Saturday, April 2, 2011

Love/hate relationship with burlap

Usually I’m really bad about getting posts made up for specific link parties. 

I tend to procrastinate just a tad too long and before I know it, the party is over. 

Story of my life.

Donna @ Funky Junk Interiors is featuring burlap this weekend for her Saturday Night Special themed link up.

Did she say Burlap?

Why, I love burlap!

As a matter of fact, I have a good supply of burlap waiting to be used.

Did you know you can harvest burlap from old box springs?

I took apart this box spring last year and found a big sheet of burlap under the padding.                          




Not only did I get lots of springs out of this, I got free burlap!

Coffee sacks are another great source of burlap.

I bought out all the stock at our local Real Deals store when I saw them for sale a couple years back for a buck apiece.


I must admit, I’ve made several attempts to decorate with burlap, only to fall short time and again.

You see, it turns out Mike just hates the look of burlap.


Why, who doesn’t like burlap?

I mean, it’s just so cool looking.



Just look at that wonderful texture it has.

I love it!

But he doesn’t.

Of course it could be due to the fact I’m just not good at putting the look together.

Let me show you a few of my failures……

This curbed ottoman started out like this….


Then got covered with a burlap coffee sack.

burlap covered ottoman 001

burlap covered ottoman 002

I had a tough time figuring out what to do around the bottom edge to hide the staples, the glued on ribbon just doesn’t work with it.

These days it’s sporting a drop cloth slipcover.


As if that wasn’t enough, I had a 2nd ottoman, same legs, different shape, that also got the burlap coffee sack treatment. 

Notice the ribbon around the edges, again, not working.


This one has been relegated to the guest/junk room, awaiting a new slipcover.


Another burlap failure was the kitchen window treatment I fashioned from burlap, string, and clothespins and key tags.    


straight 010

I tried to make it work a couple different ways,


but alas, it was voted down in favor of drop cloth.

I’m still in love with how it looked and have finally decided upon another place I can use this idea…

I’m thinking when I go to decorate the potting shed this summer

this would be the  perfect treatment over the window I plan to install in there;

wouldn’t it?

Not all my burlap projects have been failures though. 

I do have a few that worked out ok.

When I wanted curtains for my laundry room makeover, I immediately thought of burlap.

It’s loose weave lets some light shine through. 


Because it was in the dark basement, I chose a bleached burlap.


I really like how the burlap curtains let the light in while maintaining privacy.


This is another burlap project I really liked. I used one of the coffee sacks on this bench last year.


It was one of my favorite pieces.

I was rather sad to see it go, but I made it for a fundraiser so it was auctioned off to the highest bidder. 


This wicker trunk got a cushioned burlap cover on the top.

It makes a great seat at the end of the bed, and holds extra blankets.

I gave this to my daughter.


A thrift store vanity stool got a new burlap seat cover.

This one went to my daughter in law.  You can read about this makeover here.

Jan 31 2010 016

This lampshade is a source of controversy in our household.


Mike hates it, but I have stubbornly stuck to my guns and managed to keep it.


I’m sure eventually I’ll cave in and cover it with drop cloth.


Now I’m off to get some great ideas from all the links to Donna’s burlap party.

Watch out Mike! 

I feel some more burlap projects coming our way.

You see, I’m determined to change his mind!

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  1. Are you kidding me? Your creations are awesome! That ottoman you don't like with the ribbon looks awesome to me! No kidding, I would buy that! Love the lamp. Poor Mike! Have a fun Saturday!
    hugs, Linda

  2. I loved both your burlap kitchen curtains and the burlap covered footstools. I never see burlap bags around here.

  3. I love your creations too! I also really like the ottoman with the ribbon! I'm not a big burlap fan, but you've made me appreciate something I wouldn't have given a second glance to before reading your post.

  4. I like your creations but I can't stand the feel of burlap or felt. Limits me as a crafter but there it is.

  5. Great burlap creations. I love the slip covers!! Good ideas!

  6. I'm not usually a fan of burlap but those ottomans look great! :)

  7. I still love the bench...sigh... :)

  8. OK, that first ottoman was CUTE, Rose! I mean I LOVE the slip, but the burlap was nice!

    I wasn't much into burlap until I saw someone use it as a table runner. Total LOVE, instantly. Now I save every single bit of it no matter where it comes from...unless it was used for a garden cover with the aroma of manure. Can you throw the stuff in the wash OR better yet...just hose it down??? If so, I'll save that too!!!

    I LOVE all your pieces including the infamous window topper!

    Like the others above I LOVE the look of burlap. The feel and the bits that fly all around, eh, not so much! Wouldn't burlap be awesome for an outdoor party used as table decor and chair decor??? I'm thinking.....


  9. I had no idea you had used so much burlap! :)
    I really like the lamp shade, and you know I always loved your kitchen curtains. ;)
    hope you're having a great weekend!

  10. Mike needs to get out more, so he'll know what's hot! I loved your kitchen curtains, I voted for them at the time, hee hee...and love that bench, well I love it all! I took my husband to one of my favorite stores and he thought the puckered bedding looking like a coffin. He hated it, lol. I love your Ottoman, just as it is, but maybe you could mix the drop cloth with the burlap, to slip cover it that way, anything you do is great! Lezlee

  11. I loved all the ottomans! I really liked the burlap AND the drop cloth curtains. I actually have a storage box that needs the top recovered and I have been going back and forth between burlap and drop cloth. Now I really can't decide after seeing all your projects! You make both look good!

  12. I think your ottomans came out great! Why do you think they are failures? If you don't like the ribbon trim can I suggest a natural colored ruffle? I can really picture it with a ruffle! I also like your funky shade. It has great graphics on it.

  13. Rose, I really like the burlap ottoman. If you're struggling to find the perfect contrasting fabric, have you considered a self fabric trim. A narrow strip of burlap with the raw edges folded to the underside. OR, a jute rope could be the finishing touch you're looking for. This would give the look of piping adding another texture/dimension, and in a coordinating color to the burlap.

  14. LOVE all of your burlap creations...sorry your hubby doesn't share in your excitement. Stick to your guns on the's a keeper too :) Laurel

  15. you make burlap the new silk!!!! wow!! oh my gosh....your burlap lamp shade is amazing!!! love it all!!!! i agree that burlap is a tough one. i use it and then tend to go back to shabby rose fabrics and opt out on the burlap. you sure make it work though. creative, clever.....very charming!!! thanks for sharing!!

  16. Oh bless their pointed little heads. Men just don't have the eye for such goodness! I love all your little burlap projects and am suffering a bit of envy over your abundant supply : )

  17. I really like the coffee sack projects~that bench is awesome! I'll bet it was the high point of the auction!

    What if you glued some rope around the ottomans to hide the staples? Your husband might hate that, too. If you try it, and he does hate it, blame it on me! I really do like the drop cloth slipcover, though. I wouldn't consider any of those projects failures!

  18. Hi there....I'm SO glad I popped into your blog! I love how you Curb Shop. In my neighborhood we call it "Big Trash Boutique". Your burlap projects are impressive and you are so creative. I've added myself as a follow so I can keep up with you. Hope you pop by and see me sometime! Happy Spring Ya'll....

  19. Rose - I wish I had those mattress springs! I saw the most fab wall art a few years back made with those - but we don't have them in Sweden so i can't make it. And you have a box full! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  20. I love love love the bench made out of chairs. So cute :)


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