your flag, now how am I going to find your You really did do some purging didn't you? Somebody is doing the happy dance for sure with all those goodies at the curb. Glad I wasn't around then.

    Good to see you back...

    Hugs, Deb

  12. Good grief - I'm worn out just listening to everything you've been doing... I'd be passed out between the salt and pepper shakers. LOLOL

    LOVE your house - can't wait to see what colors you go with!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  13. They do look like a salt and pepper set! That's too cute!

    I can't wait to see how your house will look with it's new coat of paint! When you said "painter" I gave a sigh of relief for you. I thought maybe you were going to paint it, and I think you're a little busy as it is. :)

  14. wow! that's a lot to take in! :)
    So glad about sandy! look at that face. The salt and pepper... tooo cute! Those are the LONGEST snouts!
    I can't wait to see what you do with the kitchen, and the color of your house! I LOVE your house, it's just soo darn cute!

  15. Glad to see she's doing better. And I can't believe you put a croquet set out for the garbage! I can't wait to see your new yard art.

  16. Is it wrong that I was drooling over your trash pile picture? Heavenly to drive up to one of those! I just came across a fantastic vintage 2 seater metal bench that I am anxious to tackle!


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